Recall at Tesla: Almost 50,000 vehicles have to go to the workshop

Probably the biggest recall of the popular car manufacturer Tesla has started in China. The company, under the hand of CEO Elon Musk, sold vehicles in the Far East that allegedly had defective wheel suspensions. The high-priced models Model S and Model X are affected.

Chinese market surveillance authority orders recall

A number of owners of the Model S and Model X approached China’s state market surveillance authority. As a result, the authority ordered a recall of over 48,000 vehicles. Of course, this action now has global impact. After all, it is not yet known whether the problem only affects Chinese vehicles. The models affected are those built between 2013 and 2017. Since Tesla produced all its vehicles in California at that time, other countries may also be affected.

Tesla Model S (Source: Tesla)

Is the callback unauthorized?

It is a little surprising that it is only in China that the problem with the vehicles is said to have occurred. This picture is rounded off by the fact that the US traffic safety authority NHTSA itself cannot detect any defects in the suspension of the Tesla Model S and X. This became clear in a report from Electrek. Accordingly, the fronts between the US car manufacturer and the Chinese authorities seem to have hardened. The regulatory affairs consultant announced that the company was more or less forced to recall the product. An alternative to a recall would have been the usual regulatory process. In China, this process is considered almost impenetrable. It is therefore hardly surprising that Tesla gave in and independently initiated the recall.

Tesla Model X (Source: Tesla)

The company itself does not admit to any production errors. Nevertheless, there seems to be an explanation for the problems of the almost 50,000 vehicles. For example, a collision at a curb or driving too fast through holes in the road can lead to damage to the wheel suspension. We remain curious whether a recall campaign will now be launched in other countries as well or whether in fact no blame whatsoever will be placed on the side of the electric car manufacturer.

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