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AnkerWork M650 review: Excellent wireless microphone for Creator

The wireless microphone from AnkerWork has been available in stores for a few days now and not only wants to convince with an extensive scope of delivery, but also inspire content creators with a convincing sound and diverse possibilities. Our AnkerWork M650 review explains what the wireless microphone has to offer and whether it is worth buying.

Technical data

Microphone type Wireless clip-on microphone
Connection Wireless receiver: USB-C or Lightning
Directional omnidirectional
Battery life 7-8 hours; 15 hours in charging case
Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Loadcase: 135.3 x 54.2 x 48.3mm
  • Receiver: 43.2 x 35 x 30.4mm
  • Microphones: 45.5 x 45.3 x 23.6mm
  • Charge case: 184 g
  • Receiver: 37g
  • Microphones: 30g
Price € 219.99 *

AnchorWork M650 review: scope of delivery, design and workmanship

  • Even two microphones included
  • Covers provide an alternative look
  • Windshield and all cables included

Unveiled at CES in January 2023 and already available. With the AnkerWork M650, the manufacturer wants to deliver a convincing microphone solution for content creators and scores, after unpacking, already once with a scope of delivery that has it in itself.

The microphone arrives in a compact, square package that has a lot to offer despite its small dimensions.

Inside we find the 135.3 mm x 54.2 mm x 48.3 mm charging case, which already weighs around 185 grams without contents. The technical equipment is then inside in the form of two wireless microphones, the wireless receiver and two adapters for smartphones or tablets: one USB-C and one Lightning.

AnkerWork M650 Scope of Delivery
The scope of delivery has it all: charging case, no less than two microphones, receivers and much more – there are no wishes left unfulfilled.

The scope of delivery is rounded off by a black carrying case, two compact fur windshield attachments, an AUX and USB-C to USB-C cable each and two exchangeable covers for the microphones, one in green and one in gold.

Design and workmanship: excellent throughout

  • High-quality, fairly understated design
  • Impeccable build quality

Visually, the AnkerWork M650, as well as any accessories, cut a very fine figure. The two microphones themselves, referred to as “transmitters (TX)” by the manufacturer, come in a round disc shape. They each measure 45.5 mm x 35.3 mm x 23.6 mm and don’t turn out too heavy with a weight of 30 grams.

Both microphones are black, but the top can be customized with the included covers. On the bottom, you’ll find a clip to attach the microphone to clothing.

Conveniently, the clip is held magnetically and can be removed to allow positioning underneath a sweater or top. Very useful when you’re not wearing a shirt, jacket or vest. The charging contact is also located on the underside to supply the integrated battery in the charging case with new energy.

On the upper edge, you’ll find the microphone in a golden contrast, as well as a 3.5 mm jack for connecting a lavalier microphone or mounting the windshield, which can simply be plugged in here. On the other side sits a button to mute the AnkerWork M650 microphone, which you also use to turn the mic on and off.

The receiver, on the other hand, called “Receiver (RX)”, comes as a small rectangular box along with dimensions of 43.2 mm x 35 mm x 30.4 mm. It has a 3.5 mm jack and USB-C port on the side, a function button and the charging contacts on the back. The adapter is also connected here to connect the receiver with smartphones and tablets. A 1.47-inch touchscreen is found on the front, which is used for operation.

The build quality of all the components of the package leaves nothing to be desired. All parts of the AnkerWork M650 feel very sturdy and of high quality and do not offer any unsightly gaps. There is nothing to complain about here.

Setup, operation and practical test

  • Quick and very easy to set up
  • Sophisticated, convincing operation via touchscreen
  • Magnetic clip is also suitable for clothing without pockets or the like

When it comes to setup, the AnkerWork M650 proves to be very beginner-friendly. Simply connect the receiver to a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, turn on the microphone and the devices connect to each other and you’re good to go.

There is a small entry hurdle when connecting to mobile devices and that is in the form of the respective adapter, which needs to be connected to the receiver and snapped into place by screwing it in. But even that shouldn’t be a serious hurdle for anyone.

You simply have to (and can) trust the microphone-receiver combination. Because an indication that the devices are connected and paired is unfortunately not given on any platform.

The operation is also as simple as can be. This is where the receiver’s handy color touchscreen comes in handy, allowing you to adjust the microphone gain, set a two-level background noise reduction, or quickly mute the microphone, for example. In addition, recordings can be saved directly to the microphone’s 4 GB internal memory. Up to 7 hours are possible per receiver.

The option to simply slide the receiver into the hot shoe port of a camera is also very well solved. The display automatically points to the back, showing the filmmaker all the information at a glance.

AnkerWork M650
The AnkerWork M650 attaches to a camera via the hot-shoe connector

On the other hand, it is somewhat inconvenient that no sound is played back on the iPhone when the receiver is connected. So in practice, reviewing recordings is only possible when you remove the receiver.

