Samsung “The Wall Luxury” – 292-inch TV Presented at IFA

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung presented three models of the LED display “The Wall Luxury” at this year’s IFA 2019 in Berlin. The devices, which are aimed at end customers, will be launched on the market as early as next October. Even the “smallest” version model offers a massive diagonal of 146 inches at 4K resolution, and 219 inches at 6K resolution and 292 inches at 8K resolution.

One pixel of the micro LED display consists of three LEDs (RGB), black is indicated by switching off all LEDs of a pixel. The Samsung “The Wall Luxury”, like OLED televisions, does not require backlighting. Compared to OLED panels, however, micro LED technology offers significantly higher brightness and is expected to have a longer service life. The Samsung displays presented here are rated at 2000 cd/m². The refresh rate is 120 Hz. An integrated KI chip automatically optimizes the image setting during use on the basis of the displayed content.

Always-On Concept

According to Samsung, the micro LEDs will have a service life of 100,000 hours, which corresponds to around 11 years. The always-on concept of the micro LED TV means that the device remains switched on even when not in use, for example to display photos as a digital screen. In addition to the extremely high purchase price, the usage concept also ensures unnecessary power consumption and a correspondingly high bill.

Customers who buy the 146-inch version for 450,000 Euro shouldn’t be bothered by this. Samsung has not yet mentioned the prices of the 219 and 292 inch models.

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