Samsung: Smartphone tracking now also possible offline

Although smartphones are getting bigger year after year, one problem does not disappear: often you look for them in vain in your own home or even somewhere else. This makes it all the more practical to be able to locate your own smartphone. Until now, however, an active Internet connection was required for this. Samsung is now eliminating this problem. In the future, it should be possible to locate the Korean company’s smartphones even when they are offline.

Those who own an iPhone themselves will not find this “novelty” too exciting. After all, you can already locate your Apple smartphone – even without an Internet connection. But with Android, Samsung is setting real standards. After all, offline tracking was not possible here until now. The popular Galaxy smartphones from Samsung will now be the first to bring the new feature. This has become known through Max Weinbach, who himself works for XDA. In his tweet, he told the public that offline location is already possible for a number of users. So it seems as if Samsung is “rolling out” an update here piece by piece.

Locating Samsung in the future without Internet

The “new” feature of Samsung is called Find my Mobile. So the name does not change much. But it is already a big step for Android. After all, the smartphone no longer needs an active Internet connection. This includes both WLAN and mobile communications. Similar to Apple’s iPhone, other devices from the company’s own family are used. While the iPhone can be located with iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, Samsung uses other devices from the now broad Galaxy family. The devices then establish a wireless connection to the lost smartphone. But offline only means that it does not need to have an Internet connection. Of course, the smartphone must not be switched off. It is especially practical that you can help others in an emergency. When the function is switched on, the device displays all Galaxy smartphones in the vicinity. It does not necessarily have to be yours.

From now on, you should also be able to locate accessories like Galaxy Buds or Smartwatches offline.

You can not only locate smartphones

By the way, not only Galaxy smartphones can be located. You can also benefit from the new feature the other way round. For example, the in-house smart watches and headphones can be located. However, a connection with the smartphone must have been established beforehand. Anyone using an iPhone knows how practical the new feature from Samsung is. Apple introduced it with iOS 13 and since then many users have come to love it. Now that Samsung has “pushed ahead”, Android inventor Google would like to follow suit. The large Internet company has announced that it will also roll out an update for “Find my Device”. With the help of this, it should be possible in future to find the company’s own headphones (pixel buds) or wireless headphones from other manufacturers.

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