TalkSocket: Kickstarter project links Alexa with smartphone handle

An exciting project has started on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Interested users can support a combination of smartphone grip and Alexa voice control on TalkSocket.

Large Smartphones always under control

Contrary to some expert opinions, the trend towards large smartphones has by no means abated in recent years. While many thought that devices with a screen diagonal of over 6 inches would only be available in the Far East, we have been taught a better lesson. No matter if iPhone Pro Max or Galaxy Note. The list of big smartphones is long and grows month by month. All the more practical are the increasingly common small handles that smartphone users attach to the back of their phones. Thanks to this holder, you can hold your smartphone comfortably and securely between your fingers. Especially people with small hands can hold and operate even large devices with only one hand thanks to these small helpers. Meanwhile, there are various providers of these little helpers. And on Kickstarter there is now a campaign that is planning a very special representative…

The TalkSocket should also be usable as a holder for other objects.

Alexa integrated in handle

With TalkSocket comes a very exciting gadget. It is more or less a fusion of smartphone handle and the Echo Dot from Amazon. With it you should have a handle that offers a practical Alexa integration. The goal of the whole thing is that you as a smartphone user can use Alexa in the future “hands free” so to speak. Until now, this has only been possible by opening the Alexa app. The idea seems to be well received. After all, several large manufacturers such as PopSocket or Otterbox have already announced a partnership. This should not only make the Alexa app famous, but most likely it will also quickly find many fans. Other areas of application are also conceivable.

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Campaign started in August

The campaign has been available on Kickstarter since August 18. Since then, the project has already collected 46,292 euros (as of September 21, 2020). This means that TalkSocket has far exceeded its target of 21,065 euros. And this does not seem to be the end of the story. After all, the project remains on the crowdfunding side for another 18 days. If you believe in the project, you can support it on Kickstarter. For a payment of about 50 Euro you get a TalkSocket and a Basic Qi-Wireless Charger.

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