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Razer Seiren BT in review: Compact, sound-strong microphone for on the go

With the Seiren series, Razer offers microphones in various shapes and sizes for streamers and content creators. The Seiren Mini and V2 Pro convinced us in the test, especially in terms of sound. Now, the well-known manufacturer is also launching a compact clip microphone that is particularly suitable for on-the-go and “IRL” streams thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Our Razer Seiren BT review clarifies how well this works and what the microphone has up its sleeve.


Model: Seiren BT
Microphone type: 6 mm size; Wireless; Bluetooth
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Range: 10m
Sampling rate: 48 kHz
characteristic: omnidirectional
Connectors: USB type-C;
Special Features: KI microphone; amplifier; low-latency mode
Color: Black
Scope of delivery: Seiren BT; USB-A to USB-C cable; two windscreen attachments; instructions
Price: € 49.90 *

Razer Seiren BT review: the scope of delivery

The Razer Seiren BT comes in a compact cardboard box along with Razer-typical black, poison-green packaging. The first look inside turns out positive, because the packaging looks extremely tidy, while one directly prints all the necessary instructions for the setup on the inside on the lid.

But back to the scope of delivery. This is divided into four boxes, which are additionally protected with a cardboard lid. On the left side, we find two different options for wind protection: a classic foam attachment for indoor use, as well as a “Deadcat” wind protection made of fur, which is supposed to protect against wind noise particularly effectively in outdoor use.

The compact Razer Seiren BT microphone itself is in the center of the packaging, while the roughly 50 cm long USB-C to USB-A charging cable takes its place to the right. The obligatory Razer stickers, greeting cards, and manual round out the package. Bonus point: Razer does not use any plastic in the packaging, which is good for the environment.

Design and workmanship

The Razer Seiren BT microphone comes up with an equally simple and elegant look and presents itself in a matte black finish typical for the manufacturer. It is extremely compact with a length of 55 mm and a maximum depth of 18 millimeters and weighs just 14.5 grams.

There is only a status LED at the bottom of the front that informs about the battery status or that the microphone is turned on. On the back, the manufacturer positions a clip that allows the microphone to be conveniently attached to a sweater, jacket or other piece of clothing.

On the left side sits the multifunction button, which is responsible for turning the device on and off, as well as putting it into Bluetooth pairing mode. The actual microphone itself, in addition to a 3.5mm jack, can be found on the top of the Razer Seiren BT, which is also visually set off with a hole pattern. Rounding out the design is the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the microphone, which is used to charge the device.

Workmanship of the Razer Seiren BT

The build quality of the Razer Seiren BT, as well as all of its components, are at a high level, as always with Razer. Although the clip for attachment looks a bit “cheap” at first glance and has a bit of play to the left and right, it still looks sturdy and high-quality.

The microphone itself convinces with a pleasant feel and a low weight. There is nothing to complain about here. The same goes for the two windscreen attachments, which can easily be put over the microphone part of the Seiren BT. This is quick and easy with the indoor foam model, while the installation of the furry outdoor representative is a bit trickier, but not a problem either.

Razer Seiren BT Processing

Practical testing and compatibility

Basically, the Razer Seiren BT is compatible with any device that can establish a Bluetooth connection. So all smartphones, tablets, notebooks and much more. The basic requirements for the smartphone are the operating system iOS from version 13, as well as Android from version 9.0.

According to the manufacturer, the microphone should be compatible with all streaming apps that allow using a Bluetooth microphone for IRL live streams. Razer recommends using the Streamlabs app for iOS and Android, which enables streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook.

Many apps, such as Facebook, Twitch or Streamlabs, immediately recognize the connected Razer Seiren BT microphone and let us use it as a recording source. Instagram and DroidCam are also supported on Android, which unfortunately do not support third-party microphones on iOS.

Razer Seiren BT Practice
In practice, the Razer Seiren BT impresses with its extensive compatibility and quick setup.

