Shops: Facebook introduces new shopping features

The various Facebook apps provide companies with new opportunities to sell their products. For example, a shopping function tested in the USA since May will soon be available in other countries.

Facebook wants to get involved in online commerce

The pandemic has massively accelerated the trend towards online shopping. Facebook has also jumped on the bandwagon and since May has offered companies in the USA the opportunity to sell products directly via Facebook applications. Since then, both the Facebook and Instagram apps have allowed users to create their own stores where they can order products. Since June, Instagram has also had an expanded shopping area in addition to these individual stores, where different products from different stores can be viewed and purchased.

This extended shopping area will now also be integrated into the Facebook app. In addition, all shopping functions already available in the USA will be made globally available. At the same time, Facebook wants to provide the participating companies with extended customization options – for example, the design of the stores should be able to be adapted more closely to the respective ideas. In addition, the companies will soon receive more detailed reports on the sales achieved.

Integration of the messenger services planned

The messenger services Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp are also connected to the stores. For example, a new button will make it possible to contact the company via one of the messengers and obtain further information about the products offered. Furthermore, it will be possible to share links to offered products with other people simply via the messenger services.

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