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Roberts BluTune 300 in test: State-of-the-art radio technology from the UK?

In times of JBL, Sonos & Co. one encounters classical radios in households more and more rarely. So it’s hardly surprising that there are only a few hi-fi companies that still sell “world receivers” today. But some are plucking up the courage. For several years, the Berlin-based soundsmith Teufel has been extremely successful with its Radio 3sixty, which is now in its second generation. At Roberts, however, it’s not courage that drives Roberts BluTune 300 radio manufacturing.

Roberts BluTune 300 packaging

The traditional British company rather stands for premium radios since the year 1932 and is nothing less than the court supplier of the crown. All the greater is the pressure that weighs on the shoulders of the hifi expert with each new release. The BluTune 300 is the latest audio system to be launched by the Brits. Since we are now writing the year 2021, this can of course not only receive radio waves, but much more. We take a look at the noble piece of hi-fi technology in our detailed test.

Technical details of the Roberts BluTune 300

Device type Audio system with radio function
Possible sources CD, WMA, MP3, Bluetooth, AUX connection
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 5.0 with codecs AAC and SBC
Radio DAB+ and FM
Equalizer Yes, with six presets and adjustable highs, mids and lows
Display Color display
Control Control panel on the device and included remote control
Price Price not available *
Roberts Bluetune 300 (black)
This product is currently unavailable.

Roberts BluTune 300 Scope of Delivery

Roberts BluTune 300 Scope of Delivery

In the nice looking box you will find the most necessary things. Besides the Roberts BluTune 300 itself, there is the power cord, a remote control including batteries (2xAAA) and the usual paperwork.

Design and workmanship

Anyone who has already taken a closer look at Roberts’ products will know that we are clearly in the premium segment here. The more excited I was also when I could take the radio for the first time out of the package. The first impression was already extremely positive. Once again, Roberts relies on a mixture of modern shapes and classic retro design. With the antenna extended and the display turned off, the BluTune 300 looks like an old-fashioned, but stylish world receiver.

The choice of materials also contributes to this pretty restrained design. The high-quality wood in ash-gray color, in combination with the aluminum finish on the front underside, blends in with pretty much any living ambience. If you don’t like the dark ash gray, you can also reach for the second color alternative. Roberts also offers its BluTune 300 in elegant cherry wood. The technical chi-chi can also only be guessed at second glance. There is only a 3.5 mm jack and a CD slot on the front.

Roberts BluTune 300 rear
At the back, there is an aux-in as well as a USB port

On the top of the device is the control panel. Here you can make the most important inputs such as On/Off, Play/Pause, volume and Co. In my opinion, the remote control is a bit of a downer. After all, it looks rather cheap compared to the high-quality radio. This is not only due to the plastic body, but also the buttons on it. These come with a very spongy pressure point, which doesn’t feel good and could have been crisper.

A restrained design only brings advantages if the dimensions of a device are not too expansive. And Roberts has done a very good job here as well. Thus, the BluTune 300 measures a very compact 360 mm x 135 mm x 260 mm. The weight of 4.2 kg is anything but light, but since this is not a mobile speaker anyway, this should bother the very few. Due to the comparatively small size, the radio’s fields of application are diverse. It can not only be used as a radio for the kitchen or nightstand. It is also pretty to look at in the living room. Whether the sound performance is also sufficient for the living room location, however, is something we want to clarify later.

Roberts BluTune 300 Front
The color display is nice and sharp and doesn’t exaggerate with overly bright colors.

If you turn on the display, you again feel that you are in the modern present, but the positive impression is maintained. The font is wonderfully sharp and legible. Fortunately, Roberts also does without a gaudy menu here, but keeps everything mainly in the colors white and blue. All in all, the BluTune 300 is a really noble piece of technology that fits wonderfully into any living ambience. The high-quality wood look and the design combination of retro and modern industrial look make it a real eye-catcher.

The Features

It would be a big mistake to call the Roberts BluTune 300 merely a radio. After all, the British noble manufacturer has created so much more here. Nevertheless, let’s start with the classic function – the radio. Here you can choose to access DAB+ or FM. As with all other radios with DAB+, a huge difference in quality between the two reception methods quickly becomes apparent. If it’s possible for you, you should always prefer DAB+. You can save your 20 favorite radio stations on the radio itself. That should be more than enough for most people.

On the display you can see which music source is currently selected

Don’t know where to put all your CDs? That’s how I feel too. That’s why I was downright happy to finally have a device in my own home, the BluTune 300, to play my old CD collection. The CD slot is pleasantly unobtrusively hidden on the front and has an automatic feed. I strongly expect that many buyers of the BluTune 300 will feel a similar sensation to mine and will be delighted with the new discovery of their own CD collection.

DAB+ allows you to find many different radio stations – assuming reception of the high-quality signal.

