Thermaltake TG-50 and TG-30: New heat transfer pastes with a special twist

Thermaltake has announced two new thermal pastes with a special gimmick: the TG-50 and TG-30. In order to stand out from the competition, the manufacturer is using a honeycomb pattern.

Cooling capacity alone is no longer sufficient

In the meantime, the manufacturers of heat conducting pastes have virtually perfected the material. For this reason, there are now hardly any differences when you take a closer look at the cooling performance of the different products. It is therefore hardly surprising that manufacturers are now taking other ways to make their product unique. With its two new pastes, Thermaltake focuses on the form of application. For example, the TG-50 and TG-30 can be applied in the form of honeycombs.

Special stencil

In order to apply the thermal paste in the appropriate form, Thermaltake includes the appropriate accessories. In addition to a practical spatula with which heat-conducting paste can be applied and distributed, a special template is also included in the scope of delivery. In order to achieve the advertised pattern, the stencil is based on the design of honeycombs. So everyone can achieve the special pattern.

The big advantage

The heat-conducting paste can be applied with the spatula into the hexagons provided in front of it. The contact pressure between processor and heatspreader ensures an even distribution. In the end, the new Thermaltake thermal pastes achieve the same final result as other thermal pastes. But the stencil has a decisive advantage which is not cosmetic. Because the stencil always allows the same amount to be applied, the perfect dosage of the thermal paste is guaranteed.

Thanks to the stencil and spatula the honeycomb pattern can be applied.

What else is there?

In addition to stencil, paste and spatula, other accessories are also included. On the one hand there are two cleaning cloths soaked in alcohol. With the help of these, one can remove the incorrectly applied or old heat conducting paste.

Price and availability still open

The performance specs of the two thermal pastes read well already. The TG-50 offers a thermal conductivity of 8 W/(mxK). The TG-30 offers 4.5 W/(mxK). A total of 4 g of thermal paste is in the dosing syringes. Unfortunately, Thermaltake has so far not made any statement about the price or the release of the thermal paste. But we will keep you up to date on this matter.

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