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Mondzucker VX: Handy vacuum cleaner in the test

Mishaps can happen quickly. However, they take all the longer to rectify – at least if you tend to be the lazy sort. Now let’s be honest. How many times have you accidentally scattered something and then simply been too lazy to fetch the big heavy vacuum cleaner from the utility room? With the Mondzucker VX, this inhibition is easily eliminated. Due to its small handy format it is always quickly at the man or woman. The mini hand-held vacuum cleaner is suitable for pretty much any application – at least according to the manufacturer. We took a closer look at the small power vacuum cleaner. In our test on heart and kidneys you can see whether the Mondzucker VX could be your practical companion in the future or not.

Technical details

Name Mondzucker VX
Color Champagne gold
Product dimensions 31 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
Article weight 530 g
Performance 120 watts
Material Metal (aluminum alloy)
Volume max. 75 db
Price € 142.00 *
Cleaning FLIPCOVER function
Capacity 100 ml

Scope of delivery

Already with the packaging of the mini-vacuum cleaner, you can feel that the manufacturer relies on high-quality workmanship here. When looking inside, this positive first impression does not change. In terms of accessories, the Mondzucker VX is not too generous, but that’s all you need. In addition to the small power vacuum cleaner itself, a power supply unit (5 volts), a USB-C charging cable (1 m) and a practical vacuum cleaner attachment as well as the matching user manual are included.

Workmanship and features

Although still relatively new to the market, the Mondzucker company delivers in terms of workmanship with its handy little sucker. I was really surprised when I held the mini-sized vacuum cleaner in my hands for the first time. The vacuum’s elegant case is made of high-quality aluminum, which not only feels very comfortable in the hands. On top of that, it looks extremely robust, which is definitely of great importance for a household appliance. While the vacuum cleaner itself comes across as very high-quality, the other components of the scope of delivery seem rather like better average. Considering the fair MSRP, Mondzucker definitely delivers here, though.

Mondzucker relies on an aluminum alloy for the case of its mini vacuum cleaner, which is reminiscent of high-quality unibody cases of well-known ultrabooks. Besides the great workmanship, however, the Mondzucker VX also scores with extensive features. The scope of delivery includes exactly the things that are needed for efficient vacuuming in a small format. Anyone who holds the small vacuum cleaner in their hands for the first time will not only feel the very good build quality. On top of that, the slim weight of 530 g and the handy shape ensure that you can manage even time-consuming cleaning tasks without aching arms.

Sophisticated filter system

Despite the small size of the Mondzucker VX, the handheld vacuum has an impressive suction power of 13,000 Pa. In addition, it comes with a sophisticated filter system, which consists of two stages. Particularly high efficiency in terms of air cleanliness is achieved through the use of a HEPA filter. The reason for this is that thanks to the HEPA filter, even the finest dust particles remain in the vacuum cleaner itself and are not blown back into the air. In order to receive the certificate of a “HEPA filter” at all, the vacuum cleaner must be able to absorb particles with a maximum size of 0.7 micrometers at 99.97 percent. This puts the small vacuum cleaner ahead of even some large-format representatives.

The metal filter net is the first stage of the sophisticated filter mechanism. This has been designed for coarse dirt.

The hand vacuum cleaner is thus a really good solution, especially for allergy sufferers. After all, not only bacteria particles, but also allergens are reliably absorbed. It’s really amazing what dust you eventually find in the container – but more on that later.

The 2-fold filter system is composed of a stainless steel and a HEPA filter. (Image: Mondzucker)

But how does Mondzucker achieve this filter mechanism? The basis is a network of fibers that can trap the smallest dust particles in addition to large pieces. The first stage of the dual filter system relies on a metal mesh and is designed to filter coarse dust particles. The second filter is responsible for the fine dirt.

The suction power

Most important, of course, is the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. Accordingly, we once put the small Mondzucker VX through its paces. The compact handheld vacuum cleaner has two different power levels to offer when it comes to suction. You can tell which level is currently selected by the LED above the power button.

Immediately above the power button is an LED that shows the power level. If it lights up white, you are on level 1. The much stronger second level is signaled by a blue LED.

Thanks to the two different suction levels, you can choose the appropriate power depending on the dirt intensity. The weaker the suction power, the longer the integrated battery lasts. If you want to fight stubborn dirt on the fullest level, you have to live with a runtime of 9 minutes. The small Mondzucker VX lasts up to 20 minutes on level 1. While level 1 is primarily suitable for cleaning the interior of the car or the notebook keyboard, the second level is impressively effective even with heavy dirt.

