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Eleglide Tankroll Test: An e-tank on two wheels?

While e-bikes were still unaffordable for the masses a few years ago, there are now a few manufacturers who focus on affordable models. Eleglide is undoubtedly one of them. But the company does not only want to score with a great price-performance ratio. On top of that, it also produces very special models like the Eleglide Tankroll. This would like to convince not only with a long-lasting battery and powerful motor. On top of that, it comes with uncharacteristically fat tires and a sophisticated suspension system that should get you from A to B smoothly over any surface. And all that for just under 1,200 Euros? Whether the plan works or the off-road e-bike is more appearance than reality, you can read in our Eleglide Tankroll test.

Another price-performance cracker from Eleglide

Companies like VanMoof, Cowboy and Urtopia have succeeded in creating e-bikes that appeal to younger demographics. This is not only due to their cool design and exciting features like app support. In particular, the Urtopia Carbon One (test) scored with cutting-edge technology, but that also comes at a price. In a completely different notch, however, beats manufacturer Eleglide. The bicycle forge brings its bikes at real combat prices to the start and does without some bells and whistles.

The model range of Eleglide can be seen. (Image:

It is not only the price tags that are convincing. The extensive model selection is also anything but self-evident. From a graceful urban bike to a folding bike to a serious e-mountain bike, Eleglide has almost every type of bike on offer. The most striking, however, is certainly the Eleglide Tankroll, which lives up to its name. This is a true fat bike that is equipped with 4-inch thick tires, among other things. These are to ensure that you should be safe on the road in wind and weather and on almost any surface.

Eleglide Tankroll
This product is currently unavailable.

Technical data

Name Eleglide Tankroll
Motor 250 W, 48 V Max, 57 Nm
Support 5 levels of support
Battery 480 Wh
Range 65 – 70 km (manufacturer specifications)
Max. load capacity 120 kg
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes front and rear
Suspension Hydraulic suspension with lockout
Display 2.4 inch LCD display
Circuit Shimano 7 speed gear shift
Dimensions and weight 189 x 66 x 119 cm frame size and 31 kg
Price Price not available *

Eleglide tankroll test: scope of delivery and assembly

  • Unpacking is complicated (non-folding cardboard box)
  • Assembly takes about an hour
  • With pre-assembled parts, readjustment may be necessary

Online shopping has now also arrived in the bicycle world. More and more people are deciding to have their new two-wheeler delivered to their home and then assemble it themselves. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is not only the manufacturer’s job to provide good assembly instructions. In addition, it is advantageous if the bike is largely assembled and you as the end customer only have to assemble and adjust fine details.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

Eleglide ships the Tankroll in a large-sized cardboard box. Getting the fatbike, which measures 189 x 66 x 119 cm and weighs 31 kg when assembled, out of its packaging is not that easy. After all, you have to pull it out of the narrow opening carefully so as not to leave any damage behind. Urtopia has solved this much better with the Carbon One. Here, one half of the cardboard box simply had to be removed as a lid. Already one had access to the bike.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

So when assembling, you should work in pairs if possible. If the bike is then once lifted out of the packaging, it goes to the nevertheless quite extensive assembly. In addition to the front wheel, the front brake, front lamp, front mudguard, handlebars, display, rear reflector and the rear derailleur guard must be mounted.

Here I had only a little difficulty with the front brake. How this is to be screwed on, was not mentioned in the instructions namely. Although the rear wheel is already factory mounted on the frame, a little fine tuning was also needed here. Thus, the wheel itself had been installed correctly.

Eleglide Tankroll Test
The fender is already pre-assembled, but was a bit crooked

The fender, on the other hand, had been mounted crooked. With a few handles, however, this problem was also solved. For the assembly you should already plan a little time. I was done after about an hour. But you should take your time. After all, you want to be as safe as possible on the Tankroll. Speaking of safety. Before you swing on the assembled e-fatbike, you should buy a taillight and bell beforehand.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

In fact, both elements are missing from the e-bike. Thus, it is not yet compliant with German road traffic law ex works. Conversely, one component of the scope of delivery may unfortunately not be attached. Eleglide includes a special throttle grip with the Tankroll, which could almost turn cycling into a motorcycle ride. However, this is prohibited for e-bikes in Germany. Once the bike is completely assembled, all screws should be tightened again. And then you’re ready to go.

