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Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee Reviewed

With the Cougar Bunker we have this time a rather rare accessory used by gamers in the test – a mouse bungee.

A holder for the cable of their mouse is the least that can be bought. You’ve seen them in pro-gamers before, but why is that?

In addition to the reasons for using a mouse bungee, you will also learn how the Cougar bunker mouse bungee performs in daily gaming use.

Reasons for Using a Mouse Bungee

  1. The desk looks much tidier due to the cable routing than with a loose cable.
  2. The mouse cable does not slip off the desk and must be laboriously pulled out again.
  3. The mouse cable is floating, so it won’t get in the way of your movements anymore.
  4. Less dirt will accumulate and you will have to clean the cable less often.
  5. break of cable is avoided, because the cable is spared.

What Speaks for the Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee?

The Cougar Mouse Bungee is very simple in colour, because only the orange Cougar logo is attached next to the black background colour. There are also four screws on the case, which enhance the Cougar Bunker optically.

For mounting on your desk, the Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee offers a suction cup that can be locked with a lever. This makes the mouse bungee bombproof on the desk. For the transport you have to open the lever again and you can take the bunker comfortably with you, with 85 grams it is pleasantly light. This means that the mouse bungee does not hold by its own weight, but must really be attached with the suction cup. The drinking bowl holds only on smooth and clean surfaces.

Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee Suction cup

Since a little dirt will accumulate on the suction cup during transport, you will have to rinse it briefly with water. Of course, you also have to clean the surface of your desk so that the suction cup can stick. Otherwise it dissolves again after a few minutes. If both the suction cup and the desk are clean, it will last forever.

The flexible arm for your mouse cable has a height of 11.5 cm. That’s enough to run the cable, but it’s not too high to disturb you when viewing the monitor, even if you place it directly in front of it. The arm is very flexible and moves in every direction. Since it is made of flexible rubber, your cable can also be a little thicker and can still be easily clamped.


Thanks to the Cougar Mouse Bungee you can organize your cable tangle a little and annoying pulling of the mouse cable is no longer necessary. You can’t criticize the price of the € 9.90 at* for anything.

Of course, there are many other mouse bungees that come with USB hub and RGB lighting – but is that really necessary? Of course these would be cool features, but more important is the stability and a good cable routing – and these are given by the drinking bowl and the flexible arm.

Many thanks for the test sample to*.

Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee

Cable Management


The Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee has a perfect stand thanks to the suction cup and secures your mouse cable.

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