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Fiido T2 Review: Comfortable Cargo E-Bike With Long Range

After presenting the comfortable Fiido T2 cargo e-bike to you for the first time a few days ago, we have now been able to take a seat in the saddle ourselves and are particularly impressed by the riding comfort, as our Fiido T2 test shows.

Technical data

The product T2
Motor Power: 750 watts
Pedal assistance: Up to 25 km/h
Power levels: Five levels
Drive Chain drive
Permissible total weight 200 kg
Material Aluminum
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Display LC display with information on battery, speed and power level
Battery Replaceable 998 Wh lithium-ion battery (charging time: 7 hours)
Weight and dimensions Weight: 39.5 kg
Wheel size: 270 x 4 inches
Distance according to the manufacturer up to 110 km
The price 1.499 Euro
€ 1,499.00
Buy now* Fiido

Fiido T2 Review: scope of delivery and assembly

  • largely pre-assembled
  • all tools included
  • quick and easy to assemble

As always with Fiido, the T2 arrives almost fully assembled in a large cardboard box and safely packed in polystyrene at your home. All components are also individually packed and secured with cable ties so that even the roughest journey cannot cause any damage.

The handlebars and front wheel only need to be fitted afterwards, which can be done in a few simple steps. The pedals, reflectors and front basket also need to be fitted.

The Fiido T2 is then ready for use. Of course, you should check all the screws again and inflate the tires, but then you’re ready to go. All accessories required for assembly are also included in the scope of delivery.

Fiido T2 test: design and workmanship

  • typical cargo bike design
  • high weight (39.5 kg); but also high load capacity of up to 200 kg
  • convincing details; somewhat unclean weld seams

The Fiido T2 initially looks like a typical cargo e-bike. It is characterized above all by the long rear end, the front basket and a low entry. The e-bike is around 1.6 meters long, while the wheelbase of 1.28 m perfectly balances out the weight.

But it has to, because with a tare weight of 39.5 kg, the T2 is correspondingly bulky. On the other hand, the maximum weight is a whopping 200 kg, so that the rider and any passengers can easily fit in the back.

The e-bike is aimed at people between 150 cm and 200 cm tall, as the saddle and handlebars are height-adjustable. This makes the Fiido T2 a real all-rounder that also looks great.

However, the workmanship is also quite impressive. The bike is largely made of robust aluminum, which is a testament to its high quality. The fully supported stand also looks extremely robust and holds the e-bike and its load securely.

Fiido also equips the T2 with a cover for the rear wheel, which is attached to the frame. This is the first indication of the e-bike’s high level of safety mechanisms. For example, if you take children with you on the 580 mm long and 170 mm wide rear luggage area, their feet cannot get into the spokes. Top!

The manufacturer states that child seats with a width of 17 cm and 20 cm can be mounted on the rear carrier. The total weight should not exceed 25 kg. In general, safety is very important on the Fiido T2, but more on that later.

The rear luggage rack with its wooden look provides a pleasant design accent to the otherwise dark gray frame. The leatherette-covered grips on the handlebars and the carbon-look brakes also look extremely good, which cannot be said of the somewhat unclean weld seams on the entire bike.

Features of the Fiido T2

  • excellent safety aspects
  • huge 998 Wh battery
  • powerful 750 W motor

Safety is a particularly important issue in the cargo e-bike sector. At least since manufacturer Babboe was banned from selling them due to safety issues.

Accordingly, Fiido takes the issue of safety very seriously. This starts with the brakes, for example. Powerful 4-piston hydraulic brakes are used, which are equipped with brake discs with a full 230 mm diameter. This allows the T2 to stop within a very short time, even when fully loaded.

A particularly bright headlight underneath the front basket provides excellent lighting in the dark and in poor lighting conditions. At the rear, on the other hand, there is a rear light with integrated brake light, which signals the braking process with a bright red light.

The T2 rests on particularly thick 20 x 4 inch tires, which promise a convincing ride comfort and are also made of only one part, so that no spokes can break under continuous load.

The huge battery is located underneath the saddle and is protected against theft by a lock. It has a capacity of 998 watt hours and has a practical handle for removing it for charging.

However, it can also be charged on the bike and, thanks to IP54 certification, even outdoors in the rain. It achieves a remarkable range of up to 110 km, with a range of 100 km even in the fastest turbo mode.

To ensure that the bulky cargo e-bike also makes progress, Fiido has equipped the T2 with a 750 watt brushless motor on the rear axle, which delivers a torque of 60 Nm and accelerates to around 25 km/h.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the highest acceleration due to the bike’s high weight, but the powerful motor still masters rough terrain and inclines with ease. A Shimano 7-speed derailleur with five operating modes is also provided, which is operated via the right handlebar, where you will also find the throttle, which is unfortunately not permitted.

On the left-hand side, on the other hand, we find the smart LC display, which provides information on speed and battery capacity, for example. There is also a button for the horn, which is also not StVZO-compliant, but can easily be replaced by a standard bell.

The Fiido T2 in a practical test: Good riding comfort

  • convincing ride comfort on the road and in the city
  • good ergonomics
  • hardly suitable for field and forest paths despite suspension

Once the Fiido T2 has been assembled and inspected, it’s time to hit the road. In practice, the cargo e-bike impresses with its convincing ride comfort, which can be attributed to various aspects.

For example, the front axle is suspended so that the shock absorbers with a suspension travel of 60 mm skillfully compensate for unevenness such as potholes or cobblestones. The ergonomic bike saddle is also extremely comfortable, making it easy to sit on even over longer distances.

The massive four-inch wide CST BIG BOA tires support the pleasant riding experience, at least in city and road traffic, but with their rather thin profile they are hardly suitable for field and forest paths, as they simply lack grip there.

To be fair, however, it must also be said that the T2 is designed for city traffic and this is exactly where the e-bike does its job really well. Ergonomically, the seating position of the saddle and handlebar height can be adapted very well to your own body, while the electric cargo bike is also well balanced, so that precise handling is guaranteed even when fully loaded.

Operation also works flawlessly and also benefits from pairing with the Fiido app, which displays additional details about the ride and allows further settings to be made. Pairing with the Fiido Mate smartwatch is also theoretically possible, but unfortunately we were unable to try this out.

Fiido T2 test: Conclusion

Anyone interested in a cargo e-bike should definitely consider the new Fiido T2. The cargo bike impresses with its harmonious design, convincing workmanship and excellent features that leave nothing to be desired.

Above all, the manufacturer has taken up the cause of safety, which is such a sensitive issue for cargo bikes, and has successfully implemented it in the T2. This is ensured, among other things, by the robust aluminum frame and the particularly powerful brakes, which quickly bring even a fully loaded bike to a standstill.

With a tare weight of almost 40 kg, the T2 is naturally quite heavy. Accordingly, the motor power has to be just right. And it does in this case, because the 750 watt rear wheel motor really scores with convincing acceleration and masters even most climbs with ease.

In addition, the battery with a capacity of 998 Wh is an absolute stunner and achieves a range of a whopping 110 kilometers. The overall package is therefore just right, even if a few changes need to be made to the throttle and bell for use on German roads. However, the current price of just under 1,500 euros is absolutely fair.

Fiido T2 Test: Gold Award

Fiido T2

Design and Workmanship
Performance & Features
Value For Money


The Fiido T2 is a well thought-out and technically convincing cargo e-bike with strong performance, a high level of safety and an excellent range.

€ 1,499.00
Buy now* Fiido

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