Samsung Pay comes to Germany!

The South Korean company Samsung announced that it is coming to Germany with its payment service. At the end of October it should be ready. With its mobile service, Samsung wants to offer users an intuitive, flexible and comprehensive feature.

Every second customer in Germany uses a Samsung smartphone. According to Samsung manager Thorsten Böker, the Samsung Pay App is universally designed to enable users to make contactless payments with their everyday companion.

How does Samsung Pay work?

Unlike its competitors, Google Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung does not cooperate with several banks in its payment service. The group only processes payments via virtual Visa debit cards from Solarisbank AG. Solarisbank then debits the amounts due directly from the customers’ bank accounts. According to Samsung manager Thorsten Böker, the whole thing can be linked to almost any German bank account.

The payment in the store can then be made easily with the smartphone. The app itself is simply unlocked with a PIN or fingerprint. The information of the payment process is then transmitted via NFC to the corresponding card reader and the purchase is paid. All completely contactless.

New identification procedure

To do this, Samsung Pay uses a fairly simple method for identifying customers. This should be able to do without a store visit or video identity. This is probably a new type of identification procedure.

Part payments with Samsung Pay

With its new payment method, Samsung wants to offer its customers the option of paying in installments at the same time. For purchases of 100 euros or more, the customer can choose different terms for installment payments. Terms of between three and 24 months are to be offered. The service for installment payments has immediately been given its own name by Samsung and is to be called “Splitpay”.

Opponents Google Pay and Apple Pay

Since Google’s payment service is also available on Samsung’s smartphones, Google will be the bigger competitor. Unlike Google Pay, Apple Pay only runs on Apple devices.

Whether Samsung Pay will prevail remains to be seen. It should be remembered that everything is handled by the Solarisbank. This payment option can only be linked to almost any German bank account. Google, on the other hand, cooperates with various credit institutions. Among them is the payment service PayPal, so every bank customer in Germany can pay with Google Pay.


An open beta version of Samsung Pay has already been released. After a previous registration on this website, the app can already be used on some Samsung smartphones.

At the official launch on October 28, 2020, the app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store by other Samsung smartphone users.

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