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EcoFlow Glacier Test: The cooler 2.0!

In summer, cool drinks are one of the best ways to combat sweaty temperatures. While it may be easy to bring water, cola, beer and co. to a refreshing drinking temperature within your own four walls, this can be complicated on the road. Cooler bags, for example, turn out to be a sham after a short time and you have to make do with a warm drink. EcoFlow has now set out to solve this problem. The expert for mobile energy storage uses its extensive expertise and experience in the field of power stations to create a powerful and durable product. In the EcoFlow Glacier review, we want to take a closer look at the mobile fridge with freezing function. EcoFlow itself calls the portable freezer a revolution. Is that true?

EcoFlow turns camping into glamping

The tech world was amazed when EcoFlow unveiled its upcoming gadgets at CES 2023. After all, the U.S. company has set out to stop relying solely on power stations and associated solar panels. Instead, they presented a smart lawn mowing robot as well as a mobile air conditioner along with a mobile cooler. While the robot is likely to be used primarily in the home garden, the manufacturer is also clearly targeting the outdoor sector with the air conditioner and cooler.

ecoflow glacier test
The packaging comes in a stately size

Especially when camping, the two devices are supposed to provide an extra portion of comfort. If EcoFlow has its way, the combination with a matching power station makes the whole thing even more perfect. We have already been able to verify that the plan with the air conditioner for tent, caravan or home office is fully successful in the test of the EcoFlow Wave 2. On paper, the Glacier also seems to be a perfect tool for summer vacations at the campsite, but also the barbecue in the garden.


Battery 298 Wh
Volume Total 38 liters (15 + 23 liters)
Battery life maximum 40 hours
Operation Display with control panel or app
Cooling capacity Up to -25 °C
Price € 1,099.00 *

EcoFlow Glacier review: design and workmanship

  • Modern, angular design
  • Gray reminiscent of EcoFlow’s power stations
  • Hatch to the cooling compartment a bit hooky

As with the Wave 2, EcoFlow stays true to its in-house design language with its mobile refrigerator. Thus, you get a high-quality-looking piece of technology served here, which mainly relies on the color gray. The display, which we also know from the company’s mobile energy storage units and air conditioner, is particularly modern.

Ecoflow Glacier Test
The mobile cooler comes in a modern look

At first glance, however, many won’t realize that the Glacier is a chest cooler. After all, it has little to do with the classic “white goods” from earlier times. I really like the modern design. While there is little to complain about in terms of looks, you have to cut corners here and there in terms of build quality.

The mechanism for opening and closing is sometimes a little bit awkward

Firstly, there is the touch sensitivity of the display. If you ever come up here with your finger, the display suddenly changes to cryptic characters. This ensures that the screen doesn’t really look robust. Furthermore, the lid for the ice cube compartment is sometimes difficult to close.

ecoflow glacier test

Since this compartment should be sealed off from the outside air if possible, this is not only a shortcoming when it comes to handling. On top of that, it possibly threatens to limit the cooling performance. Apart from these two points, however, I didn’t notice anything negative about the workmanship.

EcoFlow Glacier Test: Rollers facilitate transport

  • 77.6 x 38.5 x 44.5 cm and 23 kg (unfilled)
  • Wheels and pull handle facilitate transport
  • Transport handles allow convenient transport in pairs

I was admittedly a little startled when the large package containing the EcoFlow Glacier was delivered by freight forwarder. If you open the package, you quickly see that the cooling unit is of course the lion’s share here. With its dimensions of 77.6 x 38.5 x 44.5 cm, it is not only quite large. The weight of 23 kg should also not be underestimated. Of course, this should increase significantly with a corresponding load of refreshing drinks.

ecoflow glacier test
A practical set consisting of wheels and a pull handle makes it easy to transport.

Similar to its large-format powerstations like the Delta Pro, EcoFlow also offers a smart transport solution here. So you don’t have to lift the minimum 23 kg. Instead, the scope of delivery includes practical wheels as well as a handle. As a result, the gadget can be rolled from A to B like a rolling suitcase. However, no off-road tires are used here, of course.

In addition to rolling assistance, the battery is certainly a must-have for the Glacier. However, this also costs 200 euros extra.

