Twitch announces fight to adblockers

The step is certainly controversial. The popular streaming platform Twitch wants to take action against adblockers in the community. But instead of denying access altogether, Twitch takes a different approach. Those who use an ad blocker have to live with a far weaker streaming quality. We are talking about a resolution of just 480p. It is therefore hardly surprising that users tend to react rather indignantly. Attempts are already being made to circumvent the reduction in quality.

What one person hates brings money to another

There is no doubt that adblockers for ad-free enjoyment of Internet content are part of the basic browser equipment for many people. This applies not only to classic surfing, but also to viewing streaming content. Of course this is understandable. After all, advertising is aggressively brought to the fore in extreme cases. What is not too stressful on Internet sites can become a real nerve-wrecking test when enjoying streams or VOD content. But you should always keep in mind that it is the advertising revenue that is the number one source of income for the respective providers. This makes the use of adblockers all the more serious for these operators. It is these two sides of the coin that make the problem so complicated.

Twitch wants to ride the wave of success

The timing of the adblocker-blocker does not seem to be purely coincidental. Twitch uses a free-to-use model as its video platform. Users do not have to pay any fees here. Accordingly, this provider also finances itself mainly through income from advertising partners. As it turns out, the provider itself has further strengthened this model in recent months. And the figures looked correspondingly good. Of course, Twitch does not want to jeopardise its economic success. So now it is pursuing a strategy that is based on profit. This already started with a decision in September. Twitch announced that they wanted to place random advertising in streams. The streamer itself had no influence on this test phase or the advertising content. At the latest here it became clear how important the advertising revenue is for the provider. With the current reduction in the quality of advertising blockers, the streaming service goes one step further.

The minds are heated

It is hardly surprising that the community has been engaged in lively discussion since the Twitch decision. What is surprising, however, is that the fanbase is not necessarily the most annoyed by the decision itself. Instead, the users would have liked to have been better informed about the reduction in quality in advance. But there was no kind of announcement at all. Twitch introduced the hurdle for adblockers without the appropriate words. Users could only obtain further information via online forums such as Reddit. The economic decisions of Twitch threaten to drive a wedge between the previously so good relationship between streaming service and community. The provider itself seems to be trying to find a compromise that both sides can live with.

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