Regardless, the Razer Seiren BT is of course also suitable for general recordings or phone calls with the smartphone and is immediately recognized as an audio source as soon as it is connected. The initial setup is very easy. Simply press and hold the multifunction button for two seconds to start the pairing process, and the Seiren BT is recognized and ready to go. A constant blue status LED informs you that the microphone is connected and ready for use.

App connectivity: Razer Streaming

Before we get to the actual audio quality of the Razer Seiren BT, we have to mention the companion software. A brand-new app called Razer Streaming is used here, in which key lights can also be controlled directly from the smartphone, for example.

In the software’s main menu, a display informs about the device’s battery state, while the microphone can be muted immediately. Below that is, among other things, an option to quickly switch between multiple connected sources.

Another interesting feature is the option for the AI microphone (Off, Low or High), where the artificial intelligence tries to suppress annoying external noise within the specified range. The microphone amplifier can also be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity in percent.

Further options within the software are monitoring (in connection with headphones or a headset, the user’s own voice can be heard), as well as the “low latency” mode for gaming use. Under the device settings, you can also set a timer for the automatic shutdown (between off, 5 minutes and up to 60 minutes), as well as select the announcement language in combination with headphones.

Audio quality of the Razer Seiren BT

With the Razer Seiren BT, the manufacturer relies on a 6mm microphone that comes with an omnidirectional pickup pattern. This means that the BT picks up sound evenly from all directions and you don’t have to position it exactly in front of your mouth.

The maximum sampling rate of the microphone, which records exclusively in mono mode, is 48 kHz, which is more than sufficient in practice. In the test, we especially like the dynamic range of the own voice quite well – although you should not consider the comparison to a stationary microphone here.

The latency in standard mode is also absolutely okay. Of course, the software settings have a big impact on the audio quality of the Razer Seiren BT. The option for the AI microphone effectively suppresses ambient and wind noise, but the user’s own voice seems less full and dynamic.

Audio quality of the Razer Seiren BT
Sound-wise, the Seiren BT makes quite a statement

If we turn off the AI function, on the other hand, the recording is much richer and more detailed. The AI function should therefore be deactivated for indoor recordings in quiet environments, because only then can the Seiren BT exploit its full potential.

We also really like the microphone’s volume. Values of 5-10% for the microphone amplifier are already more than sufficient indoors. The Seiren BT gets enormously loud at a full 100%.

The small microphone performs well with plosive sounds and hardly has any noteworthy weaknesses. However, these show up, albeit to a manageable extent, in sharp S or Z sounds, which are somewhat exaggerated. At least when the amplifier is turned up considerably. However, this can be counteracted with the help of post-processing. You can hear how this sounds in practice in the following video.

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Battery life and range

Finally, a few words about the battery life of the Razer Seiren BT. Here, the manufacturer installs a 140 mAh battery that is supposed to offer around six hours of recording time. In our test, we achieved around 5:47 hours of recording time in continuous operation – a more than good value, thanks to which the Seiren BT is a reliable companion even on longer excursions.

Razer Seiren BT Battery
Charging is via USB-C. The battery lasts just under 6 hours, and charging time is about 1.5 hours.

The microphone is charged via USB Type-C, with a full charge taking around one and a half hours. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the microphone also achieves a range of up to 10 meters to the audio source, without any sound dropouts or disconnection.

Summary on the Razer Seiren BT

The Razer Seiren BT Bluetooth microphone is clearly aimed at ambitious streamers who want to improve their audio quality, especially outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re recording indoors or outdoors: The option to attach the Bluetooth microphone to clothing via a clip and then record hands-free proves to be extremely useful in practice.

Especially since the audio quality is absolutely convincing compared to many other Bluetooth microphones. With an AI function and a fine-adjustable amplifier, as well as the tidy software, I can easily react to changing conditions in seconds.

The build quality is on a high level, the setup is child’s play and the compatibility is diverse. Since the price is not too high, we can absolutely recommend the Razer Seiren BT for the intended use in streaming or vlogging.

Razer Seiren BT Review: Award

Razer Seiren BT

Recording quality
Value for money


Lightweight, sonically convincing Bluetooth microphone that scores with smart software and extensive compatibility.

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