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Govee Floor Lamp Pro Review: Smart floor lamp with RGB and sound

The RGB lighting experts at Govee are updating the Floor Lamp LED floor lamp from 2021 with a new generation. The Pro model, which we take a closer look at in the Govee Floor Lamp Pro review, is particularly exciting. Not only is it significantly brighter than its predecessor, it also comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Technical data

The product Floor Lamp Pro
Lamp weight 3.362 grams
Height 1.7 meters
Lighting technology RGBIC
Light color RGBWW
Power output 60 watts
Brightness 2.100 lumen @6500k
Number of light beads Top: 162 (RGB WW)
Base: 30 (RGB WW)
IC layout 3 bulbs per IC
Wireless protocol Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 5.3
Control methods App; Remote control; Voice
Timer available? Yes
Alexa support? Yes
Support for Google Assistant? Yes
Remote control? Yes
Bluetooth speaker 76 mm driver; 18 W power; 4 Ohm; Class D amplifier
Other special features 300° rotatable; 20 white noise sound effects
Price € 249.99 * (RRP: 219.99 euros)

Govee Floor Lamp Pro Review: structure, design and workmanship

  • simple and high-quality design
  • robust workmanship…
  • … but not free of flaws and completely convincing

The Govee Floor Lamp Pro comes in a rather handy box, which reveals that the 1.7 meter high floor lamp is undoubtedly not included fully assembled. And so it is.

The scope of delivery consists of three core components and accessories. Firstly, there is the approximately 20 cm high base of the light, which is largely covered with a handsome anthracite-colored mesh fabric and has a light ring on the underside.

It has a rubber coating on the underside to ensure it stands firmly on the floor and other surfaces. The power connection is located at the top, along with a metal bracket with two holes, revealing that we have to do the assembly ourselves.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro

Well, you could have figured it out yourself with the screws and screwdriver included in the scope of delivery. There are also four semicircular, black metal tubes that need to be screwed together and are responsible for the lighting. They have a diameter of 2 cm and are 1.5 meters long when fully assembled.

The third core component is the flexible white rope light, which in terms of color and shape is reminiscent of the Govee Neon Rope Light 2, which our colleague Stefan recently tested. This is connected to the base via the power connection at the bottom and simply clicked into the metal tubes.

All components of the Govee Floor Lamp Pro feel very robust and of high quality and, at 3,362 grams, also weigh a fair amount, so that nothing wobbles or tilts even if accidentally touched.

Only the glossy top of the base is very susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. I already caught my first scratch here during assembly. Annoying.

Construction and assembly

  • Assembly a little fiddly…
  • … but still done quickly

The assembly of the Govee Floor Lamp Pro is quite quick and is explained step by step in the enclosed operating instructions. First, I have to screw the four metal tubes together using the mounting plates inside.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro
Narrow screws, short screwdriver: assembly is a bit fiddly

Although this is a little fiddly due to the short screws and the equally short screwdriver, it is quite easy to do. The next step is to screw the rod into the base and then connect the LED tube to the power cable.

To ensure that the tube really fits in, the power connection and cables have to be pushed into the base a little, which is again a little fiddly due to the somewhat rigid strands, but ultimately works without any problems.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro
Push the cables in nice and deep, otherwise the light tube won’t fit

Inserting the light tube is then completely unproblematic. Now all I have to do is connect the Flor Lamp Pro to the enclosed 60-watt power supply unit, plug it into the socket and the light show begins.

Operating the Govee Floor Lamp Pro

  • handy remote control for the most important functions
  • Voice control

To make operation easier, the Govee Floor Lamp Pro comes with a practical remote control, which can also be attached magnetically to the metal tubes thanks to an additional holder. This will of course please anyone who likes to misplace their remote control.

The remote control fulfills most purposes perfectly. In addition to being able to switch the light on and off, it can also adjust the color of the lighting, dim it and switch between a warm white and cool white hue.

The remote control also allows you to pause and play sounds and music, as well as switch between different sounds and adjust the volume. In other words, pretty much all the functions you would expect.

Alternatively, it can also be controlled by voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

App control via Govee Home Smart

  • clearly structured app
  • almost infinite setting options

Of course, the Govee Floor Lamp Pro can also be controlled via app thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is where the Govee Home Smart app comes into play, which serves as the control center for the manufacturer’s entire ecosystem. The app also finds the light directly via Bluetooth, which is paired at the touch of a button and set up in just a few steps.

Once that’s done, I find myself in the clearly laid out dashboard. Here I can even switch the base and the light tube on and off separately and make various settings. These include, for example, adjusting the volume or adjusting the brightness, and it is also possible to set a timer.

The lighting modes can be found further down. These are divided into music, color, scene and DIY (Do it Yourself). In the first setting, the lighting reacts to music and sounds in the environment, while I can create different schemes in the Color section.

