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Dreame H12 Pro Test: New reference among vacuum wipers?

In recent years, Dreame has become one of the big players in the field of smart household helpers. The company, which works closely with Xiaomi, has been able to put the fear of God into market giants like Dyson, especially with its battery vacuums. It is above all the price-performance ratio that makes the brand stand out. After all, the big vacuum cleaner expert from China by no means puts inferior goods on the market. I am always surprised by the quality of workmanship and especially the performance of Dreame’s vacuum cleaner robots and cordless vacuum cleaners. With the Dreame H12 Pro, however, we would like to take a closer look at neither robots nor cordless vacuum cleaners today. This is the second vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer. Whether the Chinese can keep up with the quality, performance and features of the flagships of Tineco, the Dreame H12 Pro test should show.

Technical data

Device type Battery wiping vacuum cleaner
Height 110 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Battery capacity 4,000 mAh
Maximum wipe time 35 minutes (Eco mode)
Charge duration 180 minutes
Performance 300 W
Capacity fresh water and dirty water tank 900 ml and 700 ml
Price € 399.00 *

Dreame H12 Pro review: scope of delivery

Not much can be said about the scope of delivery. After all, the Dreame H12 Pro comes from the factory in an almost completely assembled state. Once unpacked, you only have to plug in the grip tube and the build is perfect.

Dreame H12 Pro review

But Dreame also includes practical accessories in addition to the charging station. In addition to a cleaning brush, you’ll also find replacement roller as well as filter and suitable cleaning agent.

Dreame H12 Pro review: design and workmanship

  • Looks reminiscent of Dreame H11 Max
  • Combination of black and gray
  • High build quality

If you take a look at the Dreame H12 Pro, it quickly becomes clear that this is not a classic cordless vacuum cleaner. You can already tell by the somewhat bulky-looking dimensions. At the latest when you lift the vacuum cleaner for the first time, you will notice a clear difference to the in-house battery vacuums like the Dreame P10 Pro (test). Of course, it is most similar to the Dreame H11 Max (test) – also a wiping vacuum from the Chinese manufacturer. This applies not only to the basic construction, but also to the general design. Thus, here the manufacturer relies on a columnar center, where the fresh and dirty water tanks are located.

Dreame H12 Pro Test

At the bottom is then the suction or wiping unit and at the top you plug in a hang handle. The handle contains not only the control unit, but also the electronics of the H12 Pro. But the shapes can also be compared with models from Tineco such as the Floor One S5 (test). Here, almost all squeegees on the market now resemble each other. However, there are differences in the choice of colors. While the devices of Tineco set namely mainly on a combination of black and white, Dreame comes in a dark gray. What one likes better is certainly a matter of taste.

I’m always a little surprised, though, that Dreame deviates from the more white color line of its robot vacuums and cordless vacuums when it comes to its vacuum wipers. In my opinion, this looks a bit more classy. The high weight, which is typical for a squeegee, is fortunately not noticed negatively thanks to the protruding floor brush. After all, it distributes itself pleasantly on the floor. All in all, the H12 Pro makes a similarly well-manufactured impression as the H12 Max. It does not crack or creak at any point here. All buttons offer a pleasant pressure point and opening mechanisms work flawlessly.

Dreame H12 Pro Test: Functionality

  • Easy operation with only three buttons
  • Water reservoirs are straightforward to install and remove
  • Included detergent provides fresh fragrance

Since the Dreame H12 Pro is quite quickly recognizable as a suction wiper, it is also not surprising that the mode of operation is similar to that of other models. In the center of the device are two large water tanks. While the fresh water tank with a volume of 900 ml provides a supply of clean mop water, the extracted dirty water from the floor ends up in the 700 ml dirty water tank.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
The water tanks (here: fresh water tank) can be easily removed

While the dirty water tank has the identical volume of the Tineco Floor One S5, the fresh water tank offers 100 ml more than Tineco’s flagship. This promises a long cleaning time. A look at the underside then also reveals the core element during cleaning – the floor roller. Here, Dreame relies on a kind of microfiber, which should ensure thorough cleaning.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
Dreame also includes a practical cleaning agent

The roller offers 520 revolutions per minute and is kept permanently wet during the cleaning process. Thus, the squeegee simulates manual wiping movements. You can regulate how damp the roller should ultimately be. A suitable button on the handle is used for this purpose. By the way, squeegees like the H12 Pro offer a decisive advantage over vacuum robots with a wiping function.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
The large cleaning roller is hidden under a protective flap

Finally, the permanent moistening of the cleaning roller as well as the suction of the dirty water ensures that the roller does not get dirty during cleaning. Consequently, you don’t spread the collected dirt here, as is unfortunately the case with some robotic vacuum cleaners. Similar to the Roborock Dyad (test), the H12 Pro also relies on the smallest possible distance from the roller to the outermost attachment edge. This means that no uncleaned strip remains on the baseboard.

