N26 now offers a call money account – but not (yet) for everyone

Today the popular online bank N26 officially launches a new product. In particular, this is a new account called “EasyFlex Savings”. Behind the mysterious name is the new overnight money account of the somewhat different bank. With this, N26 is taking a strategically wise step, which has already been expected by industry experts.

Cooperation with “WeltSparen” and “Komplett Bank”

With the new call money account, N26 wants to conquer the market. But this is not the product of just one provider. N26 sets with the EasyFlex Savings rather on co-operation with Weltsparen (Raisin) and the complete bank, which has its company headquarters in Norway. This does not happen without reason. Owing to co-operation with the Norwegian bank N26 can rely on the deposit safety fund. This guarantees customers of a Norwegian bank with deposits up to a height of 100.000 euro (inclusive interest) a legally guaranteed security.

Attractive flexibility for the customer

It is not only the Norwegian Deposit Protection Fund that can be used profitably by N26 for marketing purposes. The online bank also shines with other advantages. It promises a high degree of flexibility with its EasyFlex Savings. Holders of the call money account are not bound to any investment period. Moreover, as a customer, you can access your savings at any time. In detail, this means that you can deposit or withdraw money as you please. There are no limits here. If you have initiated a transaction, a deposit or withdrawal should take place after two working days. In things interest N26 speaks so far of 0,17 per cent per year.

Who can take out EasyFlex Savings

Can we as Germans also open the new N26 call money account? According to the bank itself, N26 EasyFlex Savings will initially only be available to “regular customers” of the company. These are in particular N26 Metal and N26 Business Metal customers. But even as a normal consumer we will soon be able to open a corresponding overnight money account. N26 plans to make its EasyFlex Savings available to all users as early as the beginning of January.

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