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Dreame Z10 Station test: Lots of features at a great price!

Anyone who knows a little about robot vacuum cleaners will have noticed that so-called suction stations are now commonplace in almost all price ranges. Separate base stations that suck up collected debris are now also increasingly being used with manual cordless vacuum cleaners. After all, they also have a number of advantages. The suction station not only ensures greater hygiene and ease of use. It also ensures that the cordless vacuum cleaner can always work at full power. After all, hair and similar debris cannot get stuck in the suction tube or dust container in the first place. But all this comes at a price. It is not uncommon for the prices of cordless vacuum cleaners with a suitable suction station to approach an RRP of almost 1,000 euros. In today’s Dreame Z10 Station test, we take a closer look at a much cheaper model. At a price of just under 500 euros, can it keep up with its competitors, some of which are considerably more expensive?

Technical data

Height 111 cm
Weight of Motor unit: 1.67 kg
Assembled: 2.7 kg
Battery capacity 2.900 mAh
Battery life up to 65 minutes (approx. 10 minutes in turbo mode)
Number of suction levels 3
Attachments Combi brush, soft roller, upholstery brush, 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, furniture brush
Suction power 20.000 Pascal
Features Suction station, display, LED lighting
Price € 427.23 *

Scope of delivery

The fact that the Dreame Z10 Station is an inexpensive representative of the favor is by no means evident from the scope of delivery. This is pleasingly comprehensive. In addition to the motor unit, the rather heavy packaging also contains the matching suction tube and various attachments. The main attachments are the combi brush and a soft roller, which is intended for use on hard floors.

There are also three other attachments that are designed to help with manual operation in particular. Specifically, these are a 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, an upholstery brush with integrated LED lighting and a gentle furniture nozzle. Of course, the eponymous suction station and base are also included in the scope of delivery. The latter has a nice trick on the underside.

dreame z10 station test

Dreame has placed a cable duct here with three possible outlets. This makes it easy for you to choose the shortest route to the nearest socket. Fans of good cable management will be delighted! In addition to the dust bag already fitted ex works, there is also a spare bag. The whole thing is rounded off by the operating instructions.

Dreame Z10 Station test: design and workmanship

Appearance is of course always a subjective matter. Nevertheless, I have to say that I really like the design of the Dreame Z10 Station! This is partly due to the chic color scheme, which is pleasantly restrained and modern with its matt light grey. Dreame has dispensed with bright splashes of color here, which allows it to be placed inconspicuously even in the living room. Speaking of placement. Unlike conventional cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dreame Z10 Station does not hang on the wall. Instead, it stands in the base or suction station.

dreame z10 station test

This creates more flexibility when setting up and ensures that you can avoid the often very annoying drilling. In terms of build quality, there is nothing to complain about here. It doesn’t crack or creak at any point and the feel of the entire appliance is excellent. This is particularly noticeable when changing the attachments. They are very easy to attach and remove with a satisfying acoustic feedback in the form of a click. I also really like the design of the suction station.

dreame z10 Station test

Its color scheme matches the cordless vacuum cleaner perfectly and is even more modern than an Ultenic FS1(test), for example. Fun fact for gamers: The design reminds me in places of a PlayStation 5 stretched out in length. As with the Sony games console, you can also remove the side panel here. However, this is much easier thanks to the magnetic mechanism. The dust bag is then located under the flap. There is also a button at the top of the station that you can use to start the vacuuming process manually.

Dreame Z10 Station test: Practical test

At first glance, the Z10 Station seems to have the best prerequisites for ensuring the best possible cleanliness within your own four walls. But only a practical test can show whether this plan really works. I would first like to look at the cleaning performance. I will then focus on ease of use and the suction station.

Cleaning performance

With a suction power of 20,000 Pascal, the Dreame Z10 Station is of course not in the same league as the Dreame R20(test). In practice, however, you have to take a closer look to really notice this. The Z10 Station performs particularly well on hard floors. This is mainly due to the fact that Dreame knows how to transfer the power to the floor perfectly. This works particularly well on hard floors with the included soft brush.

The soft brush is ideal for hard floors

Thanks to the fluffy cleaning roller, it is not only gentle on sensitive wooden floors. What’s more, it can easily suck up even larger particles thanks to the lack of a front flap. For carpeted floors, you should use the combi brush. With its rubber blades, it can penetrate deeper into the fibers. In addition, the cover at the front creates a stronger vacuum, which transfers the suction power even better to the floor.

However, on my long-pile carpet I was able to recognize a small but subtle difference to the R20, which can probably be attributed to the 7,000 Pascal difference. Although I was able to remove the dirt from my carpet, I had to be a little more patient. However, the end result was impressive. The three small attachments are designed for use as a handheld vacuum cleaner. The upholstery brush is certainly the most exciting.

dreame z10 station test
The mini upholstery brush also has practical LED lighting

This is ideal for cleaning couches, armchairs etc. Pet owners in particular will love the design of this attachment. This is due to the rubber blades that are used here. These deal with hair much better than comparable brushes. You also get a 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, which is perfect for use in corners that are otherwise difficult to reach with a cordless vacuum cleaner. You can also use the furniture nozzle to gently remove dust from delicate furniture.