Due to its compact size, the Mondzucker VX is not only suitable for storage in the utility room itself. Instead, it can also be conveniently carried in the car, for example, or even taken on vacation. But the mini vacuum cleaner is also particularly practical in the living room cupboard or the kitchen drawer. After all, it’s always at hand in case of a minor mishap. In my practical test, I not only vacuumed my keyboards, but also eliminated a cornflake accident. Both cleanings were easily accomplished on level 1.

Further, I tried the vacuum to clean dust lint from the floor under my couch. The combination of level 1 and the flat attachment ensured that I could vacuum under my couch for the first time without much effort. Even though the cleaning was pleasantly fast, the result (apart from the accessibility) of level 1 was not really surprising. After all, I know this suction performance from handheld vacuum cleaners of other brands. However, the fact that you can reach even remote places without problems is very practical.

Thanks to its length, the exceedingly flat attachment can free even hard-to-reach places from dust and dirt

Accordingly, I wanted to confront the little handheld vacuum cleaner once with a particularly big challenge – my cat’s scratching post. During the weekly apartment cleaning, the relaxation place of my long-haired roommate turns out to be a really unpleasant cleaning place, which always eats up a lot of time and patience. Even my Dyson V10 has to fight with the hair every week. All the more surprising was the result of the little Mondzucker VX.

The manufacturer itself promotes the small handheld vacuum cleaner as the optimal vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair. And the end result of my personal test is more than respectable. I would not have expected this result even on the second stage. My cat’s scratching post was reliably freed from most of the hair. But that was not enough. On top of that, I found a lot of dust and dirt in the dirt bin of the hand vacuum cleaner, which I would not have suspected on the outside. Here, the dual filter system is more than noticeable.

Clean filtered air comes out the back of the vacuum

Finally, the reliable HEPA filter ensures that allergy-causing substances can be purposefully sucked out of upholstery. In particular, people who have problems with house dust allergies will be pleased with the ability to remove allergy triggers. After all, mites and co. cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only the final result brings to light what has been slumbering in the bed and on the couch.

Uncomplicated cleaning

For the sake of the environment, bagless vacuum cleaners like the Mondzucker VX are now the common standard. However, it follows from this that you also have to clean the device after the extensive vacuum cleaner swinging. Cleaning the handy compact vacuum cleaner is no problem at all. On the top of the device there is a button (FLIPCOVER function) with the help of which you can easily put the sucked up dirt into the trash can.

During extensive vacuuming, the battery runs out relatively quickly. Then you have to give it new life via USB-C port. We find the choice of USB-C very good. However, the charging time of the vacuum cleaner is not so positive. After the battery of the Mondzucker VX was completely empty, it took two and a half hours until the battery was fully charged again. You can definitely grumble a bit here.

The Mondzucker VX is charged via USB-C cable.

Test conclusion

The Mondzucker VX pleasantly surprised me in the hands-on test. I really did not expect such power from the small device. Mondzucker does not reinvent the wheel here. No question about it. After all, the small handheld vacuum cleaner is not the first of its kind. But the manufacturer manages to combine handy dimensions with impressive suction power. Above all, the mobile use is an amazing unique selling point that the Mondzucker VX brings here. Whether in the car, camper, office or on vacation. With the Mondzucker VX, you always have plenty of suction power with you. But the small vacuum cleaner can not only shine on the road. With the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen or living room, you also always have a vacuum cleaner handy, if there should be a mishap. The vacuum cleaner is also ideal for use at the desk when the keyboard needs to be vacuumed again. It does not take up much space.

In the kitchen, the little helper probably proves to be a space-saving guarantee for cleanliness. (Image: Mondzucker)

Thanks to USB-C port, the battery can then also be charged at any time via PC in the best case. I also particularly like the HEPA filter. This makes the compact vacuum cleaner a practical option for turning even upholstered furniture into a hypoallergenic sitting pleasure. However, the small size also has its pitfalls. After all, it means that there is only room for a comparatively small battery. If you vacuum at maximum power, you can only rely on the compact vacuum for just under nine minutes. Afterwards, you have to charge the Mondzucker VX for about two and a half hours to have full battery power available again. However, if you can overlook the weaknesses with the battery, you get a really impressive mini vacuum here that is suitable for many different areas of use.

Mondzucker VX

Value for money


The Mondzucker VX is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. In view of the compact dimensions, I did not expect so much power. If you are looking for a practical small hand vacuum cleaner with a lot of power, you will find it here! Only the somewhat weak battery life must be kept in mind when buying. Who can live with it, will have his joy with the chic hand vacuum cleaner.

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