Eleglide Tankroll test: design and workmanship

  • Striking design with thick tires and fancy frame
  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • Small parts like screws are prone to damage

Before we get on the bike, let’s take a look at the looks first. If you’re on the Tankroll, you should probably be a real eye-catcher on the road. This is due to the design, which can probably best be described with the word “massive”. Fat here are namely not only the 26 inch large and 4 inch thick tires, whose spokes are extra reinforced.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

On top of that, the beautiful aluminum frame is convincing, bringing a certain lightness into the otherwise rather brute design of the fatbike with its curved top tube. Since the frame comes along sufficiently voluminous anyway, Eleglide uses the resulting space and stows the battery inside without further ado. I like that very much, since you can’t immediately tell that it’s an e-bike this way. Not so good I find again the frame size. Here the Tankroll shares the common problem of e-bikes originating in China.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

Finally, this one is rather small in size. People with a height of over 1.85 m can also no longer compensate for this circumstance by driving the seatpost far out. In the saddle Eleglide relies on a rather sporty design. What looks chic, I personally felt as not very comfortable. That falls on short trips certainly not so much into the weight. For long tours, however, you should possibly think about a better padded model here.

All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised by the build quality. Of course, the Eleglide Tankroll mainly relies on quite inexpensive components. In total, however, these have been combined into a good-looking and processed bike. Only a few small things caught my eye. For example, the paint comes off the screws quite easily.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

This could lead to rust sooner or later. Furthermore, the protective film on the display of our test model was only inadequately fixed. Thus, dust inclusions were present here. Thus, Eleglide probably did not pay attention to dust freedom during the installation.

Eleglide tank roll test: a look at the components

  • All but rear derailleur components are from unknown manufacturers
  • Disc brakes rather mediocre
  • Control unit and display on the handlebar

As already mentioned, the Tankroll hardly uses premium components from well-known manufacturers. But that need not be a problem. After all, quality can also come from rather unknown companies. Let’s start with the handlebar. This scores with its wide design, which makes the driving experience very pleasant.

I would also like to positively highlight the grips. These score with their good ergonomics. Ex works, the fatbike is equipped with rubber handles. Alternatively, Eleglide also puts plastic handles. Since these have the gas ring already mentioned above, an installation of these falls flat in this country but.

On the handlebar itself there is a display. Here you can see the most important information about the current status of the fatbike. In addition to a speed indicator, it offers a view of the gear level, kilometers traveled and the remaining battery level. The latter is unfortunately only displayed in the form of a battery icon with five bars.

The control panel with three different buttons is easy to reach.

A number for a more detailed overview of the battery level I would have found better. On the left side of the handlebars are also the three essential buttons with the help of which you operate the Tankroll. Here you can not only set the speed level. On top of that, the lighting can be activated and the practical push aid can be started.

The gearshift then comes from probably the best known representative of the favor – Shimano. It offers seven gears and does a good job. Since the engine has enough power, you miss but actually no gears.

The braking system relies on dual mechanical brake discs, which did a good job in practice. So I always came to a stop quickly and reliably. Ging it then once a bit bumpier to, I felt the soft suspension fork.

This reliably dampens rough terrain and can be conveniently adjusted to individual preferences. Those who want to do without it completely, can also determine it.

Eleglide Tankroll test: motor with 250 watts of power

  • 250 watt motor with 57 Nm
  • 5 levels of assistance
  • Pedal sensor sometimes responds even when rolling gently downhill

Power is supposed to be provided by a brushless Max Instant Power motor with 250 W, which offers a torque of 57 Nm. Given the price Eleglide delivers here really a lot of power. And you can feel that on the road, too. Thus, the Tankroll scores with impressive acceleration despite its weight of 31 kg. Somewhat disappointing is the work of the pedal sensor.