Those who like it classic can also record the audio system via 3.5 mm jack connection. A record player can then be connected here, for example. Playing MP3 and WMA is also possible without any problems via the USB port. Another possible music source is Bluetooth. Roberts relies on Bluetooth 5.0 and ensures wireless music transmission at a high level thanks to the AAC and SBC codecs.

Really practical: An icon on the top signals that the Qi charging surface is located there.

Those who connect their smartphone wirelessly to the BluTune 300 will also benefit from an extremely exciting feature. On the top of the radio, there is a Qi charging surface that allows you to easily charge your smartphone’s battery. This is not only handy when your smartphone’s battery power is slowly running out due to Bluetooth transmission. On top of that, this feature makes the BluTune 300 the perfect bedside radio.

Uncomplicated operation

The control of the noble radio goes wonderfully simple from the hand. Anyone who has ever operated an audio device does not have to look in the manual to know which button has what meaning. Individual operating steps can be carried out in the interaction of the control unit and the easily recognizable display.

Alternatively, the chic radio can also be controlled with the included remote control. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make as high-quality an impression as the radio.

For example, you can select the appropriate source and then play around a bit in the equalizer or skip the next song. As an alternative to the control unit on the radio itself, you can also use the included remote control. This offers all the buttons that you can find on the radio itself. Anyone who wants to use the BluTune 300 in the living room will certainly be happy about this alternative.

The sound quality

Let’s move on to the most important discipline of any audio system. The sound quality. Before I go into the strengths and weaknesses of the BluTune 300, we first need to establish the technical facts. Roberts builds in his noble radio the best conditions for a great sound. This already starts with the choice of materials. The manufacturer promises that the wood used will serve as an effective sound body with great vibration properties.

In addition to the material, the sound technology itself seems uncompromising. Roberts installs two stereo speakers at the front and two bass radiators at the back of the BluTune 300, which ensure that you get a really great stereo sound. Roberts sometimes builds up a wide sound stage here, which you can really enjoy especially when sitting directly in front of it.

In the equalizer, you can adjust the sound according to your own preferences


In my sound test, I could hardly find any shortcomings across genres. Thus, the BluTune 300 delivered a great job with classical (Igor Levit), indie (Ben Howard), EDM (College & Electric Youth) and rock (Tool). Especially the quality of the booming bass and clear trebles really impressed me. Only with rock do you sometimes have to reckon with a bit flat mids that make guitar parts sound dull from time to time.

However, you cannot expect more from an audio system in this compact size. The integrated equalizer allows you to adjust the sound to your taste. Thus, trebles, mids and basses can be adjusted here. If you don’t have that much tonal sensitivity, you can also select the predefined equalizer modes from Roberts.

However, you have to accept a damper on the sound. You can only enjoy the high sound quality when you are actually in front of the radio itself. A comparison with the Teufel 3sixty is worthwhile here. The Teufel radio’s Dynamore technology ensures that the entire room around the device is filled with music. Consequently, you should choose the location of the BluTune 300 carefully.

No Wifi Features

Roberts has equipped its classy radio with a handy Bluetooth feature to allow wireless music playback. This may be modern, but looking at the competition, we are missing another important wireless feature. After all, devices in the BluTune 300’s price range now offer network features as standard. Especially access to streaming services is greatly facilitated with the help of features like Spotify Connect, AirPlay and other possibilities. But on top of that, Internet radio would be possible for all those who unfortunately cannot receive DAB+. To whom this is important, should look for another device.

Summary of the Roberts BluTune 300 test

When you think of radios nowadays, you automatically have the dusty image of old-fashioned audio devices with poor sound quality and miserable reception in mind. Roberts contributes with its BluTune 300 to the fact that this bad reputation is led ad absurdum. After all, the traditional British company not only delivers a really great radio with DAB+ support. On top of that, you can also connect many other sources and play CDs. Thanks to Bluetooth support, wireless music playback is also possible. We find the built-in Qi charging surface particularly cool, which turns the noble radio into a refueling station for the smartphone battery at the same time.

Alternatively, the BluTune 300 is also available in natural wood. (Image: Roberts)

The sound also has a lot going for it. In particular, the highs and lows are beyond reproach. Nevertheless, there are deductions in the B-grade. The mids sometimes seem a bit muffled. The sound could also have been a bit more spacious. The full audio enjoyment is only available when you sit directly in front of the two stereo speakers. As with all audio products, the motto applies here as well. Try them out before you pass judgment! After all, sound quality is and always will be a subjective matter.

However, we would have been really happy about the integration of WiFi features, which are common by now. Personally, I can no longer imagine life without AirPlay and Spotify Connect. If you don’t mind these minor criticisms, you might find your new kitchen, bedroom or living room radio here.

ROBERTS BluTune 300

Sound quality
Value for money


Roberts makes it clear that radios still have a right to exist in 2021. The BluTune 300 offers a very good sound despite its compact dimensions. However, we would like to see Wi-Fi features in the next generation of the noble audio system.

Roberts Bluetune 300 (black)
This product is currently unavailable.

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