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Dreame H11 Max in test: Successful fusion of vacuum cleaner and mop?

In terms of performance, it has been felt for quite some time that vacuum cleaners have reached the end of the line. However, cordless vacuums in particular have developed from initially weak household helpers in a handy format into real treasures. While they were initially only used as a practical gadget for cleaning the car interior every month, they are now used as a full-fledged vacuum cleaner. What sounds extremely attractive at first glance not infrequently leads to an unpleasant acid regurgitation when taking a closer look at the price tag. After all, manufacturers like Dyson, the epitome of cordless vacuum cleaners, sometimes call up utopian prices for their devices.


Personally, it is not worth 500 euros and more to me to use a simple cordless vacuum cleaner. It looks different when a manufacturer links a vacuum cleaner with a mop. After all, you then get two full-fledged devices in one. I’ve always liked the idea of making one out of two different cleaning processes. So it came in handy when I was asked to take a closer look at the Dreame H11 Max. Whether and to what extent a cordless vacuum cleaner with wiping function can make the unpleasant apartment cleaning more convenient, we want to take a closer look today.

Technical details

Model Dreame H11 Max
Performance 200 watts
Suction power 10,000 pa
Battery capacity 3650 mAh
Clean water capacity 900 ml
Dirty water capacity 500 ml
Charging time approx. 5 hours
Volume max. 76 dB
Dimensions 697 mm x 315 mm x 295 mm
Price € 379.99 *

The scope of delivery

As befits a product from Dreame, the H11 Max also comes with a whopping set of features. In addition to the vacuum itself, the scope of delivery also includes a practical charging station, the matching handle, the necessary power cord, an accessory holder, a cleaning brush and practical spare parts in the form of a second roller brush and a second filter.

Here, the actual vacuum is already in an assembled state from the factory, which will probably suit the vast majority of people. All you have to do is attach the handle. After the battery is then fully charged once, the H11 Max is also directly ready for use.

Design and workmanship

Anyone familiar with Dreame’s products knows that there is usually high build quality here on the level of the upper class at mid-range prices. And this is also the case with the Dreame H11 Max. The squeegee is very modern and chic with its unobtrusive mix of anthracite and aluminum. When you break it down, a vacuum cleaner is of course still a utility item. However, a cordless vacuum shouldn’t be too ugly. After all, unlike classic wired vacuum cleaners, they often do not find a place somewhere in the chamber, but must be placed near a power outlet.

Unlike typical wall mounts for vacuum cleaners, you can put the Dreame H11 Max somewhere without drilling. Practical charging station thanks!

That’s where it’s good to have the vacuum cleaner a bit presentable. The practical charging station is perfect for positioning the chic vacuum somewhere prestigious in the home. But it’s not just the looks that are right. Once you hold the H11 Max in your hands, it quickly becomes clear that this is a high-quality piece of technology. Of course, you can’t expect quality on the level of Vorwerk’s suction mop here. However, when I put a cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson next to it and also hold it in my hand, no differences can be determined. Both the fresh and dirty water tanks can be (de)installed conveniently via button. Here it creaks and cracks at no point.

Nice display on the top

The modern look is definitely also helped by the chic display that is emblazoned on the top of the H11 Max. A wide variety of information can be read here. In addition to the battery status itself, you can also see the current status of the two water tanks. For example, if the pure water tank is empty, the corresponding symbol flashes. Error messages are also reliably indicated here. For example, the vacuum once indicated to me that the pipe was blocked.

Upon closer inspection, I was able to determine that a cat curl had indeed become entangled. However, the most practical use of the display was in terms of battery status. After all, you can see how much power the squeegee still has at any time during the cleaning process. So there are no unpleasant surprises to fear. Once the H11 Max is in the convenient charging station, you can also watch the battery level grow.

The battery performance

Let’s not kid ourselves. Limited battery life is the true Achilles heel of cordless vacuum cleaners. This is hardly surprising. After all, you also need plenty of suction power, especially for stubborn dirt. If you have a constant power supply, this is of course not a problem. Even high-priced representatives can’t solve this problem. For example, the Dyson V10 also stops after 10 to 15 minutes on maximum power. The H11 Max is not quite as weak. In our test, the squeegee could last for almost 30 minutes. However, this might also be due to the fact that it “only” offers a suction power of 10,000 pa. This is quite strong, but by no means plays in the upper class.

