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Tineco Floor One S5 in test: The suction wiper for demanding users?

Combination devices that combine vacuuming and mopping in one unit are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the robot vacuum sector. Classic cordless vacuum cleaners are also catching on. So-called suction wipers are becoming increasingly relevant here. One representative that promises great things is the Tineco Floor One S5. A look at the features also shows why. In addition to an impressive wiping and suction performance, it also has other exciting features. Not only the app connection sounds exciting. The automatic dirt detection could also possibly set it apart from the competition. We take a look at the premium-class squeegee and check whether the RRP of 499.00 euros and thus a surcharge of 100 euros compared to the Tineco Floor One S3 is worth it.

Tineco Floor One S5 review: scope of delivery

In the well-illustrated packaging, you will find everything you need to use the Floor One S5. And more. Thus, Tineco additionally includes a replacement roller and a replacement HEPA filter, which should definitely be replaced after a few months of use anyway. We think that’s very fair!

Tineco Floor One S5 Accessories

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Tineco Floor One S5
  • charging station
  • Cleaning agent
  • Cleaning tool
  • Replacement roller
  • Replacement HEPA filter

Design and workmanship

Assembling the suction mop is a breeze. For this, you actually only need to insert the handle including rod into the designated opening in the main element of the Tineco Floor One S5. Once assembled, the high build quality of the squeegee is immediately noticeable. For devices with a water tank, the density of the water units in particular plays a major role. And here, Tineco shows its best side in both the dirt and fresh water tanks. You certainly don’t have to worry about leakage here.

Tineco Floor One S5 in test

We really like the color combination of black and white, and it ensures that the squeegee is wonderfully unobtrusive. Consequently, you can also place it in the living room with a clear conscience. More exciting than the color scheme, however, are the shapes. In contrast to the Dreame H11 Max (test), for example, the Tineco Floor One S5 does not come across as bulky. We will clarify whether this also translates into comfortable operation in the later cleaning test.

Tineco Floor One S5

Unlike the Roborock Dyad (test), you can place the Tineco Floor One S5 anywhere in the room. This is a great advantage if, for example, the doorbell rings during cleaning and you need to quickly turn off the device. When the squeegee is not in use, it is in its charging station. This actually only requires a power outlet in its vicinity to function. This results in a high degree of flexibility, which I would sometimes also like to see in pure battery vacuums. Here, you can’t often get around attaching a wall mount with the help of a drill.

Uncomplicated setup with suitable app

Tineco’s Floor One S3 and Floor One S5 squeegees are ahead of the competition from Dreame and Roborock when it comes to connectivity. The manufacturer’s own app ensures this. It not only facilitates the setup of the squeegee. On top of that, it comes with some practical features.

Tineco Life App
The Tineco Life App is available for iOS and Android. (Image: Apple App Store)

Personally, in practice, I only needed the app’s monitoring features. Here you can see, for example, for which cleaning time the remaining battery is still sufficient. In addition, suction and wiping power can be regulated. If you are too lazy to activate the self-cleaning feature of the Tineco Floor One S5 by pressing a button on the device, you can also use the app for that.

Tineco Floor One S5 back
The pairing button is also located on the back next to the water tank.

Furthermore, you can make settings for the voice output in the app. Heard correctly. The Tineco Floor One S5 communicates with its user. For example, it tells you when the water tank needs to be refilled. It does this in English ex works. In the app, however, you can also download the German voice output.

Quick startup

The app is optional for using the Tineco Floor One S5, though. If you want, you can also use the squeegee without a smartphone connection. In this case, you actually only have to charge the battery in the charging cradle and fill the fresh water tank on top of that before the first start-up. By the way, the tank holds a total of 800 ml of water, which you can mix with the corresponding cleaning fluid. Thus, it offers a 200 ml larger tank than its cheaper sister device, the Tineco Floor One S3.

Both water containers can be conveniently removed. Here you can see the dirty water tank.

Once the fresh water tank is filled, you’re ready to go. If you’ve never used a squeegee before, you’ll be startled when you turn on the Tineco Floor One S5 for the first time. This is because the rotating main roller on the underside causes it to move forward automatically. Some people like this peculiarity of many squeegees. I personally prefer the approach of the Roborock Dyad. It has two main rollers that rotate in opposite directions. Consequently, it does not pull its user forward.

