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Eufy Mach V1 test: Anker now also builds battery wipers

Mop vacuums are currently gaining a lot of popularity. This is not really surprising in view of the smart concept. In a way, manufacturers are combining a cordless vacuum cleaner and a mop into one device. Now a subsidiary of Anker is entering the promising market. Eufy launches two household helpers, the Mach V1 and Mach V1 Ultra. In today’s Eufy Mach V1 test, we want to take a closer look at the standard model.

Differences between Anker Mach V1 and V1 Ultra

Anker is setting itself up mighty wide in recent months. If the company, founded in 2011, only produced small gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, powerbanks and charging cables a few years ago, powerstations and smart hubs for the home computer also followed. The manufacturer even has a balcony power station in the works now. Strictly speaking, the company is not entering entirely new territory with its Anker Mach V1. After all, it is already indirectly active in the market of smart household helpers with its subsidiary eufy.

eufy mach v1 test

However, the focus is more on robot vacuums like the anchor eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid (test). Anker, or rather eufy, celebrates its premiere in the field of vacuum wipers in a double pack. In addition to the Mach V1, there is also the Mach V1 Ultra. In the Ultra version, there is an integrated steam cleaner, a quick-drying function and a longer battery life. However, it also costs 200 euros more. We check whether you really have to accept this surcharge or whether the standard version already offers sufficient performance.

Technical data

Size and weight 1178 x 278 x 240mm and 4.8 kg
Suction power 16,800 pascals
Battery life Up to 45 minutes
Basic functions Suction, wiping, disinfecting, drying
Display Smart LCD display
Fresh water tank 820 ml
Dirty water tank 720 ml
Price € 599.00 *

Eufy Mach V1 review: scope of delivery

The lavish scope of delivery is not surprising to me. After all, the Anker Mach V1 is not the first squeegee we have had the privilege of putting under the microscope as part of our test series. The manufacturer has taken its cue from the competition when it comes to equipment. The heart of the device is, of course, the squeegee itself. The matching charging station and a lot of accessories are also included.

eufy mach v1 test

For one thing, there’s the replacement filter. On the other hand, you get a cleaning brush as well as suitable cleaning agent, which you can add to the wiping water. On top of that, the company includes a replacement roller. If you need new accessories over time, you can easily purchase them. That is the advantage of reaching for a reputable manufacturer like eufy.

Eufy Mach V1 review: design and workmanship

  • Combination of black and white
  • Small display on the handle
  • Smart looks and high build quality

Already at first glance, the suction wiper makes a very good impression. This is due on the one hand to the modern design. This stands out pleasingly well from the standard of the models from the industry leader Tineco. It reminds me a bit of the flat look of an OSOTEK Horizon H200 (test). What I find really cool is the backlighting of the water tank. Here, Anker underlines its futuristic design language. A big difference to the competition is the display.

eufy mach v1 test

This sets directly on the handle and is significantly smaller than, for example, the gigantic screen of a Tineco Floor One S7 Pro (test). The build quality is on a very high level throughout. For example, Anker uses high-quality plastic here and installs it in a flawless manner, so it does not crack or creak here at any point. The use of plastic is also reflected in the fairly low weight. Thus, the squeegee weighs just 4.8 kg.

eufy mach v1 test

The assembly also did not present me with any problems. The enclosed Quick Start Guide is therefore not necessary for anyone with any technical knowledge. So you only insert the two water tanks for fresh and waste water. The handle is already in place. Now you only have to find a suitable place with a socket to place the charging station. This means that the installation here is even less complicated than the competition.

Eufy Mach V1 review: operation

  • Control unit is located by the display
  • Control also possible via app

During almost every test of a squeegee from Tineco, I had to ask myself why the US manufacturer offers app support. After all, the smartphone application gave me no real added value. It is all the more surprising that Anker follows the same path and also has a suitable app up its sleeve for its Mach V1. The range of functions is similar to that of Tineco. For example, you can make settings for voice control or see how high the battery level is.

eufy mach v1 test

It’s nothing more than a little technical gimmick. In any case, you don’t need the app to set up the squeegee. It’s all easily done on the household helper itself. The heart of the device is the display on the handle. Here you will find buttons that you can use to navigate through the menu. These buttons are also used during the initial setup.

eufy mach v1 test

Once the squeegee is completely set up, you should of course still fill the fresh water tank. A suitable cleaning agent, which scores with a fresh scent, is directly included by Anker. Whether you want to wipe with or without this, of course, is up to you. It is not a must. If the battery of the wiper is sufficiently filled, you can start the first cleaning tour right away. Otherwise, you send the device first once to the station for charging.

Eufy Mach V1 test: optimal cleaning on hard floors

  • Battery wiper is suitable for all hard floors
  • Unsuitable for carpets

Not only is the setup of the Mach V1 simple, but the device also scores with uncomplicated operation during the cleaning process. Here, the buttons on the handle are again in the foreground. With the help of these, the Mach V1 can not only be started. You can also switch between the different modes here. The so-called intelligent mode corresponds to the car mode of the competition. Here, the squeegee regulates the wiping or suction power depending on the determined degree of dirt. The Mach V1 analyzes the latter with the help of sensors.

eufy mach v1 test

On the other hand, if you want to tickle out the maximum performance, it is best to activate the turbo mode. This can be activated with the help of a trigger underneath the handle. Should you ever tip out a glass of milk or another liquid, the pure suction mode is interesting. Here, the device simply sucks up the puddle or other debris. In my extensive cleaning test, the Mach V1 revealed no weaknesses when it comes to power. If you take a look at the technical data, this is not really surprising.

eufy mach v1 test
The film of water on the floor dries surprisingly quickly.

