Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition Unveiled for 7,350 Euro

The Russian company Caviar has been modifying smartphones for some time now, which will then be offered at a multiple of the original price. In the past, these included a Nokia 3310 with gold applications for 1,600 euros and an iPhone XS for 5,000 euros.

Shortly before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, three further modifications were introduced that exceed the price range even further. In addition to a carbon or leather version for over 5,000 Euros, Caviar has introduced a gold-plated Game of Thrones Edition, which can already be pre-ordered for 7,350 Euros. Delivery is to begin when Samsung finally launches the smartphone, which has been plagued by breakdowns, on the market with a considerable delay.

The high price hardly corresponds to the material value of the thin gold coating, which is “only” worth a few hundred euros.

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