Amazon Echo RED: Alexa sees red and does something good

Until now, Amazon’s smart Echo of the latest, fourth generation could only be purchased in the colors blue-gray, anthracite and white. But now the online mail-order giant has released a fourth color with the red Echo. Behind this new addition are praiseworthy intentions.

Amazon shows heart

The red echo was not developed solely in response to Amazon’s concerns. Rather, it is a cooperation with the non-profit organization RED. This organization works with a number of companies and asks them to sell products in striking red. According to Amazon, part of the proceeds from the red echo is to go to charitable causes. If you like the version of the new Echo, you will not only enrich your technical interior. You will also do something good. For example, 10 percent of the sales price of one of the limited smart home speakers goes to the “Fund for the Global Fund”. This fund has been attracting attention for years with its praiseworthy commitment to those affected by malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. But this year Amazon has announced yet another charitable purpose, which is very obvious in 2020. Thus a part of the proceeds will not only go to an AIDS program in Africa, but will also be used to fight Covid-19 itself and the consequences of the disease.

Inside everything stays the same

Even if the new color brings a certain freshness to the range of echoes, Amazon is otherwise sticking to its proven technology with its small smart speaker. And many will be happy about that. After all, the new spherical design of the version presented in October provided a far better sound than was the case with the flat predecessor models. The sphere comes with two tweeters and thus ensures above all crystal clear voice reproduction. Only the partly too strong bass caused frowning in various tests. After all, it dominated the mids and highs. However, there will be few people who use the echo as a full-fledged loudspeaker anyway.

Price and availability

The bright red smart loudspeaker can now be ordered directly from Amazon. The offer is exclusively for customers in Germany and Austria. Who can live with the price of 97.47 Euro does something good on top of that. That is briefly before the coming Christmas season a good possibility over to collect a few points on the own Karma account.

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