Razer presents Grip-Tape for better grip

Grip tapes are not rare and have not been new for a long time. Until now, however, users of Razer mice have had to rely on products from other companies, which in case of doubt did not fit perfectly. This will change with the Grip-Tapes now presented: For a total of ten mice there are now matching tapes from the manufacturer.

Available for ten mice

The advantages of the Grip-Tapes are obvious: They transform the smooth mouse surface into a non-slip one. This is particularly advantageous in heated battles, as the mouse no longer slips away even when jerked or with sweaty hands. The grip tapes can be removed at any time – so it’s not just a simple solution, but also a modification that can be undone at any time.

The Grip-Tapes are provided for the following mice:

    • Basilisk V2
    • Basilisk X HyperSpeed
    • DeathAdder Essential
    • DeathAdder V2
    • DeathAdder V2 Mini
    • Viper
    • Viper Ultimate
    • Viper Mini



The respective grip tapes are individually adapted to the respective mouse. Four individual Grip-Tape elements are supplied per mouse. With the DeathAdder V2 Mini the tapes are included in the delivery of the mouse.

Grip-Tapes are reusable

The tapes, which are around 0.5 millimeters thick, are made of non-slip polyurethane. The underside of the tapes is self-adhesive, which makes them particularly easy to attach. Here Razer has cooperated with the adhesive manufacturer 3M. At the same time, the self-adhesive underside allows the tapes to be removed without residue. This in turn brings another advantage: The tapes are reusable. They can be re-applied after complete removal without losing adhesion. However, there are of course limits to this procedure – at some point the adhesion will diminish. However, Razer does not make any concrete statements about durability, but refers to the multi-factorial influence of this factor. For example, the durability depends on the cleanliness of the mouse surface or the ambient temperature.

The Grip-Tapes for all mentioned mice are available in stores immediately. The recommended retail price is 12 Euro.

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