Sliger has released two new mini-ITX cases, the Sliger S610 and S620

The new cases from Sliger are similar in design to the Ncase M1, but a little bit bigger. The difference between the two versions is the width.

13 and 16 liters volume

The two new cases from Sliger are Mini-ITX cases, one with 13 liters and one with 16 liters of volume. There is enough space for 3-slot graphics cards and the 16-liter model can also accommodate tall, overhanging coolers. The layout of the two Sliger cases is also flexible. The side of the case can be selected accordingly, and there are also three different color options. In addition, a handle set, a different top side and also the power supply cable can be selected in three different options. Depending on the selection, with or without surcharge. Since Sliger builds very flexible, depending on the graphics card and cooler, more fans can be installed than in the Ncase M1. Depending on the position of the power supply. This can be attached either at the front, on the cover crosswise or even long. With the Sliger S610 and S620 the layout can also be turned completely, then the graphics card points upwards. The two Sliger cases measure 344 × 151 × 256 mm (13.30 liters) for the S610 and 344 × 186 × 256 mm (16.38 liters) for the S620.

Ordinary space in the case!

The Sliger S610 can accommodate coolers up to a height of 128 mm. In the tower segment these are large top-flow products or models with 92 mm fans. The Sliger S620, on the other hand, fits almost all coolers available on the market. Here, a height of up to 163 mm is possible and thus it can also accommodate the Noctua NH-D1. The graphics cards can be 132 mm or 167 mm high and a maximum length of 323 mm for the cases. Three slot-wide cards can also be installed in the ITX cases. Especially with today’s GPU generation, space is an important component, as the coolers in the high-end range have also become larger. In addition, two 2.5-inch HDDs can be installed. If the user wants to install additional drives or hard disks with a 3.5-inch form factor, additional brackets can be purchased.

Availability and price

The mini-ITX cases are available immediately from Sliger at a price of approximately $230 and $250, respectively. Depending on your color preferences and other options, you can add something extra to the price. With customs duties and shipping costs from the USA, the Sliger S620 then costs about 379 US dollars, or around 318 euros.

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