So if you have to go through very sandy or even muddy terrain, maybe it’s better for two to grab and carry the good piece. Fortunately, the freezer offers matching carrying handles for this, so you have the choice. In the test, the wheels could be rolled over a hard dirt road and of course asphalt without any problems. Of course, a motorized support would have provided a bit more comfort. This offers, for example, the SuperBase V from Zendure (test).

EcoFlow Glacier review: app support

EcoFlow’s gadgets usually offer handy app support. So does the EcoFlow Glacier. Here, the most important functions of the mobile refrigerator can be monitored. Basically, it can be said that the app should be understood as an extended arm of the display or as a remote control for the freezer. For example, you can adjust the mode or the temperature here.

EcoFlow Glacier test: battery provides endurance and performance

The core function of the EcoFlow Glacier is, of course, cooling drinks and food. And the gadget does that really well. In particular, the performance really convinced me. For example, it took just about a quarter of an hour to cool the two cooling compartments down from 16 °C to a chilly -5 °C.

You can easily install the battery on the back

But that’s not the end of the line by a long shot. I let the Glacier cool for some time longer on a trial basis. Just a few minutes later, I arrived at a crispy cold -25°C. Thanks to the division into two different cooling compartments, different scenarios are possible.

ecoflow glacier test
Display and control panel are self-explanatory

So you can turn the cooling compartment, which holds a total of 38 liters, into a refrigerator or freezer. Thanks to the option of tempering both compartments separately, a combination of fridge and freezer is also possible. Here, the left compartment with 23 liters is slightly larger than the compartment on the right, which holds a total of 15 liters.

ecoflow glacier test
Two people can also easily carry the cooler, thanks to the two handles.

Tempering is child’s play. Who does not want to use the app, sets everything on the device itself. What I find most impressive is the fact that the Glacier manages all of this without any active power supply and only with its battery power.

EcoFlow Glacier review: ice cube dispenser for the garden party

  • Easy as pie to make ice cubes
  • Finished cubes after only 15 minutes

To a good party or a summer sundowner, of course, ice cubes belong. And also to these the EcoFlow Glacier should be able. The whole thing is child’s play by the hand. The device contains a container that you fill with tap water. A suitable marker shows you how high the water should be.

Once this is done, all you have to do is press the appropriate button and you’re ready to go. Before preparing the ice cubes for the first time, my curiosity was naturally very high. That’s why I already took a first look into the compartment after a quarter of an hour. After I lifted the small basket out of the compartment, I already saw the first freshly produced ice cubes.

This is ingenious and should be the eye-catcher par excellence at any outdoor party. The Glacier always produces a certain amount of ice cubes. If you regularly produce ice cubes, it’s best to leave the water in the tank. Otherwise, you can also conveniently drain it via a hose on the back.

EcoFlow Glacier Test: A Classic EcoFlow

  • Many charging options
  • Full power even with battery

That manufacturer EcoFlow makes use of its know-how from the production of mobile energy storage devices, you can already tell from the many different charging options that the Glacier offers. You can charge the mobile refrigerator not only via a power outlet. Charging via a cigarette lighter in the car is also possible.

EcoFlow includes the cables for charging

But if the manufacturer has its way, you’re best off using a matching power station or even solar panels from EcoFlow itself to power the fridge. Because that is also possible. At the same time, the battery of the Glacier is also a powerbank in large format. Finally, you can use USB-C here to charge smartphone and co.


The most important thing up front: the EcoFlow Glacier is an excellent cooling device that comes up with impressive performance. As a result, the target temperatures we wanted were always reached in a flash. The integrated ice maker is also as simple as it is ingenious. In addition, the device scores with a convenient operation. You can choose between the display including the control panel or the app on your smartphone. Only the build quality gives us reason to complain here and there. For example, the lid does not really close flush. I hope that EcoFlow will improve this in the next version in view of the rather high price.

EcoFlow Glacier

Design & workmanship
Value for money


With the EcoFlow Glacier, the expert for modern energy solutions succeeds in a small revolution in the field of mobile cooling units. Great work!

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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In summer, cool drinks are one of the best ways to combat sweaty temperatures. While it may be easy to bring water, cola, beer and co. to a refreshing drinking temperature within your own four walls, this can be complicated on the road. Cooler bags, for example, turn out to be a sham after a … (Weiterlesen...)

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