Microsoft brings new wireless headset for Xbox

Microsoft now has something for Xbox owners’ ears. The US company has introduced a wireless headset to go with its gaming console. The over-ear model can not only be paired with the console. You can also connect the headphones to a PC and smartphone at the same time. So you should be able to listen to music while gaming or even join a conference call.

Not only compatible with the next-gen

But not only owners of the brand-new and still highly sought-after Xbox Series X and S can use the new headset. You can also pair the headphones with a now-aged Xbox One via the proprietary connection. Thanks to the special connection to the console, Microsoft promises the lowest possible latency. This should give you the edge in multiplayer battles in particular. Especially in comparison to conventional Bluetooth headsets, you should have a decisive advantage. So that you can also connect the headset with other source devices, Microsoft also installs Bluetooth 4.2. Thus, the headset also offers an added value for smartphone, PC and co.

Simultaneous connection with multiple sources

But the headset is not only compatible with different devices. On top of that, you should even be able to use it simultaneously with different sources. What will this look like in practice? If you connect the headset to Xbox and smartphone at the same time, for example, you can gamble on the console and enjoy the in-game sound while communicating with your friends on the smartphone. This should prove to be a handy feature, especially in multiplayer titles. You can talk to your team on the smartphone while playing a game together on the console. Especially friends of Discord and Co. will enjoy this combination.

No Hi-Fi sound on the smartphone

However, those who need a headset to enjoy music via the smartphone should look for another model. The new pair of headphones only supports the SBC codec. This should provide a good sound at best. However, you should not expect miracles here. However, the headset’s customization options are praiseworthy. According to Microsoft, you should be able to make detailed sound settings via the Xbox’s user interface. A suitable equalizer should at least make individual sound possible. The sound should be better when connected to the Xbox. A corresponding connection with DTS Headphone:X and Dolby Atmos should be able to shine.

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Microsoft promises a robust construction. The steel band that the Xbox inventor uses is supposed to provide the corresponding stability. A comfortable fit is supposed to be guaranteed by the ear pads made of PU imitation leather. The paper composite drivers with a diameter of 40 mm form the basis of the sound experience. The volume control of the headphones is based on the Surface Headphones, which also come from Microsoft. You can use the outside of the ear cups to turn the volume up or down. Conveniently, chat and in-game sound can be regulated separately. Microsoft promises up to 15 hours of battery life. Once the battery is empty, it is charged via USB-C port.

Prices and availability

With the new Xbox Wireless Headset, Microsoft has created what appears to be the perfect headset for all Xbox owners. This is not only evident from the specs alone. After all, Microsoft is launching the exciting headset at a fighting price of 99.99 euros. That sounds too good to be true. Only a practical test will show how the headphones can perform in daily use. Because as so often sound is a subjective matter. If you’re interested, you can buy them on March 16. However, pre-orders are already possible now.

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