Thanks to the ever-present display, you always have everything in view

With this, one should probably be able to clean apartments with conventional dirt and a size of up to 150 m² without any problems. When the battery is empty, the H11 Max can be stored in the practical charging station. However, Dreame’s vacuum can’t really shine here. After all, it took a proud 5 hours to recharge it from 0 to 100. This takes a comparatively long time in view of a battery capacity of 3650 mAh. Of course, there are devices where a long charging time is more annoying than with cordless vacuums. After all, you won’t usually use the household helper more than once a week. So the 5 hours shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Practical test: Never again without a squeegee!

Sometimes I try things that make me wonder how it could work before without same. A suction wiper like the H11 Max belongs to this group of practical little helpers. Whereas up to now I always wandered around the apartment with the vacuum cleaner first, only to swing the mop afterwards, now everything is done in one go. Far too often I’ve done without the necessary mopping, because I just didn’t feel like going through the whole apartment again. The H11 Max doesn’t even put you in the predicament of possibly omitting the mopping. After all, it’s all or nothing here.

Accordingly, it is the wipe function that I particularly like about the H11 Max. The H11 Max is a hybrid device, but it doesn’t compromise on suction or mopping performance at all. The result is similar to what I get when I first vacuum and then mop in two units. However, there is one crucial difference. While I need just under 40 minutes for my apartment if I first vacuum and then mop, it was just 21 minutes for one cleaning process with the H11 Max. The principle is as simple as it is clever. The water from the fresh water tank is directed down to the brush and moistens it. At the same time, the extracted dirty water is sucked into the corresponding dirty water tank.

In this respect, the H11 Max can also score points against other suction wipers from the middle class. A very popular example is probably the Speedpro Max Plus Aqua from Philipps. This can score with a comparable suction and wiping performance, but is clearly at a disadvantage when it comes to the capacity of the water tank. Here, you have to go to the tap very often to provide fresh water. The waste water tank is also clearly at a disadvantage. However, the large water tank also ensures that the H11 Max is not as mobile as comparable devices. Due to its comparably high weight, it is not possible to quickly fish cobwebs from the ceiling.

The cleaning

After the apartment has been cleaned, you should also take care of the device itself. This is the only way to ensure that the squeegee has the longest possible life. Dreame offers an extremely practical self-cleaning function with its H11 Max. One push of a button is already enough for this. Before you start the self-cleaning function, however, you should make sure that the vacuum has at least 10 percent battery power under the hood. Now you have to fill the clean water tank and place the vacuum in the charging station. One click on the cleaning button at the top of the handle is enough to start the cleaning process. Once the H11 Max has finished cleaning, it automatically resumes its charging process. For coarse dirt, you can use the included cleaning brush. This is especially useful for cleaning the suction tube, thanks to its slim neck.


Those who are skeptical of 2-in-1 solutions should definitely take a closer look at the H11 Max. The wiper delivers a super job. In addition to the high build quality, the squeegee scores with an uncomplicated operation and a strong cleaning performance. The looks are also really impressive. Thanks to the modern exterior, you can easily place the suction mop from Dreame in the apartment and do not have to hide it in a niche. Not only coarse dirt is reliably sucked up. In addition, the floors are also cleaned hygienically clean.

Every now and then, however, one wishes that the vacuum cleaner was a bit lighter. In my test, I found the one or other spider web on the ceiling that I would have liked to vacuum away. I also find the battery charging time of five hours really borderline. However, since this will hardly have a negative impact in practice, we can only deduct a B grade. All in all, you get a great squeegee here at a fair price, where the competition from Phillips & Co. can not keep up.

Dreame H11 Max

User comfort
Value for money


Dreame offers a very good combination of vacuum cleaner and mop with its H11 Max. A shorter battery life and slightly less weight would increase the comfort and could even make it the industry leader.

Dreame H11 Max price comparison

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