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Lenco PIR-645WH in test: Compact radio with many features

Anyone who still puts a classic radio on the table these days will probably be looked at askance. That’s why many manufacturers, like Lenco among others, think about which features can still be put into such a case. So we get the Lenco PIR-645WH as a digital radio with many features. We look at whether such a radio makes sense at all nowadays.

Technical details of the Lenco PIR-645WH

Device type Audio system with radio function
Possible sources Bluetooth, AUX connection
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 4.2
Radio DAB+, FM, and Internet radio
Equalizer Yes, with six presets and adjustable highs and mids
Display Color display
Control Control panel on the device, included remote control and app control
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€ 119.99
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Scope of delivery

Right off the bat, we have to say that considering the price, the box already speaks volumes. There is nothing really attractive or sturdy here. In the box itself, there is a power cord and a remote control in addition to the Lenco PIR-645WH. We miss the batteries here, since none are included with the product itself. As we all know, the first impression is the most important one.

Design and finish

Lenco really offers a huge range of products. This is not just about radios, but all kinds of audio equipment and even TVs or projectors. The Lenco PIR-645WH, on the other hand, is not just a radio either, but has quite a bit going for it, more on that later.

The general shape of the radio and the controls resemble a classic radio. The white glossy front enhances the overall design and makes it look modern. The rest of the PIR-645WH is supposed to be made of wood, which unfortunately seems a bit strange due to the quality and looks more like plastic with wood-look foil. Even at first glance, unclean edges can be seen on the entire radio.

On the front are all the relevant controls including the LCD display. Everything can be seen on the latter and all information can be read easily. However, we definitely can’t speak of a high resolution here. The buttons are also not of the highest quality. They feel really cheap when pressed.

The small dimensions of the radio offer an advantage. With a height of only 18 cm and a width of 26 cm, the Lenco PIR-645WH can be taken along relaxed, because it has an integrated battery. Due to the weight of only 1.3 kg, it can also be moved around in a relaxed manner.


Since the PIR-645WH is in some ways a normal radio, it is definitely worth mentioning that you will receive both FM and DAB+. Due to the better quality, DAB+ is always preferable, so as a little tip on the side. With both programs, you can save your favorite stations by pressing the 1, 2, 3 or 4+ button. You can save up to 40 stations via the latter.

However, we can also connect the radio to the Internet via WLAN. Thus, we get access to many more radio stations and also have the option to listen to podcasts. We can limit the country or enter search terms via the search menu. Favorites can again be saved via the number keys. All favorites are only stored at the corresponding mode in which you are currently.

If you can’t get reception at your favorite radio station, there are other ways to get sound out of the little box. You can connect your smartphone directly via the AUX port and play music through it. Bluetooth 4.2 is used for the wireless connection. No longer the latest version, but it belongs to the low-energy range, so it’s perfect for a portable radio like the Lenco PIR-645WH.


Included with the Lenco PIR-645Wh radio is a remote control. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, no batteries are included, although only two AAA batteries are needed. Using the remote control, all functions can be controlled exactly as if you were doing this directly on the radio. Whether you want to change the source, adjust the volume or set up an alarm, everything can be set in cooperation with the display in a relaxed way.

The fact that the Lenco PIR-645WH also functions as an internet radio has another advantage. If you have connected it to your WLAN and are on the same network with your smartphone, you can also control it via app. Setting up the app is easy because it automatically searches for compatible devices in the network. We have to emphasize the clarity. Through the app, the entire radio is upgraded.

Sound quality

Despite the proud price of 149.99 euros RRP, you should not expect a sonic masterpiece. Lenco doesn’t even provide any information on the speakers used. Accordingly, we can only guess what size is hidden behind the mesh cover.

The overall sound picture can’t really convince us either. All ranges sound a bit flat, even if we try to counteract a bit with the equalizer. We didn’t expect booming basses and clear sound due to the exterior anyway. We definitely expected more from the Lenco PIR-645WH.

The Lenco PIR-645WH is sufficient for placing the radio in an office to have a little sound reinforcement on the side. Even in large rooms, the sound can be heard well everywhere.

Conclusion on the Lenco PIR-645WH

We fortunately don’t get an old-fashioned radio with a dial to set the frequency with the Lenco PIR-645WH. This internet-enabled radio really has a lot to offer. Be it the normal reception of FM stations or the support of DAB+. Even your own music can be easily played via Bluetooth or directly via AUX connection. The option to connect the radio via WLAN then opens up even more possibilities.

Unfortunately, the price for the Lenco PIR-645WH is much too high when we look at the build quality. Although the case is almost entirely made of wood, unfortunately only a veneer has been used. The edges are not really well finished, which makes for a poor look in places – at least on closer inspection. And then there are the missing batteries, even if that is only a small detail.

If we ignore the price, the Lenco PIR-645WH is a solid radio with many functions and convenient control via the app. However, we can hardly ignore the biggest sticking point with the workmanship at this price.

Lenco PIR645-WH

Sound quality
Value for money


The Lenco PIR-645WH is a good radio with a lot of features. However, the build quality and sound quality do not match the price at all.

Lenco PIR645-WH price comparison

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Anyone who still puts a classic radio on the table these days will probably be looked at askance. That’s why many manufacturers, like Lenco among others, think about which features can still be put into such a case. So we get the Lenco PIR-645WH as a digital radio with many features. We look at whether … (Weiterlesen...)

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