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Lydsto R1: Robot vacuum cleaner for under 400 euros in test

The Lydsto R1 is another vacuum robot from Xiaomi. The R1 was presented at the beginning of 2021 and has been available on the German market since then. The vacuuming and mopping robot plays in the price range below 400 Euros (Price not available *). The robot’s external appearance is strongly reminiscent of a Roidmi Eve, which also comes from the Xiaomi universe. We have recorded how the new vacuum robot with suction station performs in our practical test in the following test report.

Technical data

Design Suction robot and mop cleaner with suction station
Navigation mode Laser spatial survey (LDS)
Suction 2700 Pascal
Socket dust container / water tank.
(Robot Vacuum Cleaner)
0.2 liters / 0.25 liters
Socket dust container (suction station) 3 liters
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Charge time 4-5 hours
Performance (Robot Vacuum Cleaner) 50 watts
Power (suction station) 1000 watts
Maximum area coverage 150 m2 (mopping) / 200 m2 (vacuuming)
Hindrances Up to 2 cm
Dimension (Suction robot) 34.9 x 10 x 35.3 cm
Dimension (suction station) 25.5 x 21.8 x 34.3 cm
Weight (total) 8.3 kg
App control
Lydsto App
Color Black or white
Price Price not available *
Lydsto R1
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the robot vacuum and the suction station itself, the buyer is also provided with a basic set of accessories. The accessories include:

    • 1x cloth mop
    • 1x bracket for the mop to be mounted on the robot
    • 30x mop disposable
    • 7x dust bags (one of which is pre-installed in the suction station)
    • 1x Cleaning Knife with brush
    • User manual

Design and material

The Lydsto R1 is available in black and white colors. As you could already see, our test object is the white variant. The color theme runs through the entire design, with the bright white alternating with a light gray. The function keys on the upper side and the rubber border on the front are gray. Underneath the small tower on the top is a part of the sensors that are responsible for room detection. In addition, behind the movable front part there are more sensors that detect obstacles.

The suction station is also mostly white. An exception is the docking station on the front. This is black and contains two contact surfaces that are used to charge the battery. The suction shaft is also found here.  The power cable leads out of the back. A fastening option has been built in, so that excess cable can simply be wrapped around it.

Vacuuming and mopping

Vacuuming is assisted by a brush that rotates during operation. In the process, bristles alternate with a rubber lip. This guarantees that large as well as small pieces are sucked in and end up in the collection bin. For the mop function, the mop holder can be conveniently inserted under the removable container. Only then does water also come out, as the openings are released by pressure points. It was noticed negatively that when the holder is removed, water still partially runs out. It is therefore helpful to drain all the water from the container if it is no longer needed and the mop is removed. Because especially older wooden floors do not forgive any water.

The Lydsto R1 is also equipped for carpeted floors, which it is supposed to recognize automatically and adjust the suction power accordingly. In reality, however, this function was rather sobering for us, since the automatic detection only worked for two out of four carpets. We then had to help out in the app.

On the back of the robot is the removable container, which is a combination of water tank and dust container. Here, the dust container has a capacity of 200 ml, and should it be full, the R1 automatically returns to the station and vacuums out the dirt. For mopping, the water tank has room for 250 ml of water. At the smallest wiping setting, this amount is enough for a maximum of 150 m² of surface that can be wiped with one tank load.

On the top of the tank, in addition to the opening that serves to refill the water, there is also the Hepa filter that filters the exhaust air. This is removable and can be replaced as needed.

Overcoming obstacles

Obstacles with a height of up to 2 cm are no problem for the Lydsto R1. It does not matter whether they are doorsteps or objects. If the obstacles exceed the magic 2 cm limit, the whole thing already becomes a problem, because then the bumper in the front bumps against the elevation and the ground clearance is then simply no longer sufficient. You do not have to worry about the robot vacuum falling down stairs either. Because it detects these reliably due to the sensors.

Suction station

The station is powered normally from the wall socket and by and large performs the function as a docking station. Once the robot has docked with the station, it is not only charged, but the dirt is also sucked out of it. As a rule, the container is emptied without leaving any residue, but every now and then it happens that individual wool mice remain behind and that despite the short suction path of 430 mm.

The noise during suction is similar to an older 2000 watt vacuum cleaner. However, the noise is over after a few seconds and the vacuum robot is ready for work again. Inside the station is space for a dust bag with a socket of 3 liters.


A 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery is responsible for powering the robot vacuum cleaner. The battery charge is usually enough for an area of maximum 200 m² (assumed pure suction power). The battery manages from 0 to 100 within 4 to 5 hours. After this time, it is fully charged again and ready for use. Between cleanings, it finds its way back to the station and is supplied with power via the contact surfaces. In this way, the Lydsto R1 always remains ready for use.


The in-house Lydsto app offers a variety of useful functions and settings. Already on the home page, the R1 can be started conveniently, even on the go. In addition, there is another menu here under “Floor plan editing”, in which the behavior of the vacuum robot can be adjusted. Starting with the setting of prohibited zones. Here, so-called no-go zones can be created, in which vacuuming is not allowed. It is also possible to set whether wiping is prohibited in the specified zone. Unfortunately, the zones can only be created on the map as rectangles up to a certain size, so that winding places can only be covered with several zones of different sizes. In addition, the remaining tabs of the menu can be used to separate rooms and adjust the suction and wiping intensity in the different rooms.

Many useful functions and adjustments can also be found in the general settings. Setting a cleaning routine turned out to be very helpful. This way, cleaning is mostly automated and you only have to worry about emptying the bag. The remote control also turned out to be very useful, especially when an area is not completely recognized. Then the robot can simply be driven to the right place and a cleaning can be started from here. This way, the rest of the room is also detected and included in the cleaning routine. Unfortunately, this procedure was necessary twice in our test. It is also possible to set the frequency of suction at the station.


Overall, the Lydsto R1 left a good impression on us. Here and there it weakened a bit. Negatively, we have partly noticed the volume. However, we did not find the robot vacuum itself annoying. Sure, it makes a certain amount of noise, but you would expect that from a vacuum cleaner. We only found the suction station to be loud. After cleaning, the dirt is sucked out of the robot’s collection container. It sometimes happened that larger dust shreds remained and had to be touched up by hand. The room detection also had to be readjusted in some cases. In our test, it happened that half of a room was simply not recognized and cleaned. However, this could be corrected quickly and easily using the remote control. The room detection depends on the condition of the respective rooms, so it does not have to be the case that these problems always occur.

The app also showed small weaknesses, so the no-go zones can only be displayed in rectangles and also only up to a certain size. This led to problems especially with angled corners. Nevertheless, the app has everything you need, the display is very clear and the functions are self-explanatory.

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Lydsto R1

Scope of delivery
Suction power
Value for money


A quite solid vacuum robot with wiping function in the price range under 400 Euros.

Lydsto R1
This product is currently unavailable.

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The Lydsto R1 is another vacuum robot from Xiaomi. The R1 was presented at the beginning of 2021 and has been available on the German market since then. The vacuuming and mopping robot plays in the price range below 400 Euros (). The robot’s external appearance is strongly reminiscent of a Roidmi Eve, which also … (Weiterlesen...)

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