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Edifier QD35 review: Bluetooth speaker with unique look

Bluetooth speakers are now a dime a dozen. There are small, portable devices for outdoors and large speakers for indoors. Manufacturer Edifier also offers a corresponding speaker that wants to score with a unique look and a high-resolution sound. Our Edifier QD35 test clarifies whether the high quality of the company’s own speakers like the Edifier S1000W (our test) can be maintained here.


Power 40 watts
Signal-to-Noise Rate > 85dB(A)
Driver 1 x 1″ tweeter
1x 3″ mid-woofer
Frequency Range 60 – 40,000 Hz
Wireless connection Bluetooth 5.3
Other inputs 3.5mm AUX; USB-A
Battery not present
Weight 2,638g
Dimensions 277.8mm × 164.8mm × 141.7mm
IP certification not available
Price € 129.99 *

Edifier QD35 review: design and workmanship

  • Unique transparent optics
  • Display with time
  • Good workmanship

The Edifier QD35 is different, that much is clear at first glance. In the box, which weighs around 2.7 kg, we find, in addition to the speaker itself, all the necessary and optional cables (power, USB-A to USB-A and 3.5 mm jack to 3.5 mm jack), a manual and a microfiber cloth to keep the speaker clean.

Edifier QD35 Scope of Delivery

You’ll use the latter quite often with the QD35, because the Bluetooth speaker relies on a unique design with a transparent look on the front. Or rather, it hints at it, because the mid-woofer and a tweeter sit on a transparent front section, which gives the impression that you can see the technology behind it.

This is only a nice gimmick, because you can only see a silver plate, which underlines the playful look, especially in combination with the adjustable RGB lighting. I don’t find it bad that the design is more appearance than reality. Visually, the Bluetooth speaker makes quite an impression.

On the top, we find the Edifier logo in gray letters, and on the right, there are three buttons (two of which are rotatable) that we can use to turn on the Edifier QD35 and change the source, as well as adjust the volume and lighting.

At the back sit the power, AUX and USB ports, as well as the general on/off switch, while on the left side we find USB-A once and USB-C once. The “35W” label reveals that the Bluetooth speaker also hides a GaN charger that charges connected devices with up to 35 watts. More on that later, though.

The design is undoubtedly a matter of taste, but it looks modern and quite stylish. Especially the glossy sides and the back are susceptible to fingerprints, so you should use the microfiber cloth more often.

On the front, you will also find a small display that shows, for example, the time (must first be synchronized with the smartphone), the audio source and the equalizer preset. The build quality is on a good level, there is nothing to complain about here in my eyes, even if the speaker seems a bit “cheap” due to the chosen design.

Operation, battery life and range

  • No battery; cannot be used wirelessly
  • Practical and useful companion app
  • Customizable RGB lighting

Let’s start the Edifier QD35 review with one of the biggest criticisms, because the Bluetooth speaker does not have a battery and thus cannot be used wirelessly. A power supply is thus always mandatory. That is particularly unfortunate since the speaker leaves a lot of potential here.

On the other hand, the wireless playback is more positive. Thanks to the modern Bluetooth 5.3 standard, we can easily move 12 meters and more away from the speaker without the connection breaking.

There are various options for operating the device. You can either control the speaker directly or use the companion app “Edifier Connect”, which is available for free download on Android and iOS. Both options work flawlessly in practice. The app also offers the option to play various relaxing nature sounds.

I quite like the control concept on the speaker itself. By pressing the power button several times, you can choose between audio sources (Bluetooth, USB or AUX), while the center dial adjusts the volume (which is also signaled by the RGB lighting) and switches between the four equalizer presets. In addition, songs are played or paused here.

Edifier QD35 Design
The operation directly on the speaker goes flawlessly from the hand.

The lower knob is responsible for the RGB lighting. You can adjust the brightness by turning it, and the lighting mode by pressing it. There are many different effects available within the app, ranging from static lighting to different modes.

We had slight problems with Bluetooth operation during the test: When we changed the source, the Bluetooth connection was interrupted. While the connection could not be re-established automatically several times, the reconnection worked flawlessly another time. Maybe a bug? Half so wildly.