Here I choose a style such as Refreshing, Elegant or Retro, then set a preferred base color and desired scene (such as Relax or Work) and decide on a color adjustment method, including gradients, analogous colors and the like.

Once I have set all this, the Govee Floor Lamp Pro cobbles together a color scheme based on my specifications. If I don’t like it, I can click on “Next group” to create a new color pattern. These can then be saved so that I can quickly access them again later.

In the “Scenes” section, I can choose between different lighting scenarios. These range from natural scenarios to atmospheric and festival scenarios. These differ in terms of lighting in color or movement and sometimes even have sound effects to represent a campfire, a river or a forest.

The setting options within the Govee Home Smart app are so varied that it would go beyond the scope of this test. It is almost unbelievable what can be set here.

It is even possible to segment the lighting into different colors and brightness levels. There are 9 segments in the light tube and an additional five segments in the base. It is also possible to play sounds and music via the integrated Bluetooth speaker using the “music collection” feature. And, if desired, with or without white noise.

These range from relaxed piano sounds and other relaxing music to nature sounds such as thunderstorms, pattering rain, a surf and much more. The selection and quality of the sounds is pleasing, only a few sound a little tinny and unnatural.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro in practical test

  • excellent, soft lighting
  • 300 degree rotatable; high brightness
  • Bluetooth speaker with decent sound

As you can see, the almost endless settings of the Govee Floor Lamp Pro can easily keep you busy for hours, especially as it can also be combined and synchronized with other products from the manufacturer.

In practice, the lighting itself also cuts an excellent figure and scores with rich, vibrant colors, beautiful details and harmonious effects. Whether relaxed warm white light for dinner, colorful party lighting to the beat of the music or the color and sound simulation of auroras for relaxation:

Almost anything imaginable is possible and comes into its own with the Govee Floor Lamp Pro. Especially as the maximum brightness of 2,100 lumens is also impressive and the matt LED tube is excellently protected against reflections, resulting in pleasantly soft lighting.

The 300-degree rotatable tube is also particularly practical, allowing me to adjust the lighting forwards or backwards towards the wall (or to the sides) as required.

Another special feature of the Pro model is the built-in Bluetooth speaker. This can not only play the aforementioned ambient sounds, but can of course also play music from smartphones, tablets and the like.

However, its quality is somewhat disappointing, although the 76 mm driver unit and amplifier give some hope. However, the sound is somewhat lacking in detail in the highs and mids.

Don’t get me wrong: The sound coming out of the speaker is more than decent. And for relaxed listening to music on the sofa or at dinner, the quality is certainly good enough. However, a real Bluetooth speaker in the 100 euro range such as the soundcore Motion 100 (our test) offers significantly better sound.

There is also one annoying detail in connection with the Bluetooth speaker: while the lighting can be switched off (and on) via the Govee app and remote control, this unfortunately does not work with the Bluetooth speaker.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro
A little annoying: the speaker remains active even when the light is switched off

The only way I have found to do this is to disconnect the Bluetooth connection via the smartphone settings. This is a bit annoying in the long run.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro Review: Conclusion

I have to be honest: I think the Govee Floor Lamp Pro is pretty brilliant. Once you’ve mastered the somewhat fiddly, but nevertheless quite quick, assembly, you can enjoy the lighting in its entirety.

And it really leaves nothing to be desired. Whether changing colors, static lighting or pleasant warm white – almost all conceivable options are possible and can also be combined with other Govee devices if desired.

The velvety soft light and the ability to rotate the lighting 300 degrees are also appealing. The compact remote control also does an impeccable job for general operation, with even more options (almost endless) available via the smartphone app.

The fact that a Bluetooth speaker with more than decent sound is also built in is more than just a nice extra. Very practical.

However, there are slight points deductions for the build quality, which should have been a little less scratch-prone, especially on the top of the base. I’m even more annoyed that the Bluetooth speaker can’t simply be switched off. But who knows, maybe there will be a firmware update.

With a price tag of around 229 euros, the Govee Floor Lamp Pro is of course anything but a bargain. In my opinion, however, the huge and impressive feature set is well worth the price. Especially as Govee often offers discounts on its own products.

Govee Floor Lamp Pro Test: Gold Award

Govee Floor Lamp Pro

Value for Money


The Govee Floor Lamp Pro combines an attractive design with excellent and incredibly detailed customizable lighting. The built-in Bluetooth speaker is more than just a nice extra.

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The RGB lighting experts at Govee are updating the Floor Lamp LED floor lamp from 2021 with a new generation. The Pro model, which we take a closer look at in the Govee Floor Lamp Pro review, is particularly exciting. Not only is it significantly brighter than its predecessor, it also comes with an integrated … (Weiterlesen...)

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