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OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: Does it topple Dreame from the throne?

A lot has happened in the field of smart household helpers in recent years. Many users no longer rely on a classic vacuum cleaner, but on a fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner. But even if the robot is used every day, a basic cleaning is still necessary at regular intervals. Most people use not only a vacuum cleaner, but also a classic mop. The product line of suction mops combines both products in one and thus saves you a complete cleaning cycle. Until now, the models from Dreame and Tineco were considered the industry leaders in this field. However, we want to take a closer look at an insider tip in the OSOTEK Horizon H200. This promises not only a pleasingly wide wiping roller. On top of that, its slim design is supposed to ensure that it can even get under flat furniture, unlike the competition. Whether behind the promises also what is, we have checked.

Technical data

Product type Battery wiping vacuum cleaner
Dimensions and weight 110.5 x 25 x 25 cm and 5.3 kg
Battery 4,000 mAh is said to provide a maximum of 35 minutes of wiping time
Fresh water tank 750 ml
Dirty water tank 640 ml
Suction stages 3 stages
Display Yes
LED light Yes
Free standing possible Yes
Price Price not available *
OSOTEK Horizon H200
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery

The H200 comes in a handy cuboid-shaped package. The rather high weight, which is typical for suction wipers, can be felt when lifting the same. However, since OSOTEK adds a convenient carrying handle here, it can still be transported comfortably.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

In the package, besides the squeegee itself, there are a few accessories. For example, OSOTEK not only includes a cleaning brush to help remove stubborn dirt from the squeegee itself. On top of that, we get a bottle of cleaner here.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: set-up is no magic

Setting up the H200 is quick and straightforward. This is not least due to the fact that the squeegee is delivered almost completely assembled. The first thing you should do is install the wiper roller. After you have placed the corresponding roller on the holder, you simply attach it under the cover on the head of the squeegee.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

Now you just plug in the handle on the top and the wiper is ready. The charging station is even faster. Here you just have to plug in the power cord and it’s ready to use. Thanks to the cable channel on the back, you can run the cable almost invisibly. A practical accessory holder can also be attached to the base station. Here you can then find things like cleaning agent, spare roller or cleaning brush.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: extremely slim design

  • Slimest squeegee on the market (thickness: 10 cm)
  • Classic basic design of a suction mop
  • Water tank smaller than competitors

The H200 is quickly identified as a suction wiper by its appearance. So OSOTEK also relies on three iconic elements. At the very front, the head section comes into play. Here, under a front flap hides the cleaning roller. The main body houses the fresh and dirty water tanks. The third and last element of the squeegee is the typical handle. This is not only used to maneuver the smart household helper around your own four walls. On top of that, you will find the buttons for central operation here. However, despite the familiar shapes, it differs significantly from the competition in some respects. This is especially true for its slim appearance. Thus, the H200 measures just 10 cm at its thickest point.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

This is equivalent to the height of a commercial robot vacuum with LiDAR turrets on top. Due to its slim design, the H200 should then even fit under flat furniture. We will see whether this works in practice in the cleaning test. However, OSOTEK has to pay a high price for the slim design. The water tank volumes of 750 ml and 640 ml, respectively, are significantly lower than in many competing models. A comparison with our previous front-runner in the form of the Dreame H12 Pro (test) is worthwhile here. This one is considerably thicker, but also offers significantly larger tanks with 900 ml (fresh water) and 700 ml (dirty water). Here you will have to weigh what is more important to you.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 test: display with contamination indicator

  • Smart display provides an overview
  • High build quality
  • Charging cradle susceptible to scratches

I really like how the two tanks are seamlessly built into the body of the squeegee. As a result, it scores with a straightforward design. Incidentally, the removal and installation of both tanks is wonderfully easy by hand. This is not the only place where you can feel the high build quality of the H200. There is no creaking or cracking at any point.

OSOTEK Horizon H200
The high-gloss look of the charging station may look classy, but it is susceptible to scratches.

I also like the display very much. This does not reinvent the wheel in the field of suction wipers and outputs important information about the current status of the device. This includes not only the battery status, but also the suction level and the degree of soiling. The latter shows through the colors red (dirty) and blue (clean) which areas have already been cleaned. Also typical for a suction wiper is the charging station. Here, too, there is nothing to complain about in terms of build quality. I only don’t like the high-gloss look that much. After all, experience has shown that this invites scratches.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 test: edgeless roller head

  • Rimless cleaning thanks to edgeless brush design
  • Operation via three buttons on the handle
  • Standing independently possible even without charging station

Unity with other models prevails in the handle height. This is identical to the Dreame H12 Pro with 110 cm and offers an ergonomic feel. On the handle itself, you can make exactly three inputs. Firstly, the suction wiper can be switched on and off here. Furthermore, you can regulate the suction level here. Last but not least, you can start the self-cleaning of the H200 via the third button. If you have a sensitive wooden floor, you will learn to love the small roller on the back of the device. After all, it prevents scratches on the floor once the H200 is used horizontally.

I particularly like the size of the roller, which is a result of the rimless cover design. Unlike the Redkey W12 (test), for example, the H200 offers comprehensive cleaning and leaves no uncleaned areas on baseboards. On top of that, the cleaning head impresses me with its practical LED lighting. This is anything but common for suction mops. This may be due to the fact that very few are able to reach unlit areas under furniture due to their clunky design.

OSOTEK Horizon H200
The nearly rimless design of the brush makes for a comprehensive clean.

