WhatsApp Can Now Be Unlocked via Face- and Touch-ID

WhatsApp now offers an additional security feature in the iOS version. While the Messenger app was previously protected exclusively via the smartphone’s access mechanism, it is now also possible to set up a separate protection that applies exclusively to the app.

Until now, WhatsApp could be easily accessed after unlocking the smartphone. If you want more safety, you can now install an additional barrier. After unlocking the smartphone, WhatsApp must also be unlocked – either via Face-ID or via Touch-ID.

This additional protection can be set directly in the app. To do this, first select the “Account” sub-item, then “Privacy” and then “Screen lock”. After activating the protection, you can also set here how long the verification should not be requested after unlocking. Four different time periods can be set: Immediately, after one minute, after fifteen minutes and after one hour. If the selected period has expired after the app has been unlocked, it must be unlocked again.

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