Patriot P200 – New SSD Series to Appeal Savers

With the P200 series, Patriot Memory has introduced four new SSDs designed to appeal primarily to price-conscious customers. In contrast to other SSD series, whose models usually only differ in terms of memory capacity, Patriot follows a different approach, which also uses different controllers within the series. For the entry-level models with 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB capacity Patriot uses an SMI controller, the large version with 2 TB has a Maxiotek controller.

All models are available in 2.5-inch form factor with standard SATA interface. NV-Me versions of the SSDs are not available on the market. Patriot does not mention technical details such as the type of memory chips used, but instead only gives a general overview of the following speeds for all models of the P200 series:

  • 530 MB/s Reading speed
  • 460 MB/s Write speed
  • 90K IOPS Read
  • 80K IOPS write

According to the SSD’s datasheets the three small versions use Silicon Motion’s SM2258XT 4-channel controller, which has no DRAM cache. According to the datasheet the controller of the 2 TB version MAS0902A from Maxiotek also does not have an external DRAM cache. However, the speeds of the SSD indicate that a pseudo-SLC cache is built in, especially for the small models.

Size differences in write volume

On the other hand, there are clear differences in the maximum write cycles of the SSDs, which Patriot states as follows for the P200 series:

  • 256 GB SSD 160 TBW (TB to be written)
  • 512 GB SSD 320 TBW
  • 1 TB SSD 640 TBW
  • 2 TB SSD 1,000 TBW

The market launch of the SSDs has already taken place. The prices are depending upon version between 32 euro and 200 euro and are thereby still slightly over the level of other SSDs of the budget class.

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