Trump’s fool’s license has its limits – social media accounts temporarily suspended

Until now, US President Donald Trump could do whatever he wanted on his social media channels, but yesterday he probably went too far. Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram temporarily blocked the private accounts of the president.

Blocking only after the Capitol was stormed

For a long time, Donald Trump could vent his anger by writing as his mouth grew. However, after an incited mob stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C., Twitter had enough. Twitter suspended the president’s private account for twelve hours. Facebook and Instagram followed suit, blocking Donald Trump’s accounts for 24 hours. Even YouTube subsequently blocked a video of the president. The decisive factor was probably the ambiguous tweets on Twitter, in which he expressed praise for the attackers. In the end, four people were killed and 52 arrests were made as a result of the attack on the Capitol. The world public is shocked by what happened.

Stop being funny

Until now, the president could write what he wanted. Social media did nothing. He used the social media as an instrument of power, which no one wanted to take away from him until now. This allowed Donald Trump to reach 88.7 million followers on Twitter. The special treatment of the president is justified by the fact that different rules apply to famous personalities like him. Maybe there are separate terms of use for presidents, who knows! But probably another reason has been decisive. The president announced the regulation of network platforms, this he can now no longer implement in the short time of his office. The danger that now emanates from him is probably less. But some things could have been prevented by blocking the president earlier. So far, Donald Trump’s tweets have only been deleted, he has never been blocked. Until yesterday. Yet it would have been quite simple. Since Twitter is a private company and therefore has terms of use that every user agrees to, they also apply to the US president. So the company could have blocked him much earlier for harassment, for example.

Update on Facebook block

Facebook will not lift Donald Trump’s block again so quickly, his account will probably remain blocked for the time being until further notice.

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