Otherwise, I find the attachment to the clothing as very practical, since this is done not only via the clip, but if desired just magnetically under the clothes, which is a real advantage especially for clothes without pockets or the like.

Battery life and range

  • Excellent battery life of 7-8 hours per microphone
  • Laecase adds another 15 hours of power
  • Quickly recharged

The battery life of the AnkerWork M650 also presents itself as surprisingly strong. The two transmitters, as well as the receiver, each have a 350 mAh battery, which easily lasted for around seven to eight hours in our test.

Per microphone, mind you – so if you only use one of the two devices, you can easily get through a long day. According to the manufacturer, the charging case provides another 15 hours of runtime, so combined, the AnkerWork M650 pack can withstand a long work weekend.

AnkerWork M650
Many settings are possible directly on the receiver. The rest is done via app.

In the Charging Egg, all accessories are also recharged within a very short time thanks to fast charging technology and are immediately supplied with energy as soon as you place them in the case. Opening the case also automatically turns on the microphones and receiver, so you can get started right away.

Wireless range, according to the manufacturer, is 200 meters, on par with larger competitors such as the Rode Wireless GO II.

Sound quality: How good do the AnkerWork M650s sound?

  • Very good, detailed sound
  • Convincing noise reduction (noise cacellation)
  • Fine tuning via app makes the sound even better

Surprise (or not): I was also absolutely convinced by the sound of the AnkerWork M650. Without the windshield, a few problems with plosive sounds reveal themselves, but they can be completely turned off when you pull the puff on the microphones.

Inside, there is an omnidirectional microphone that only focuses on the user’s own voice, while it is also supposed to be improved thanks to a DSP chip. The chip is also responsible for noise cancellation, which you can adjust in three levels (Off, Low or High).

However, I found that at least the high setting has quite audible effects on the recording quality. On the low setting, or without noise cancellation, your own voice sounds fuller and more detailed – but for recording in particularly noisy environments, this feature is certainly very useful.

However, the sound gets even better when used in conjunction with the companion app. While you can make a few tweaks on the receiver itself, most of the options are only available in the AnkerWork app – more on that in a moment.

A low-pass filter is also offered, but I think it is mislabeled: Since it affects the frequencies for 75 Hz and 150 Hz, it is more of a high-pass filter, which is supposed to somewhat attenuate particularly loud frequencies in the ambient noise. Which also works excellently in practice.

All in all, I find the sound of the AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphones really very good. The quality out-of-the-box can’t quite keep up with the aforementioned and considerably more expensive Wireless Go II from Rode, but it can when you get involved with the software.

However, I find it a bit strange that there is no option to delete the recordings stored on the microphones on the device itself. When the 4 GB of internal memory is full, the only option is to overwrite the recordings. Deleting only works via the companion app.

Click here to display content from

App connectivity: AnkerWork

  • Overwhelming, well-designed companion app
  • App on smartphones does not (yet?) recognize the microphones

Many settings are possible with the help of the AnkerWork app, which is available for free for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. How to connect the AnkerWork M650 on the smartphone with the app is still a mystery to me even after the extensive test.

The wireless microphone was not recognized in the app and could not be paired. The instructions and FAQ on Anker’s homepage do not provide any solutions either. Well, yes.

But on the PC or Mac, the whole thing works without any problems. I connect the charging case via USB-C cable. Then there is the option to update the firmware of the microphone and receiver in the app.

Much more exciting, however, are the sound settings, which go far beyond those available directly on the microphone. For example, you have the option to improve the sound using a 5-band equalizer and, for example, boost the bass or lower the treble – which has a massive impact on the sound.

You can also switch between stereo and mono within the app. The app scores with a clearly structured, understandable appearance and actually marks a practical addition. Now you just have to get the mobile app to work.

AnkerWork M650 review: conclusion

Could the AnkerWork M650 convince me in the test? In fact, the manufacturer delivers a really convincing, versatile and practical wireless microphone here, which – with a little fine-tuning – can take on the best competitors in terms of sound.

The Noise Cacellation function does an impeccable job, even at low settings, without altering the voice. In addition, the entire concept with the exchangeable adapters or the magnetic clip seems very well thought-out, while the battery life is also convincing.

Compared to the more expensive competition, a few comfort features are missing, such as the possibility to start a recording directly at the push of a button, but that is not really tragic. With its high-quality workmanship, chic design and many practical options, the AnkerWork M650 is a valid option to the well-known and reputable alternatives in the field of wireless microphones for Creator and is well worth the money.

AnkerWork M650 Review: Gold Award

AnkerWork M650

Recording quality
Value for money


The M650 marks an excellent wireless microphone for content creators, which scores with high-quality workmanship, very good sound, as well as well thought-out functions and is absolutely worth the money.

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