TeamGroup launches new gaming SSDs

With the T-Force Vulcan G, TeamGroup launches a brand new SSD. The SSD, which is specially designed for gaming needs, comes with a SATA connection and offers 3D NAND flash memory.

High speeds

The new Vulcan-G series is intended to convince with high speeds, among other things. This should make them particularly suitable for gaming setups. Reading speeds of up to 550 MB/s should be possible with the new SSDs. The write speeds are also impressive, at least on paper. Here 500 MB/s should be possible.

SATA connection and other special features

All SSDs of the Vulcan-G series offer a SATA connection with 6 GB/s. This means that the data carriers can be used not only with special PC systems, but also in a variety of notebooks. Furthermore, the SSDs support the so-called TRIM command as well as practical S.M.A.R.T. monitoring. This combination should ensure a long life and fast operation. The SSDs can also access an additional SLC cache. This can be used to speed up data transfer when needed. Although TeamGroup has announced many details, nothing is yet known about the 3D NAND flash memory used.

Price and availability

The Vulcan-G series SSDs will be available in two different sizes. In addition to a variant with 512 GB, a larger SSD with 1 TB storage space can be purchased alternatively. How the prices on the European market will turn out is still unknown. However the prices for the US market have already been announced. For the smaller SSD you have to put 60.99 US dollars on the counter there. If the 512 GB is not enough, you can buy the double size version for 106.99 US dollars. When the SSDs will appear on our market is still unknown.

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