Finally, the smart household helper scores with a suction power of 16,800 pascals. On the other hand, if you have exclusively or at least a lot of carpeted floors in your own four walls, the Mach V1 is not really suitable for you. After all, its core competence is the wet cleaning of hard floors like vinyl, tiles, parquet or laminate. And on these, it cut an excellent figure for me. No matter whether bathroom, kitchen or living room. On my vinyl and tile floors, I was able to mop or vacuum up chip crumbs and house dust without a problem, in addition to pet hair.

Eufy Mach V1 test: disinfection with the help of ozone

Another selling point that Anker brings out in its Mach V1 is disinfection using ozone. You get this in Eco-Clean mode. The ozone is supposed to be able to remove 99.9 percent of all germs on the floor. I could not verify whether this is actually the case during the test. However, Anker has a professional witness on its side. The TÜV Rheinland has certified the antibacterial effect of the manufacturer.

Ozone technology ensures hygienic cleaning

By the way, those who opt for the Ultra version will be offered another cleaning mode. Thus, the Mach V1 Ultra comes with a steam cleaner mode that also fights bacteria and other germs. Similar to other models from the competition, the Mach V1 also relies on a practical filter for the dirty water tank. This ensures that no solids end up in the tank and threaten to clog your drain. Instead, you can conveniently dispose of them in your trash can.

Eufy Mach V1 review: backward cleaning brush

  • Wide roller edge leaves uncleaned residue
  • Does not fit under flat furniture

While, for example, disinfection with the help of ozone seems advanced, the device also reveals a few small weaknesses that are more like a step backwards. In particular, I have to grumble about the brush shape. There is a large margin between the lateral brush end and the suspension as well as the corresponding cover. As a result, it is not at all avoidable during cleaning that you leave an uncleaned edge to the baseboard.

eufy mach v1 test
Unfortunately, the roller edges prevent cleaning in edge areas.

It would have made sense to have at least one side of the brush without such a gap. Suction wipers like the Roborock Dyad (test) prove that this is possible. The second weakness that I have to attest to the Mach V1 is the inflexible brush head. However, this is the Achilles heel of many suction wipers. Cleaning under quite flat furniture is simply not possible, because the squeegee does not fit underneath.

Unfortunately, the squeegee has trouble fitting under flat furniture.

So far, only the Horizon H200 from OSOTEK could convince me in this respect. This can be aligned namely so flat that one also fits under the home sideboard. These are drawbacks that ensure that the Mach V1 will not suffice as the sole household device for floor cleaning. Otherwise, there would be some uncleaned spots in your own four walls.

Eufy Mach V1 review: uncomplicated maintenance

If you’ve been running lanes through your own four walls with the Mach V1, you’ll accumulate plenty of dirty water. This already makes it clear that you should clean the DuoClean regularly for hygienic reasons. To a large extent, the DuoClean does this itself. After all, it offers a self-cleaning function, just like the models from the competition. To start this, you first have to place the Mach V1 in the charging station. You can then activate the self-cleaning function by pressing a button.

eufy mach v1 test
You can activate the self-cleaning function by pressing the star button on the handle.

Here, the system not only cleans the main brush. On top of that, the dirty water line is flushed through. This process takes only a short time. The situation is different with the so-called Auto-Dry feature, which starts afterwards. To prevent bad odors and the formation of bacteria, the device dries the roller with hot air after the self-cleaning process. You have to reckon with a drying time of just under an hour.

You will have to refill the fresh water at regular intervals

The rest of the maintenance is really limited. So you should flush the dirty water tank including filter properly in regular intervals. If you want to use cleaning agent, you also have to fill it into the separate container. By the way, the Mach V1 automatically fills the water tank with its Tesla Valve Mixing feature. According to the manufacturer, the valve mixing system should always ensure a perfect mixture of the two components.

Eufy Mach V1 test: very good battery life

Last but not least, we would like to point out two other important aspects on the subject of ease of use. Firstly, the Mach V1 works pleasingly quietly. Even the turbo mode is surprisingly quiet at just 65 dB and can be endured for several minutes without any problems. On top of that, the squeegee scores with a good endurance. The battery lasts up to 45 minutes. In the test, I was able to clean for a good 35 minutes in smart mode. So the specification seems to be quite realistic, if you rely on the weakest mode.


You live in an apartment that is mainly characterized by hard floors like parquet, vinyl or tiles? Then a suction mop like the Anker Mach V1 is definitely a suitable household helper for you. It not only scores with a chic design and good workmanship. On top of that, it offers enough suction and mopping power to clean your floor. The ozone technology ensures that 99.9 percent of bacteria are combated. With a runtime of up to 45 minutes, you should be able to clean even larger apartments with one battery charge.

The Mach V1 is too big for narrow corners

However, given the roller design, completely cleaning your floors is never possible. Here, Anker should have made at least one side rimless. The limited flexibility of the cleaning head also leaves dirty spots. Finally, the battery-powered mop does not reach under flat furniture. Thus, the Mach V1 remains the perfect complement to the already existing agile vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, those who mainly have carpeted floors in their own four walls should keep their hands off suction mops like the Mach V1 altogether.

Eufy Mach V1

Value for money


The Eufy Mach V1 is a good suction mop with a chic design that has small weaknesses.

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Mop vacuums are currently gaining a lot of popularity. This is not really surprising in view of the smart concept. In a way, manufacturers are combining a cordless vacuum cleaner and a mop into one device. Now a subsidiary of Anker is entering the promising market. Eufy launches two household helpers, the Mach V1 and … (Weiterlesen...)

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