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Dreame R20 test: No chance for dust particles

Are you looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner? Then you will sooner or later come across the Dyson V12 during your research. However, the latest flagship of the traditional British brand is beyond the budget of many average customers. We have tested an alternative that we would like to present to you: The Dreame R20. According to its technical specifications, the latest creation of the former Xiaomi subsidiary has similar and sometimes even better features than Dyson’s top model. This includes the practical dust detection via a laser on the main brush. In the Dreame R20 test, you can read how the smart household helper performs in practice.

Technical data

Suction force 27,000 pascals
Battery 8x 2,900 mAh
maximum runtime 90 minutes
Weight (suction unit) 1.67 kg
Charge duration 4 hours
Volume of dust container 600 ml
Price € 349.00 *

Scope of delivery

dreame r20 test

  • Dreame R20 main part
  • Extension rod
  • Multi-surface brush
  • Soft roller brush
  • Motorized mini brush
  • Short combi-Aufsazu
  • Long combi attachment
  • Flexible adapter
  • 2-in-1 charging and storage holder
  • Charger
  • User manual & mounting template sticker

Dreame R20 review: assembly and first impression

The Dreame R20 is gratifyingly quick to assemble. At the heart is the main part, which contains the battery, motor and dust container, the most important components. In addition, there are then one or two other parts. This depends on how you want to use the cordless vacuum cleaner. If you want to use it as a hand vacuum, you can simply attach one of the numerous attachments to the front of the device. If, on the other hand, you want to vacuum “classically” or reach higher places, you also use the matching extension pole.

dreame r20 test
The plug-in connections are very easy to disconnect

Connecting the individual components is wonderfully easy and is characterized by a satisfying click. At the same time, the components always reliably snap into place. They can then be released smoothly by pressing the corresponding button. You can use the charging and storage holder to place the battery-powered vacuum cleaner in your home. This has to be installed on the desired wall via drilling. Alternatively, you can simply connect the charging cable to the main unit of the vacuum.

Dreame R20 review: design and workmanship

Dreame gives its latest flagship a modern design. This is characterized by a clean look, rounded edges and a primarily gray color scheme. Smaller accents in gold serve as noble eye-catchers. For its extension pole, the manufacturer relies on resistant and ultra-light carbon fiber.

dreame r20 test

As a result, this part also comes in a slightly darker gray, which makes for a chic contrast. The main body comes in the usual cylinder shape and, like the rest of the household helper, scores with an excellent build quality. It doesn’t crack or creak at any point here.

dreame r20 test

The buttons and latches can be operated as smooth as butter. Despite the high build quality, the device scores with an extremely low weight of just 1.67 kg.

Some of the competition weighs considerably more here. In practice, this is mainly felt by the fact that you hardly perceive the vacuum cleaner as a burden. So you don’t have to fear any subsequent shoulder pain when cleaning the household.

dreame r20 test

This is true even if you want to vacuum cobwebs or other debris from the ceiling or other higher regions, for example. I have to complain a bit about the charging holder. It only offers three slots for attachments. However, since there are a total of five, two more would have made the equipment perfect.

Dreame R20 test: Extremely high user-friendliness

The operation of the Dreame R20 is foolproof. Using the trigger on the main unit, you turn the cordless vacuum on and off. Besides the main button, you will also find two other buttons on the LCD screen. One of them is used to set the suction mode (Auto or Turbo). Pressing the other one activates or deactivates the continuous cleaning feature.

dreame r20 test
You use the trigger to turn the vacuum on and off

If you use this, you don’t have to hold down the main button while vacuuming. This is especially handy when you’re doing a lot of cleaning around the house. Dreame has done a really great job with the display. Everything important can be seen very well. And that’s a lot. In addition to the obligatory battery status, you can also read cleaning mode and status messages. The shape of the handle is pleasantly ergonomic. Dreame uses a slightly slanted shape to match the natural angle of the wrist.

dreame r20 test

So it’s not surprising that the Dreame R20 can be maneuvered extremely easily and nimbly through your own four walls. The flexible plug-in connections of the multi-surface brush and soft roller brush certainly come into play here. These react quickly to your directional instructions, allowing them to be maneuvered nimbly through narrow niches and even under flat furniture.

Dreame R20 review: numerous attachments

The variety of included attachments is pleasingly high. Firstly, there is the standard attachment in the form of the multi-surface brush. As the name suggests, this is suitable for cleaning various floors.

The Multi-Surface brush picks up pet hair with ease, without it getting tangled

Whether it’s hard floors like parquet, laminate, vinyl or tile, or even carpet, this one can handle any surface. Almost at least. So I noticed in the test that carpets with extremely long pile are a real challenge.

However, the Dreame R20 is not alone in this regard. The competition has problems with these carpets as well. Carpeting, which in turn has low or medium pile, is great to clean.

dreame r20 test
In addition to the multi-surface brush, you’ll find four other attachments included

As the owner of two cats and a dog, I noticed that pet hair doesn’t stick to the brush itself. Instead, the powerful household helper sucks them in directly. This makes maintenance immensely easier, as there’s no hair to get tangled up.

