Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T: Spacious E-ATX Tower now available

As the name already suggests, the Elite Shark is the showpiece from the case segment of manufacturer Sharkoon. With the premium case, the manufacturer even breaks through a price barrier. After all, it is the first one that costs a three-digit amount. But Sharkoon also seems to have a lot to offer with the Elite Shark CA300T.

Modern Design

Even at first glance, the Elite Sharkoon CA300T looks like a contemporary tower. This is not least due to the beautifully designed front. Here Sharkoon, as is currently the trend, relies on modern mesh. The mesh itself is covered by a striking pattern. This ensures that the ARGB fans of the case are shown off to their best advantage. The three glowing ARGB fans have a diameter of 120 mm each. A fourth fan of the case is located in the rear. This is also 120 mm in size. Sharkoon remains true to itself when controlling the lighting. The case has a special control board. This can control up to 8 components and receives its signals from the mainboard or the I/O panel. But not only the hardware inside is illuminated. Sharkoon also provides lighting for the three USB ports, the audio port, and the power button. Thus the Elite Shark CA300T is anything but inconspicuous. But it obviously doesn’t want to be either.

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If the four fans are not sufficient ex works, you can choose to install two fans (140 mm) or three fans (120 mm) additionally. These are located under the lid of the Midi-Tower. Friends of water cooling can install the appropriate cooler directly in front of the mainboard. There are suitable oblong holes, which allow the installation of an expansion tank. The pump in turn finds place on a holder of the power supply panel. The E-ATX case offers space at the front for radiators in the size of 420 mm. A radiator can also be installed on the top side. However, here only the size of up to 360 mm is possible. When installing on the front side you have to make sure that the radiator and fan together are not deeper than 6 cm. However, if you install a radiator on the top side, there are probably no restrictions. To prevent the heat exchanger from colliding with the motherboard, Sharkoon has moved the corresponding mounting holes a little to the left.

Free choice of hard disk space

When installing the hard disks you can choose between different options or use all of them directly. For example, the Sharkoon Elite Shark comes with a cage ex works which offers space for two data storage devices. In addition, there is a holder for two additional hard drives directly behind the mainboard. But that is not the end of the story. You can install two additional hard drives on the power supply tunnel. If you don’t have a water pump, you can use the corresponding bracket for the installation of another hard disk or another 2.5 inch drive. There is also a lot of freedom with the graphics cards and power supplies. To be more precise, the Elite Shark CA300T allows you to choose the appropriate hardware in any length. A special bracket for the graphics card should protect it from bending.

Price and availability

The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA300T is available immediately at a price of just under 140 euros. Here you have the choice between the colors black and white.

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