Spotify: New feature finds songs using lyrics

Spotify is adding a new feature to its service. Now it is even easier to find certain songs within the large streaming service. In the future you should not need the name of the song anymore.

Search function was revised

Finding the right title within the large streaming service for music, podcasts and audio books is sometimes not so easy. After all, one does not always have the exact name of the song or album in mind. The Swedish company is well aware of this. Accordingly, Spotify has now revised its search. In the future, it should be possible to search and find a song with the help of a line of text. When exactly the streaming giant will implement the new feature is not yet known. After all, the company has not yet officially presented the revised search.

Simplification in the app

Spotify is used by most users with smartphones or tablets. Accordingly, the new search function will be available for Android, iOS and Amazon’s Fire OS. Within the Spotify app you simply have to type in the song line. Afterwards relevant songs are displayed. This applies to both English and German language songs. All users should be able to benefit from this new feature. It does not matter if you use Spotify Premium or the free version.

Spotify moves with the competition

The fact that the streaming service is not making a big fuss about the new feature is probably not least due to the fact that the competition has long offered the possibility of such a search. Apple Music and Deezer have already made this practical feature possible. But here the principle is probably true: Better late than never. By the way, if you want to do a lyrics search at Amazon Music, you can’t just write the lyrics into the search. Only if you use Alexa, a lyrics search is possible. A voice command with the corresponding text line is the key to success. We hope that the new feature at Spotify will be available in Germany as soon as possible. After all, everyone knows the problem of “not knowing a song title”.

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