Fans of the automatic “pulling forward” usually emphasize the high user comfort. After all, you have to use less force to move forward in everyday life. But this is only half the truth. If you want to move in a direction other than forward, you have to apply counterforce. After a few minutes, however, you get used to the automatic driving of the Tineco Floor One S5 and drive smoothly over the ground.

Smart dirt detection

Strictly speaking, it’s not enough to call the Tineco Floor One S5 a suction mop. Rather, it deserves the title “suction mop dryer.” After all, it performs three different activities during its cleaning cycles. The moistened roller on the underside is moistened by the fresh water tank and mops the floor. The resulting dirty water is sucked up by the device and collected in the 700 ml dirty water tank. Last but not least, the Tineco Floor One S5 also dries the floor for quick results.

According to the manufacturer, the squeegee offers a practical dirt detection system. In automatic mode, this ensures that the device adjusts its performance to the respective degree of dirt. In the test, this worked very well. The sensors detected ketchup stains and the vacuum increased its power. If you don’t want to rely on this, you can also regulate the power manually quite easily. For very stubborn stains, this is probably the best way to go on a regular basis.

Tineco Floor One S5 test: great cleaning results

Suction wipers probably deliver the best cleaning results in the field of smart household helpers. This has already shown me past tests of competitors from Dreame and Roborock. And what can I say? The Floor One S5 also delivers really great results. Even dried stains were no problem at all for the squeegee. If a stain does not disappear immediately, you just have to run over it a few times and the dirt is magically gone. One weakness of the Tineco Floor One S3, which went on sale in 2020, was the edges that the squeegee left uncleaned to the wall or baseboard.

Like the Roborock Dyad, Tineco went for the narrowest possible edge on the Floor One S5. The result is something to be proud of. Thus, the squeegee hardly leaves an uncleaned edge. The manufacturer has obviously learned from its mistakes. The high level of operating comfort is noticeable during cleaning. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the user always has everything under control. The buttons for the cleaning settings are very easy to reach. However, the Floor One S5 is unfortunately not so flat that you can also drive under comparatively flat furniture. This problem is unfortunately still shared by all suction wipers today.

Always everything in view thanks to large display

For my apartment with the size of about 83 m², the battery power of the Tineco Floor One S5 was perfectly sufficient. I let it run a little longer in the test to see what its endurance was like. It ended after just under half an hour. That should be enough for most homes. I find it a bit unfortunate that the battery of the squeegee cannot be replaced. Tineco could have thought more sustainably here.

Tineco Floor One S5 Display

In order to always have the most important parameters in view during cleaning, the squeegee offers a large display. Here you can not only see the current cleaning level. On top of that, you always get a look at the remaining battery level here. This not only provides an overview, but also looks really cool. Unfortunately, the display is upside down when you store the squeegee in the charging station. Too bad it doesn’t turn around here.

Practical self-cleaning function

Like all the other squeegees we’ve had on test, the Tineco Floor One S5 is capable of self-cleaning. This not only flushes the water lines inside the device. On top of that, the brush roller is cleaned. To do this, simply place the device in the charging tray. You can then activate self-cleaning either by pressing a button on the device itself or in the app.

Summary of the Tineco Floor One S5 test

With its Tineco Floor One S5, the manufacturer was once again able to top the very good performance of the Floor One S3. While the build quality is on a similarly high level, the design of the S5 simply looks more modern. However, the two devices share the great cleaning performance as well as the practical app support.

In practice, however, the Tineco Floor One S5 turns out to be a bit more maneuverable than the S3. Whether this justifies an additional price of more than 100 euros is something everyone has to decide for themselves. However, it is certain that the Tineco Floor One S5 is probably one of the best squeegees that I have ever been allowed to test.

Tineco Floor One S5 Test: Gold Award

Tineco Floor One S5

Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Tineco Floor One S5 is one of the best suction mops on the market. We give it a clear buy recommendation!

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Combination devices that combine vacuuming and mopping in one unit are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the robot vacuum sector. Classic cordless vacuum cleaners are also catching on. So-called suction wipers are becoming increasingly relevant here. One representative that promises great things is the Tineco Floor One S5. A look at the features … (Weiterlesen...)

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