Streacom DA2 Version 2 launched

The second version of the new Streacom DA2 should be available at the end of October. The gaming-compatible ITX case is a new edition of the first version, with minor changes.

More holes for better air exchange

The biggest innovation on the second version of the Streacom DA2 is above all more holes. In 2018 the first generation of the Mini-ITX case was introduced. The old version is mostly maintained. Only small details of the first version have been improved and more holes. At the side parts as well as at the back the hole patterns were revised to increase the air exchange. Streacom simply changed the distance and size of the air holes. In addition the second version got a modified acrylic cover at the bottom of the case. The mesh grid is no longer interrupted by struts at this point, but now consists of a continuous surface.

Version 2 in detail

Small changes were also made to the back. Here the strut between the PCIe slots has been removed, thus creating a continuous opening at the rear. To get a better grip on the compatibility problems with large CPU coolers, the ATX power connector was angled.

Coolers can be installed up to a height of 145 mm. For radiators the maximum possible size is 280 mm. Depending on the configuration, instead of an SFX power supply, a model in the ATX form factor can be selected up to a size of 225 mm. The quantity and also size of the fans depends on the placement of the rails and the selection of the other components.

The maximum length for the graphics card or hard disk is 330 mm for the DA2. If vertical mounting is used, however, a three-slot model can be installed.

It also has a USB 3.0 port and a HD audio port. The external dimensions of the aluminum housing are 340 × 180 × 286 mm (L × W × H) with a weight of 3.9 kg.

Flexible case

With the ITX case from Streacom a whole range of possibilities can be covered. It has sliding brackets and rails that make it very flexible for a wide range of components. Flexibility is the basic concept of Streacom’s cases.

Availability and price

The second version of the case is available now at Caseking. It should be available by the end of November. The price for the ITX case is about 225 Euro.

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