Teufel SUPREME ON: New on-ear headphones from Berlin

There is something new from the house of Teufel. The popular sound forge from Berlin has introduced a new pair of on-ear headphones, the SUPREME ON. This should not only convince in sound but also visually. After all, it comes in six different colors.

The perfect accessory

Headphones are no longer just audio devices. In the meantime, especially bow headphones have become a real fashion accessory. So it’s hardly surprising that these headphones are now available in the brightest colors. Even the manufacturer Teufel, who is otherwise not known for its extensive color palette, is now jumping on this bandwagon. The SUPREME ON is to shine in six different colors. But that was not it yet. Thanks to high material quality and good wearing comfort, the audio and hi-fi manufacturer promises a great companion for the daily S-Bahn ride or sitting in the home office.

Not only pretty

But it would be highly surprising if Teufel would only focus on the look of the new headphones. Of course, the manufacturer also wants to convince again in terms of material selection and workmanship. This starts with the high-quality material that wets the headphone’s earpiece. This compromise between design and workmanship is also reflected in the ear pads and head cushions. According to Teufel, he uses ultra-soft padding here, which is supposed to make long wearing possible. Especially pleasing for me as a wearer of glasses: The same visual aid should not get in the way of wearing comfort. According to Teufel, the ear pads are not only comfortable. They should also be able to provide good shielding from outside noise. Of course, the SUPREME ON are primarily intended for mobile use. Accordingly, they can also be folded up so that they can fit into any pocket in a compressed size. For transport, manufacturer Teufel also includes a practical transport bag.

Great sound

The SUPREME ON is a persistent Bluetooth headset. At least on paper, Teufel promises a proud playing time of 20 hours – assuming medium volume. Pleasing: Teufel installs a USB-C connection in his new on-ear. This serves to charge the headphones. But of course, the sound is the most important thing in headphones. Above all Teufel regular customers promise themselves here the most. And apparently the manufacturer has once again done a good job. So the SUPREME ON should not only be able to offer a strong bass, but also have precise highs and detailed mids at hand.

The on-ear can be controlled on the underside of the right auricle. Here Teufel uses a control element in the form of a joystick. We already know something similar from Marshall’s on-ear headphones. Using the control unit, you can not only control play and pause, but also activate the common voice assistants. Of course, the SUPREME ON can also function as a hands-free kit. Two integrated microphones will provide great sound. If you want to make detailed settings on the headphones, you can do so in the Teufel Headphones App. This not only offers a practical equalizer. Teufel has also implemented the exciting ShareMe function. This makes it possible that two pairs of headphones can receive the signal from the same source. So you can also enjoy music or podcasts together.

Price and availability

The SUPREME ON from Teufel is immediately available in the Onlineshop. The sound experts call here a UVP of 149,99 euro. Due to the (still) reduced value added tax at present 146.21 euro result.

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