Roccat presents new keyboards with optical switches

Recently Roccat presented two new keyboards, which are characterized above all by the fact that they use mechanical switches that Roccat produces itself. The manufacturer is thus jumping on the latest bandwagon in the keyboard industry: Mechanical switches are slowly but surely being replaced by optical ones that last longer and have a slightly faster reaction time.

New optical switches

The triumphal march of optical switches has picked up speed, especially in the past year. With Corsair and Razer, the two market leaders have begun to focus more on this new type of switch, which operates with a light barrier and no longer with mechanical triggers. Now Roccat is joining this trend. A significant difference, however, is that Roccat does not rely on switches from A4 Tech, which are used by Corsair and Razer among others, but produces its own optical switches.

These Vulcan Optical named switches have been intensively promoted by Roccat since the announcement. What is technically interesting here is that they trigger a reaction comparatively early – namely after a distance of only 1.4 millimeters. The resistance at the signal point is 45 grams. It seems that Roccat wants to make the keyboard usable for writing texts as well.

Two almost identical keyboards

The new optical switches are used in two keyboards in the upper price range. The Vulcan Pro and the Vulcan TKL Pro are new variants of the already longer available Vulcan 120 AIMO. They differ from this one by the new keys as well as by the color: The two new keyboards are black. Features a rotary control for audio settings, a removable palm rest and RGB lighting, they offer everything that is required of a modern gaming keyboard. The Vulcan Pro does not have a number pad and is said to cost 160 Euros, while the Vulcan TKL Pro is equipped with a number pad and is said to cost 200 Euros. The two new keyboards will be available from October 30.

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