Ease of use

There is hardly anything to complain about in terms of convenience. As I mentioned at the beginning, the attachments are very easy to attach and remove. Dreame simply knows how to please here. The Z10 Station is also wonderfully maneuverable in use. It’s downright fun to roll around the home with the mobile cordless vacuum cleaner, making tight turns and searching for dirt. To help you find the dirt as easily as possible, the Z10 features the same LED lighting that we already know from the R20. This is located on the front of the combi brush and shines onto the surface at an angle of 138 degrees.

dreame z10 station test
The blue LEDs are ideal for detecting animal hair, for example

The blue light ensures that you don’t miss a speck of dust and that you can easily spot dirty corners and remove dirt, especially in areas under furniture. In practice, this really does provide motivation and a real sense of achievement. After all, you can immediately see the results and identify areas that should be revisited with the vacuum cleaner. What is atypical, especially in this price range, is the equipment of the upholstery brush. The mini attachment also comes with a practical light. This should pay off when cleaning in the car, for example, as experience has shown that there is a lack of a light source here.

dreame z10 station test

When we talk about the ease of use of the Z10 Station, we should of course not forget the display. Once again, I really like it and it is like an egg to the R20. Here you can see the most important status information such as battery capacity and cleaning mode. There are also two buttons next to the display. The top button allows you to use the locking function. This means you don’t have to keep the gun trigger permanently pressed during cleaning. The lower button allows you to switch between Eco, Auto and Turbo modes.

Suction station

The eponymous suction station is of course the highlight of the Z10 Station. This is where the cordless vacuum cleaner sits after every successful cleaning tour to be freed from the collected dust and dirt. The entire system is vacuumed with plenty of suction power. Anyone who regularly has problems with dirt residues in the bar of the vacuum cleaner or the main brush will be pleased. After all, hair and other things can no longer get stuck here. Instead, they end up directly in the dust bag.

dreame z10 station test
You activate the suction function using the green button on the base

According to Dreame, the 2.5-liter dust bag can last for almost 90 days. After that, it must be replaced with a new one. The system with dust bag has both advantages and disadvantages. Allergy sufferers in particular will enjoy the bag. After all, fine dust doesn’t stand a chance here. The dust is extensively filtered and finally ends up firmly sealed in the bag. But that’s it for the advantage that only allergy sufferers benefit from. With a mandatory bag, you as a consumer are also forced to replenish it at regular intervals.

dreame z10 station test
The dust bag is located under a magnetic cover

When the bag is full, it ends up in the garbage can and is replaced by a new one. Since Dreame includes a replacement bag with the Z10 Station, the first new purchase will only be due after just under 180 days. Personally, I would still prefer Dreame to at least offer bagless operation. Tineco, for example, relies on operation without any dust bag. Instead, the Pure One Station relies on a sophisticated filter system that prevents dust from escaping in the first place.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that the station itself doesn’t offer any space for the attachments

However, allergy sufferers will be confronted with dirt at the latest when they have to empty the dust container. In my opinion, a middle way would be the best solution to this problem. Manufacturers should simply leave bagged operation as an option. This would allow allergy sufferers to use a bag so that they can do their household chores without watery eyes and runny noses. On the other hand, people without dust allergies would save money and protect the environment.

Dreame Z10 Station Test: Battery

In terms of battery life, the Dreame Z10 Station is quite well positioned. According to the manufacturer, it should last up to 65 minutes. In the test, I wanted to push it to its limits a little and let it vacuum continuously in turbo mode. It lasted a good ten minutes until the battery was empty. But if the battery of the Z10 Station runs out, the replaceable design pays off.

The battery is replaceable. This not only extends the running time, but also the entire service life of the vacuum cleaner

With Dreame, you can simply buy a replacement battery and double the running time. This is as simple as it is ingenious and not only ensures a significantly longer suction time. It also gives the entire system an extra dose of longevity. After all, a defective battery does not automatically mean a future in the vacuum cleaner graveyard for the Z10 Station.

Conclusion: Without a suction station? Without me!

Dreame has created a really good piece of household technology with the Z10 Station. The smart household helper already scores points with its stylish appearance and excellent build quality. Furthermore, it is completely convincing when cleaning hard floors. The cleaning performance on long-pile carpets, on the other hand, is average, which owners with a lot of carpeting should keep in mind. The suction station is also great.

dreame z10 station test

Thanks to its modern design, it is pleasantly unobtrusive and blends in very well in the living room. My real highlight, however, is the price. For just under 500 euros, you don’t just get a suction station. On top of that, there are lots of accessories and great workmanship at the highest level. In view of the great price-performance ratio, the Dreame Z10 Station skillfully eliminates a major disadvantage of comparable vacuum cleaners with a suction station. These are generally available at significantly higher prices.

Dreame Z10 Station

Design & workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Dreame Z10 Station is an affordable cordless vacuum cleaner with suction station that impressed with its great quality, good cleaning performance and very good features in the test.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Anyone who knows a little about robot vacuum cleaners will have noticed that so-called suction stations are now commonplace in almost all price ranges. Separate base stations that suck up collected debris are now also increasingly being used with manual cordless vacuum cleaners. After all, they also have a number of advantages. The suction station not only ensures greater hygiene and ease of use. It also ensures that the cordless vacuum cleaner can always work at full power. After all, hair and similar debris cannot get stuck in the suction tube or dust container in the first place. But all … (Weiterlesen...)

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