Dreame H12 Pro test: display and ease of use

  • Nice color display shows battery level and cleaning mode
  • Change modes via button on handle

In addition to a long operating time thanks to large water tanks, Dreame also promises a correspondingly long battery life. Up to 35 minutes should be able to hold out the suction wiper. In the test, I could actually clean my floors with the H12 Pro for a little over half an hour. However, that was only possible in Eco mode. If the battery is empty, the squeegee gets new energy in its docking station. Once placed on the charging plate, the smart household helper automatically starts charging. But the docking station can do more than just recharge the battery.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
The display shows the battery level and the current cleaning mode.

On top of that, the self-cleaning of the roller takes place here. Once this was rinsed vigorously, the station dries it with hot air. This is supposed to prevent the formation of bacteria and thus also bad odors. If you take a look at the squeegee after it has cleaned itself, you can hardly see any remnants of the last cleaning session. After a week of daily cleaning, however, a little dirt will accumulate here and there that cannot be removed by self-cleaning alone. Here you should help a little manually.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
The cleaning mode can be changed at the touch of a button on the handle

As befits a modern household appliance, the Dreame H12 Pro naturally doesn’t lack a display. Here you can see the most important information, such as the current battery level. As already mentioned, the squeegee has three buttons on the handle. These are all you need to operate the household helper. While one button acts as an on/off switch, the second one lets you regulate the mode. The third button, in turn, is used to activate the self-cleaning function. This is catchy and works wonderfully straightforward in practice.

Dreame H12 Pro test: suction performance

  • Great cleaning results on flat surfaces
  • Even dried stains are no problem
  • Truly unsuitable for carpet

Time for the supreme discipline – the cleaning performance. Since my tranquil 82 m² apartment also has room for two cats and a dog, I could really put the Dreame H12 Pro through its paces. And the squeegee passed the endurance test with flying colors. Especially in direct comparison with the Tinecos Floor One S3 and S5 as well as the Roborock Dyad, I have to give the Dreame the crown for the best cleaning results. Even the H11 Max can’t keep up here to a certain extent.

The H12 Pro provides great results, especially on stone floors like tile.

This is mainly because there are actually hardly any things that can’t be vacuumed up with the H12 Pro – at least if you want to clean a flat surface. Whether it was spilled liquids or dirty footprints from street shoes or dog paws, the squeegee handled them all with ease. Furthermore, I test-marked a jam blob on the tile floor and let it dry for several hours. This was also no problem for the H12 Pro. Of course, the cleaning took a little longer, but with increased water flow rate and some back and forth wiping, this stain was also quickly gone.

Replacement for vacuum cleaner and mop

At the same time, the smart household helper does not stop at dry dirt. Consequently, dust was also sucked in the same way as animal hair. Thus, the suction mop is always the best cleaning solution, if it ever quickly came to a mishap and you, for example, a glass tipped over. Of course, you could also wipe it up with a cloth. But in this case, cleaning with a squeegee is far more hygienic. The fact that damp dirt and dry dirt are no problem makes the H12 Pro the first serious replacement for a vacuum cleaner and mop in my opinion. You can almost completely replace both with this.

Dreame H12 Pro Test

But there are also things that were a big challenge for the smart household helper. Food with a high fat content in particular can namely lead to an annoying problem in the device. While they are easily wiped or sucked up from the floor, they cause greasy films inside, which you will have to clean by hand. Too many long hairs can also lead to a longer cleaning of the device. So, you should remove such dirt in another way if you don’t feel like time-consuming maintenance of the squeegee. Furthermore, you should take into account that the suction slot of the H12 Pro cannot be compared to that of a classic vacuum cleaner. So, if your dog brings home leaves or stick debris, you will have to throw them into the trash can yourself.

Not suitable for all floors

As mentioned earlier, the Dreame H12 Pro delivers great cleaning results on smooth floors. That means you can use it on tiles, parquet, vinyl or even laminate without hesitation. But what about carpets? Here, the squeegee is not a serious cleaning tool. Although it makes the carpet look fresher than before, it doesn’t really make it cleaner. To really get dust and hair out, you should probably continue to use your classic vacuum cleaner.

Dreame H12 Pro Test
The docking station not only charges the battery, but also cleans the roller

If you want a pore-deep cleaning, and want to do without classic sprays with subsequent vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner, you can not avoid a special carpet vacuum cleaner. It does not necessarily have to be the expensive industrial vacuum cleaner. With the Tineco Carpet One (test), we tested a household appliance in the fall of 2022 that cleans carpet and upholstery very well. However, if you only have small areas of carpet in your own home anyway, you should really think twice about this rather expensive investment.

Dreame H12 Pro review: conclusion

The Dreame H12 Pro is the perfect solution for those of you who don’t have the time or inclination for two cleaning passes. Parents and pet owners in particular know that simply vacuuming is often not enough. Damp wiping down is usually essential.

With Dreame’s latest mop vacuum, you can combine both operations while also ensuring better hygiene. Thanks to its straightforward operation and chic display, cleaning is also a breeze. In combination with the chic design and the high build quality, you get what I consider to be the best vacuum cleaner we’ve had the pleasure of testing to date.

Dreame H12 Pro

Design and workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


With the Dreame H12 Pro, you get what I consider to be the best squeegee currently on the market.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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