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Govee Neon Rope Light 2 – The second generation of flexible neon rope lights

In a world full of innovative lighting solutions, Govee offers more and more possibilities and variations of different lighting elements. Now the new Govee Neon Rope Light 2 has arrived on the market, bringing with it a number of improvements. These neon lights not only promise vibrant lighting, but also a variety of features that set them apart from conventional lights. In our comprehensive test, we will put the Govee Neon Rope Lights 2 through their paces to find out if they live up to their promises. We’ll look at their brightness, color variety, customization options, flexibility, ease of use and more to see if they’re a worthwhile investment for those looking to liven up their home or work environment with a touch of neon light.

Technical specifications

Light weight 424g (3m)
687g (5m)
Bending clips 6/10
Normal clips (5 per pack) 2/3
Light color RGBIC
LED/m 84
IC/m 14
IC layout 6 bulbs per IC
IC quantity 42/70
Product power consumption 3m = 36W
5m = 48W
Wireless protocol Wi-Fi BLE
Control methods App voice
Timer available? Yes
Alexa support? Yes
Support for Google Assistant? Yes
Matter support? Yes
Remote control via Wi-Fi? Yes

Packaging and external impression of the Neon Rope Lights 2

  • Standard design
  • Divided into two packages
  • Sufficient components available

In the past, Govee’s packaging has always been colorful and full of information. This has not changed with the Neon Rope Lights. On the front, we first see an example of the LED strip being mounted in the shape of a dolphin. The length and support for matter, alexa and Google Home are also shown here. On the side of the packaging, a small instruction is shown, which is intended to show approximately how such a shape can be configured. On the back is just a picture of the Rope Light and some text. The other side of the packaging shows how to assemble a bracket using the clips provided.

After opening the package, we find instructions, a Govee business card and a Dreamview flyer. The next step is to remove the first of two small boxes. This contains the real treasure, the Govee Neon Rope Lights 2, which are wrapped together in a snail with special Govee ribbons. At first glance, they appear to be of high quality and already very stretch-tolerant.

The lower package contains the power supply unit, clips, screws and dowels. The clips are already equipped with strong adhesive, which gives you the option of either gluing them on or drilling them. A distinction is made here between individual short clips and longer angle clips.

Processing quality of the Govee Neon Rope Lights 2

  • Very flexible
  • 84 LEDs/meter
  • Flexible clips
  • Partly too easy to bend

In contrast to its predecessor, the RGB strip is said to be much more flexible. In our test, we were able to turn the strip through 180° repeatedly without any problems. Even after this, the lights were still all on. Here we tested some unrealistic bends by bending the strips so far that the ends overlapped. Even though this is not necessary, it also passed this test with flying colors. But now we come to the number of LEDs installed. The 3 meter model is specified with 252 LEDs, which corresponds to 84 LEDs/m. This results in very smooth transitions for effects without too many hitches. The same applies to the 5 meter model with 420 LEDs (also 84 LEDs/m). We have looked at various effects and it is truly impressive how little to no individual LED can be seen. This is somewhat different in photos, where the short distances can be seen to some extent.

Now let’s move on to the clips. Let’s take a closer look at the longer angle clip. Govee provides brief instructions in the app before installation to avoid mistakes during installation. It also lists the direction in which this longer clip should be bent. This is not particularly strenuous, but works with almost no effort at all. Accordingly, however, they are not very resistant to deformation, which sometimes makes it quite difficult to form a shape before the actual assembly. In our case, it also happened with a 90° angle that the rail becomes a little more visible to the side. This can certainly be considered a nuisance. There is not much to say about the small clips, except that they are ideal for particularly steep shapes and also for straightening longer straight lines.

Assembly of the Neon Rope Lights 2

  • Example templates
  • Mounting aid
  • Glue or drill

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, the assembly of the Govee Neon Rope Light 2. To do this, we need to choose a shape. Govee has provided several templates in the app and even offers technical help with markings. If you decide on one of the predefined shapes, you can select that you would like to install it and then, when switched on, you will see a light that is divided into segments and indicates where the various clips should be placed.

A great help in itself, but the explanation of which of the two clip types should be used and where exactly is sometimes missing. In some cases, the clips are so close together that the strip is displayed as a continuous clip. We did not use this help 1 to 1 and often moved the clips during assembly, which is not a major problem thanks to the guide rail in the Rope Light 2.

The red areas indicate that clips should be placed there

Once the clips were in place, we chose a place to mount them and roughly sketched out the desired shape with a pencil. We then started with the power entry side, removed the first adhesive strip and attached it. The adhesive is extremely strong. It is quite possible that if these are removed too roughly, some of the wallpaper may come with them. We then continue with the assembly by following the sketch and then gluing the controller in place. The assembly is finished!

Function test of the Govee Neon Rope Lights 2

  • Govee software
  • Coupling with other products possible
  • Dreamview also possible

Now that we have attached everything, we must of course also connect the power plug. The strip should light up immediately and can already be controlled to a limited extent via the controller. So that we can configure a little more, we need to use the Govee app, which is available free of charge in the Appstore or Playstore. Then simply add it to devices and follow the instructions. You can also start your own photo recognition after assembly so that the shape as we have formed it is also displayed and segmented. This makes it easier for us to configure with Dreamview, for example.

If other Govee products are available, they can be combined with the Rope Light 2 to provide symmetrical and coordinated lighting. We tested this together with the Gaming G1 Light Strip and the Glide wall lights. The result was satisfactory, but there were sometimes strong deviations between the colors and the other products. However, in basic tests, where different colors are shown in the video to test just such a function, the function performed strongly. In summary, it can be said that the possible functions are really impressive, but can also cause large deviations in some cases, although this is also partly due to the different material of the Govee products.

Conclusion on the Govee Neon Rope Light 2

With the Govee Neon Rope Light 2, they wanted to outdo their predecessor. And they have definitely succeeded. The greater flexibility initially protects against easier damage and also offers even more options for constructing the desired shape. The instructions are extremely detailed and are a must right from the start. There are only some inaccuracies in the distribution of the clips, but this is not a major problem due to the flexible movement of the clips. The lighting is definitely nice to look at and the large number of LEDs used creates a fluid effect. The standard functions such as music recognition, solid colors and effects are all provided here. So if you would like to equip your office, gaming room or perhaps even living room with its own illuminated shape, the Govee Neon Rope Light 2 is the perfect choice!

Govee Neon Rope Light 2

Scope of delivery
Value for money


A very solid and flexible RGBIC gadget for all LED enthusiasts. The robustness against bending and the flowing transitions can create very beautiful lighting effects. There is room for improvement in a few small areas, such as the mounting aid and the price.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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In a world full of innovative lighting solutions, Govee offers more and more possibilities and variations of different lighting elements. Now the new Govee Neon Rope Light 2 has arrived on the market, bringing with it a number of improvements. These neon lights not only promise vibrant lighting, but also a variety of features that … (Weiterlesen...)

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