Samsung Galaxy S24: Are we in for a big price drop?

With the Samsung Galaxy S24, the Korean tech company has presented the latest generation of its flagship series. If you are interested in buying the smartphone equipped with exciting AI features, it may be worth the wait. At least that’s what the new price forecast from Idealo suggests.

“Galaxy AI” as a game changer

Expectations were high when Samsung fans eagerly awaited the presentation of the Galaxy S24 on January 17, 2024. Apparently, the wait was worth it. This year’s highlight seems to be the flagship’s software, which has a lot to offer with the help of artificial intelligence. It was not without reason that the premiere took place under the motto “Galaxy AI is coming”. But of course Samsung is also paying a fair price for the modern features. Prices for the Galaxy S24 start at 899.00 euros. The S24 Plus, on the other hand, is available from 1,149.00 euros and the S24 Ultra from 1,449.00 euros. This puts it roughly in the same league as the Apple iPhone 15, which starts at 949.00 euros.

Price for Samsung Galaxy S24 to fall by 30%

Of course, a price of at least 900 euros is no mean feat. However, in view of the advertised functions, some people may be tempted to buy one. The fact that you shouldn’t be too hasty here is now underlined by the price forecast from Idealo. The price comparison portal has now predicted where the prices of the S24 family could be heading. The result is a high savings potential that interested buyers should not miss out on. As part of the forecast, the portal used previous price developments of Samsung’s flagship series. The S22 as well as the S23 could save between 16 and 23 percent compared to the RRP after just under a month.

samsung galaxy s24
Image: Idealo

Accordingly, Idealo is also predicting a fairly rapid price drop for the S24. In the Phantom Black color, the basic version is expected to be around 20 percent cheaper after just under two months. The price would then no longer be 899.00 euros, but a much more attractive 720 euros. If this is still too expensive for you, you should be able to save even more if you wait even longer. Idealo predicts a savings potential of 30 percent. The Samsung Galaxy S24 would then be available from around 630 euros.

Slightly longer waiting time for S24 Plus and Ultra

But what about the two larger versions? Of course, Idealo also took a close look at these. Here, too, the respective predecessor models from 2022 and 2023 were used as the basis for the calculations. The savings on the Plus model are said to be particularly high after just four months. Here, the price comparison portal predicts that instead of the RRP of €1,149.00, it will only cost just under €880. A saving of more than 300 euros should then be possible after a waiting period of just under eight months. Of course, waiting also pays off with the top model in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is the most expensive smartphone that Samsung has ever launched in its S series.

samsung galaxy s24
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the top model of the latest generation

However, after just under five months, its price is said to have already fallen significantly. According to Idealo’s calculations, a saving of just under 430 euros is possible here. If you don’t want to wait that long, you should be able to save around 27 percent compared to the RRP after just a quarter of a year. If you don’t want to spend 1,000 euros on the Ultra model, you would probably have to wait at least seven months. According to Idealo, the price should then crack the magic mark. In view of the fact that Idealo’s calculations are usually very reliable, you shouldn’t rush into buying the Galaxy S24.

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