Windows 10: Update causes PCs to crash

The August update for Microsoft’s operating system has a bland aftertaste. So it causes some systems to crash.

Some versions affected

Not all users complain about the side effects of the latest update. In fact, only versions 1909 and 2004 are affected. In addition to the classic crash of the system, the latest version also leads to other problems. Apart from general complications during the installation process, the August update also leads to blue screens. The users only wanted to ensure the latest security of their system.

Multiple components are disturbed

As a Windows user, you are used to regularly installing the latest system software. Often these are even very large updates. However, this was not the case with the August update. This was rather an inconspicuous security update. As it turned out, however, it caused serious damage to some systems. It is not surprising that many users are angry. Especially owners of versions 1909 and 2004 are affected, and the serious system problems are caused by affected hardware components. First and foremost, the update restricts the functionality of the graphics card and audio devices. The damaged graphics card then manifests itself in a blue screen. Alternatively, the system may crash completely. In some cases it is not even possible to install the update. This has the advantage that hardware problems cannot even occur.

Many users complain

It didn’t take long for some users to complain about the problems with the new update. So they reported that the drivers from Nvidia would not work anymore. As a result, the screen resolution was reduced to 800 x 600 pixels. In addition, some users were no longer able to log in using the Windows PIN. General limitations were felt by many users due to a severe slowdown of the entire system. In addition, the start menu no longer opened for many users. This resulted in a system crash on the desktop. Those who were unable to install the update at all talked about it being aborted during the installation process including an error message. Last but not least, angry users reported that Windows Explorer crashed and that network cards and connected audio devices were not working properly.

No solution in sight

We can probably assume that Microsoft is already working at full speed on a solution to the problem. But so far, the company has not yet come up with a suitable patch for the countless problems with the August update. Since there is no suitable patch yet, users should ignore the update for now. It is by no means advisable to install it. It’s best to wait until Microsoft has released a suitable solution. However, if it is already “too late” for you, hops and malt are not yet lost. The problem can be solved by restoring the previous version of Windows. However, this is only possible if the update was not made more than 10 days ago. The only alternative is probably a new installation of Windows 10.

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