For delicate hard floors we marble, the soft roller brush is supposed to be used. In practice, however, I noticed that it is also perfectly suitable for “normal” hard floors. If you hardly have carpet on your home floors anyway, you’re golden here.

dreame r20 test

The mini motor brush is best for cleaning couch and armchair. This attachment can also be used for vacuuming car upholstery. Last but not least, there are the two combo attachments. These come in a short wide and long flat format.

In the test, the flexible attachment was perfect for cleaning in tight places where the vacuum cleaner with conventional attachment cannot suck. In turn, I used the wide short attachment for vacuuming flat objects such as the keyboard, dining table and sideboard.

Really practical is the flexible adapter. With its help, the vacuum cleaner gets an additional joint, which allows you to vacuum under sideboards and couches. In the test, I did not miss any attachment. Thanks to the large selection, the Dreame R20 can be used for pretty much any cleaning scenario.

Dreame R20 test: you won’t miss a speck of dust

With its Laser Detect technology, the Dreame R20 goes into direct competition with the Dyson V12. However, the manufacturer does not rely on green light here, but blue. However, the basic concept is absolutely identical. Thus, the light is supposed to indicate dust that you would not see with the naked eye. This should enable even better cleaning results.

Even in seemingly clean places, the laser technology unearths debris.

Personally, I haven’t been able to try this feature on Dyson’s flagship yet. That’s probably why it knocked my socks off with the Dreame R20. It’s amazing and scary at the same time how much dust there is in some seemingly clean places. The sense of achievement was all the greater when you could no longer see any dirt after the cleaning tour was completed, even with the laser beams turned on.

dreame r20 test

By the way, the blue light has a very pleasant side effect. You can use it to illuminate dark corners under or behind furniture, for example. In practice, however, the laser detection is only possible with the use of the multi-surface brush. However, this did not really bother me. After all, this attachment will be used most often anyway.

Dreame R20 review: intelligent dirt detection

While the Laser Detect technology relies on your cooperation, the Dreame R20 also offers intelligent dirt detection, where it takes action itself. In testing, I felt this was most comparable to the auto mode of the Dreame H12 Pro (test) in-house vacuum mop.

As soon as the sensors detect a heavily soiled area, the suction power automatically increases. You can see how dirty it is on the display. While the color green stands for light dust, orange corresponds to medium dirt. If the display lights up red, it is a case of heavy soiling.

But improved performance doesn’t just happen when dirt is detected. Performance boosts also occur with surfaces that require more power to clean. This is especially the case with carpets. Of course, you can also increase the suction power manually. For this, you just have to switch from auto to turbo mode by pressing a button.

Dreame R20 test: battery offers plenty of endurance

According to the manufacturer, the Dreame R20’s battery should be able to last up to 90 minutes. In the test, I did not exhaust the hour and a half. Nevertheless, I can say that the battery vacuum definitely offers enough capacity for a good hour of cleaning.

The handy hinge let me clean the entire room under the couch

That should probably be enough for all those who don’t live in a castle. Should the 90 minutes actually correspond to reality, the Dreame R20 would clearly outshine the Dyson V12. The latter only offers a maximum battery life of 60 minutes.

dreame r20 test
The battery can be easily removed

Outside of Auto mode, it’s not just the power that increases rapidly. In Turbo mode, you’ll naturally have to live with a shorter battery life. Here, it is extremely practical that the battery of the R20 is replaceable. So if you want to vacuum large areas and with a lot of power, you simply buy an extra battery.

Dreame R20 Test: Maintenance

You come into contact with the topic of maintenance at the latest when you empty the dust container of the cordless vacuum cleaner for the first time. This is extremely easy. All you have to do is press a button.

The dirt container can be conveniently opened at the touch of a button.

After a week of use, I had thick dust deposited on the cyclone unit. This does not fall out when simply opening the dust container. However, the component can be removed for more intensive cleaning. Dreame recommends that you clean the cyclone unit twice a year.

For this, you simply rinse them thoroughly and then let them dry. It did not come to a blockage or similar errors with me in the test. However, since the cordless vacuum cleaner can be easily disassembled into individual components, these problems should also be child’s play to fix.


With the Dreame R20, the former Xiaomi subsidiary has brought a serious competitor to the Dyson V12 onto the market. Thus, the manufacturer’s new flagship not only offers modern features like Laser Detect technology. On top of that, you get intelligent dirt detection, great suction performance on all floor types and a very long battery life. On paper, the R20 is even better than the significantly more expensive Dyson V12. Besides a larger dust container, it also scores with a low weight and more power. With this, Dreame has once again proven that you don’t have to reach for Dyson if you want an uncompromising cordless vacuum cleaner.

Dreame R20

Design & workmanship
Value for money


The Dreame R20 scores with many features, extensive equipment and strong performance at a fair price.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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