Last but not least, it is important to emphasize that the roller head also allows the squeegee to stand on its own. If, for example, the doorbell rings while cleaning, you don’t have to lean the device against the wall, where it could tip over. A negative example in this case is the Roborock Dyad (test). This one first requires extending a stand before you can place it away from the charging station. In conclusion, all that remains for me to say is that I not only find the H200’s looks appealing. On top of that, it leaves a great impression in terms of material choice and build quality.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: a real wiping wonder

  • Great cleaning performance
  • 3 different cleaning modes
  • Suitable for hard floors only

After singing the praises of design and workmanship, we get down to the nitty gritty. Can the Horizon H200 deliver what it promises in theory? Spoiler alert: Oh yes! The suction wiper offers a total of three cleaning modes. The most common mode for most users is probably the Auto mode. Here, the DuoClean automatically regulates its suction power and water flow rate. Alternatively, there is also the turbo mode.

OSOTEK Horizon H200
The display shows the battery level, cleaning mode and dirt level

This comes into play for dried stains and offers more power. Thirdly, you can still opt for a pure suction mode. However, it should be said beforehand that this is not suitable for carpeted floors. Like the two mopping modes, the suction mode is only suitable for hard floors like tiles, parquet or laminate. Should you be looking for a water-based cleaning of your carpet, the Tineco Carpet One (test) might be the right solution for you.

The motor makes it easier to maneuver the squeegee

After trying all three modes, I found that for everyday cleaning, the Auto mode was best. Here, the results are already partly amazing. I was able to vacuum up everything from cat litter to pet hair to fresh jam without any problems. For dried stains, on the other hand, you have to bring a little patience or alternatively switch to turbo mode.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

This one ensures that even stubborn stains are no problem with its increased water flow rate as well as higher suction power. In the test, I had jam and honey dry up. The squeegee cleaned both without any problems. You accidentally dumped a glass on the floor or another liquid is spread across the floor? This is where the suction mode comes in handy. This lives up to its name and sucks up the liquid without further ado.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 Test: It goes everywhere

  • Fits under flat furniture thanks to 180-degree design

So in terms of cleaning performance, the H200 scores already once. But so did the Dreame H12 Pro and other premium models like the Tineco Floor One S5 (test). Therefore, I would like to talk about the real highlight at this point. And that is the design of the squeegee. As mentioned at the beginning, the H200 is significantly slimmer than the competition. In addition, the joint on the roller head is capable of bringing the wiper into a horizontal position.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

The 180-degree design ensures that the H200 can easily reach under flat furniture. This gives the squeegee a distinct advantage over the competition. In combination with the rimless design of the roller head, this means that you hardly ever leave any uncleaned areas behind during a cleaning tour with the H200. That should be groundbreaking for the competition.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: ease of use and maintenance are excellent

  • Water tank easily accessible
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cleaning fluid is included

In addition to the performance itself, it is also the high user comfort that makes cleaning with the H200 very pleasant. In this regard, the first thing to highlight is the practical traction control. At just over 5 kg, the H200 is similar in weight to its competitors.

To prevent tennis elbows, the integrated motor assists the user in moving the squeegee. Depending on the direction in which the roller turns, the device recognizes where the user wants to push the H200. It supports this movement with light motor pushes. This makes it possible to move the rather heavy device over the ground as light as a feather.

The rubberized rollers allow the H200 to roll smoothly across the floor

Maintenance of the squeegee is also wonderfully easy. Actually, only the regular filling of the fresh water or emptying of the dirty water tank is due here. I especially like the latter. So that you don’t block your drain pipe, the tank automatically separates the solids from the liquid.

The manufacturer includes the appropriate cleaning agent right away

So you dump pure dirty water into the drain and throw the collected dirt in the trash can. Otherwise, maintenance is uncomplicated. You should clean the filter thoroughly with water at regular intervals. For other heavy soiling, you can use the enclosed cleaning tool.

OSOTEK Horizon H200 review: battery life like the competition

  • 4,000 mAh battery provides just over 30 minutes of battery life
  • Eco mode is missing
  • Charging and self-cleaning in charging station

While the H200 is ahead of the competition in seemingly every discipline, it is on par when it comes to battery life. According to the manufacturer, the suction wiper should be able to last up to 35 minutes. In the test, I was able to vacuum continuously for almost half an hour in Auto mode. That is plenty long enough for average-sized apartments. I would have found an eco mode good.

OSOTEK Horizon H200
The LED lighting provides a clear view.

This one might have tickled a bit more battery life out of the sucker. If the battery is empty, you send the H200 to the practical charging station. But this is not only there to supply the squeegee with new energy. The roller of the household helper is also cleaned here. Once seated on the station, the roller rotates and is moistened with fresh water. As a result, the last remnants of dirt separate from it and end up in the dirty water tank.


OSOTEK Horizon H200 is not a cheap suction mop. However, the household helper can score over the competition with a decisive advantage – its slim design. This allows the device to fit even under flat furniture. So far, this has not been possible with any of the vacuum cleaners that we were able to examine in our test series. You don’t have to accept any real sacrifices for the slim design.

Thus, the volumes of the fresh and dirty water tanks shrink, but the loss is not really tragic. There is also room for a sufficiently large battery. In terms of cleaning performance, the device hovers on par with Dreame’s previous top model. Consequently, it is only the price of just under 700 Euros that could keep people from buying it. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the OSOTEK Horizon H200 is the best squeegee I have had the chance to test so far. Anyone who can afford it should go for this model.

OSOTEK Horizon H200

Workmanship & design
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Horizon H200 is a really great squeegee that scores particularly well with its flat design!

OSOTEK Horizon H200
This product is currently unavailable.

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