The GaN charger in the Edifier QD35

  • Each has one USB-A and one USB-C port

One feature that sets the Edifier QD35 apart from other Bluetooth speakers is the built-in GaN charger. Via the USB-A and USB-C port on the left side of the speaker, connected devices can be charged with a maximum of 35 watts.

A maximum of 18 watts is reached via USB-A, the full 35 watts via USB-C. This is convenient for charging the smartphone or tablet while listening to music, for example. However, the charging power is too low for a notebook.

Edifier QD35
Two ports are available on the GaN charger of the Edifier QD35. Charging is done with a maximum of 35 watts.

Both charging ports do their job flawlessly and I find this feature quite nice-to-have. However, it is not necessarily an absolute game changer or a buying argument.

Sound quality of the Edifier QD35

  • Convincing, powerful sound
  • Very good volume; highest levels booming
  • Low bass not present

To realize the sound, the Edifier QD35 resorts to a 1-inch tweeter with 15 watts of power, as well as a 3-inch mid-woofer with 25 watts, achieving a pretty decent total output.

And the sound has a lot of punch, which is also due to the integrated DSP. It’s quite impressive what comes out of the quite compact, 277.8 mm x 164.8 mm, 141.7 mm small box.

In terms of sound, the Bluetooth speaker puts the mid-basses a bit (too) strongly in the foreground in the factory configuration and thus buys a pleasing sound image. However, the mids and trebles do not lose their brilliance. Only the low bass range can not represent the speaker, this is simply not present – but has not been expected without a real bass radiator or woofer.

Personally, I am not a big fan of “too much” bass anyway, so I lowered the bass a bit with the help of the 6-band equalizer in the companion app, which makes the sound sound much rounder and airier in my eyes. But that is certainly a matter of taste. For a Bluetooth speaker of this size, the Edifier QD35 sounds very good and rich in detail in my eyes. Even small nuances in complex arrangements can be heard very well.

In addition, the speaker gets pretty damn loud at its peak. There are a total of 16 volume levels to choose from, but only the first 12-13 of them are really usable, above that the sound becomes too boomy and washed out. But don’t worry: Even these levels are easily enough to fill a medium-sized room with sound.

It’s a bit of a shame that two Edifier QD35s can’t be connected to form a stereo pair. This means that the sound is always mono, which is what you hear. Here, for example, a Klipsch Heritage Groove (our review) offers a bit more three-dimensionality.

As expected, the speaker achieves the best possible sound via cable – whether AUX or USB is irrelevant. Here, the BT speaker increases its sound noticeably once again and presents even more details in an even airier, clearer sound image. The high-resolution LDAC codec is also available via Bluetooth – although, of course, only via Android.

Edifier QD35 review: conclusion

The Edifier QD35 test once again shows the expertise of the manufacturer, which we have already observed in various products. In terms of sound, the Bluetooth speaker does quite a bit right in my eyes – even though the lack of a woofer and the mono sound are noticeable.

Nevertheless, what comes out of the two drivers is almost universally pleasing. Especially when you adjust the equalizer yourself. The sound quality only decreases noticeably at the highest volume levels, so it’s better not to turn it up too high.

The GaN charger is certainly a nice addition, but not a purchase argument. But perhaps the Hi-Res certification, which noticeably improves the sound quality in corresponding players, is. The design is certainly a matter of taste and one thing above all: eye-catching. If you like it, you will get a very good Bluetooth speaker at a fair price with the Edifier QD35.

Edifier QD35 Review: Silver Award

Edifier QD35

Design & workmanship
Value for money


The Edifier QD35 marks a compelling Bluetooth speaker with a unique (and quirky look) that scores with a convincing sound and handy app.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Bluetooth speakers are now a dime a dozen. There are small, portable devices for outdoors and large speakers for indoors. Manufacturer Edifier also offers a corresponding speaker that wants to score with a unique look and a high-resolution sound. Our Edifier QD35 test clarifies whether the high quality of the company’s own speakers like the … (Weiterlesen...)

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