Microsoft officially announces Surface Pro 7+

The inventors of Windows have presented a new addition to the Surface family. With the Surface Pro 7+, Microsoft wants to launch an upgrade of the already available Surface Pro 7. Here, the company does not focus on a reinvention, but rather on smaller upgrades. With the Surface Pro 7 Plus, Microsoft wants to specifically reach the market of corporate customers, pupils and students.

Revised processor and more working memory

The upgrades can definitely be seen. Microsoft starts with the processor. Here you can now find an Intel Core i processor of the 11th generation. According to the manufacturer, this should lead to a twice as high speed for the tablet. If you opt for the maximum features of the tablet, you can look forward to a proud 32 GB of RAM. Only a maximum of 16 GB was possible for the Surface 7 Pro.

LTE is now possible

Unlike the Surface Pro 7, you can now optionally choose a variant with LTE in the revised version. Although this does not support 5G, it is better than no LTE at all. However, the model with LTE is supposed to have a disadvantage. You cannot find a card slot for MicroSD here. This is not surprising. After all, the space is occupied by the SIM slot.

SSD is replaceable

Another exciting novelty is that the tablet’s SSD can now be removed. There is supposed to be a maintenance hatch on the back through which you can easily access the SSD. According to Microsoft, the tablet’s inner architecture had to be rethought to make this possible. However, the replacement option also has another big advantage. Thanks to the revised inner design, Microsoft has now been able to install a bigger battery. With 50 watt hours instead of 42 watt hours of the predecessor, the Plus model is much more enduring. Thus, you should be able to enjoy 15 hours of battery life. Compared to the weak 11 hours of the predecessor, this sounds promising. However, only practical use will show how realistic the 15 hours are for resource-hungry work.

Price and availability

So far, we only know at what prices the Surface Pro 7+ will be launched in the US. The basic variant is supposed to cost 899 US dollars there. With an LTE module, the prices start at 1,149 Euros. Those who need more features can go for the maximum features and at the same time dig deeper into their pockets. The new tablet from Microsoft with a Core i7 processor and 32 GB RAM will cost an impressive $2,799.

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