TikTok: Now Oracle is also interested

Since a few weeks there is a lot of commotion around the US business of the successful App TikTok. US president Trump put a pistol to the developer ByteDance’s head. Either they sell the English-speaking offshoot of TikTok or a ban is imminent. Until now it seemed that only the US corporation Microsoft was interested in buying the app. But now Oracle is also interested.

Negotiations between Oracle and TikTok

Microsoft has now received competition for the TikTok app. And the company should take this competitor quite seriously. As the Financial Times reports, talks between software giant Oracle and the app developer have already taken place. The founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, is said to have had in mind to buy the TikTok business for the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Trump likes the idea

But how did Oracle suddenly come up with the idea of getting involved in the business of TikTok? It is important to know that the software manufacturer is working with a number of investors who already have a stake in ByteDance. The interest of CEO Larry Ellison was probably finally aroused when US President Trump announced that TikTok would be shut down if no buyer could be found by mid-November. Since Trump’s specifications require that the company be a US company, Oracle also felt that it was a good idea. When asked about Oracle’s plans, Trump speaks of a “great company”.

Microsoft still interested

The company from Redmond will not have been happy when it became known that Oracle also wants to play in the TikTok competition. Nevertheless, Microsoft will still be interested. After all, the tech giant already announced publicly in early August that there will be talks with ByteDance. However, Microsoft’s interest goes even further. In addition to its business in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, the company would also like to take over the TikTok division in Europe and India. However, as it has become known in the meantime, ByteDance is only interested in selling the original branches of the company.

TikTok is also extremely popular in the USA. So a purchase is likely to turn out to be a lucrative business

What about Twitter?

Surprisingly, not a single social network is interested in buying TikTok. However, it has become known that one company from this sector has expressed interest in TikTok. Twitter, for example, conducted negotiations with the company at an early stage. But apparently the short news service lost interest in the purchase because the financial dimensions were too high. Since Microsoft is now joined by another potential buyer of TikTok, Twitter would probably have been too expensive to buy now.

What role does Trump play?

The “war” between Trump and TikTok is not by chance. After all, the acting president accuses the company of having a disturbing proximity to the Chinese government. Trump fears a threat to national security. After all, the app could be used for espionage. Accordingly, he issued two orders at the beginning of August. In the course of this, citizens and companies in the USA are to be prohibited from carrying out any further transactions with the ByteDance company after a period of 45 days. He also issued a further injunction ordering the company to delete all collected user data from TikTok. Last but not least, Trump prohibited ByteDance from owning property in the USA that serves the purpose of using TikTok.

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