When kicking off, this works very reliably and quickly switches on the pedal assistance. However, it sometimes happens that the automatic throttle is activated even when simply rolling, although you do not pedal. A torque sensor would certainly be a better, but also more expensive solution. Otherwise, the motor leaves a very positive impression. After all, it can make the heavy bike suddenly seem light as a feather due to its sheer power.

Especially on the highest of the total of five support levels, you can feel what the e-fatbike has under the hood. Sometimes you almost feel sad that it stops at 25 km/h. After all, more would certainly be possible in view of the performance. Eleglide keeps in this regard but commendably to the legal framework.

Eleglide Tankroll Test: Off to the road and off-road!

  • Comfortable gliding through the city
  • Best suited for wind and weather and off-road
  • Caution must be exercised when cornering too sharply

But how does the interaction of the individual components look now? First of all, it should be noted that it can be relaxed cruising on the Eleglide Tankroll. This is not only due to the support from the engine, but rather still the rest of the design.

The fat tires paired with the wide handlebars let you ride smoothly and with the perfect amount of control, even over rough terrain. As with any fatbike, however, you should urgently make sure that the Tankroll always has enough air on the tires. Otherwise, the maneuverability of the two-wheeler suffers immensely.

Of course, you already benefit from fat tires when driving around town. After all, the annoyance of curbs quickly sets in. Since these no longer represent a serious obstacle, but are swallowed by the tires downright, one is rather happy about it.

Even in adverse weather conditions, the Tankroll should always keep you on the road in the city with that extra dose of safety. Finally, the fat tires also provide a grip that is not to be despised, for which even rain, slush and snow should not be an obstacle.

The reflectors are supposed to ensure good visibility

Here, however, one quickly senses that the Tankroll is equipped for completely different missions. For example, for riding through rough terrain. Roots, stones and inclines are once again no problem. However, in terms of maneuverability, you feel partly significant differences to a classic mountain bike.

The saddle height should be adjusted upwards, especially for people over 1.80.

So you should not choose a curvy trail here. At the latest on the first ride in bad weather, it pays off that Eleglide attaches the mudguards to his fatbike ex works. The Urtopia Carbon One proves that this is not a matter of course even with significantly more expensive e-bikes.

Eleglide Tankroll Test: How much staying power does the battery have?

  • Battery should last up to 70 km according to the manufacturer (in reality significantly less)
  • Battery capacity of 480 Wh
  • Battery life 6:30 h

Let’s move on to the battery life. Eleglide equips the Tankroll with a 480 Wh battery. As with the Urtopia, this is also inserted into the frame and secured with the help of an enclosed key.

Conversely, you can easily take this out and charge it indoors. A complete charging process takes just under 6:30 h. Considering the heavy weight of the e-fatbike, this is very commendable! Eleglide talks about a range of up to 70 km being possible.

Eleglide Tankroll Test
The battery status can also be checked at the touch of a button.

As is so often the case with e-bikes, however, you should not take this information too seriously. Such values are always measured under ideal conditions. Values of 40 to 50 km seem more realistic to us. In cold winter weather, as is currently the case, the possible distance then drops once again.


With the Eleglide Tankroll, the manufacturer remains true to its credo of “a lot of performance at a low price”. Here you get not only brute tires and a cool design offered. The build quality is also right, except for a few minor details. The thick tires are not only cool to look at, but also practical. After all, you can easily pass rough terrain with them and the ride through the city becomes a comfortable ride. This is also ensured by the power engine, which neatly drives the heavy vehicle with its five-stage assistance.

Eleglide Tankroll Test

The only pity is that after about 40 to 50 km the driving fun is over. Then the battery is usually empty. Furthermore, we would be happy about another frame size, which also allows larger drivers to use the fatbike. With better assembly instructions and a revised cardboard box that can be opened, assembly would also be a bit easier. However, this is definitely complaining at a high level, where you should always keep the low price in mind.

Eleglide Tankroll

Workmanship and design
Value for money


The Eleglide Tankroll is a bulky but fast e-bike that is a lot of fun in town and off-road.

Eleglide Tankroll
This product is currently unavailable.

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