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Lenco PA-260BK in test – Want a party with good sound?

As you have surely all noticed, summer is here and outside it is getting warmer and warmer. For us Germans, this means that the grill is fired up again and the first outdoor barbecue parties are celebrated. A proper party also requires the right music – and for this we have been provided with exactly the right product from Lenco in this review. The Lenco PA-260BK is a party speaker with a disco ball and RBG lighting on the front, which is equipped with a tweeter, an 8″ woofer and an 8″ subwoofer. Find out if the PA-260BK is worth it for your next party in the following lines!

Technical details

Type PA-260BK Black
Output power (music) per channel 150 W RMS
Amplifier Class D
Battery life Up to 12 hours (lights off), up to 6 hours (lights on)
Connectors Microphone input, guitar input, USB,line output
Microphone 2 Wireless Microphones
Radio PLL FM Radio
Bluethooth Yes
USB Playback & Charge
LED Adjustable LED light effects to the rhythm of the music
Price € 276.62*

Scope of delivery

The party system is delivered in a visually appealing packaging. From the outside, the product is presented in all its glory. Inside the packaging, the party speaker is protected with styrofoam at the top and bottom. In addition to the PA-260BK, the package also includes a power supply, two wireless karaoke microphones with accessories and an instruction manual. The PA-260BK is ready for immediate use. Additional batteries are needed for the microphones.

Unfortunately, we had a little damage to the mesh of one microphone upon delivery. This was dented on one side and bent out of its mount. The damage was probably caused by some careless securing of the microphones. These were simply lying on the floor of the box and had no additional protection other than a plastic bag containing the microphones. Otherwise, everything was fine upon delivery. After a little remedial work, the damage was also quickly repaired.

Total package

Design & Workmanship

Did the product image on the outside of the box mislead us? From my perspective, I would say absolutely not! The PA-260BK looks just as good after unpacking as it does on the packaging. Starting with the overall sturdiness of the speaker, Lenco has created a sturdy and durable product here. The back is made of sturdy, black-coated MDF wood, although in our case it did show a little damage in transit. One corner on the underside is slightly dented, but this is only a minor visual flaw. There are also two stable stands and two built-in casters here, so you don’t necessarily have to carry the party speaker to the next location.

Even more positive and impressive is the front of the PA-260BK. Surrounding the three speakers is a huge RGB wall that can light up in time with the music. Once turned on, the PA-260BK gives off such an effective look. A steel grille serves as protection, which is particularly robust and looks good at the same time. If you take a look up, you’ll find another glowing feature on the PA-260BK’s control panel – a small laser disco ball that casts a pattern of red, green and blue onto the ceiling. Personally, I find this feature a bit superfluous since you can only use it in one mode, but it’s a fun feature that can lighten the mood at a party.

Around the disco ball are the control buttons and a small display that shows the settings made. The individual buttons are easy to reach and also big enough that you can hit them even if you’ve had one or two too many glasses of milk in the evening. My only criticism of the buttons is that they don’t feel very high quality when pressed. You can also operate the PA-260BK remotely with the included remote control.

Control element

Sound quality

As a party speaker, the PA-260BK naturally has to deliver a loud and convincing sound. The installed components, a 1″ tweeter horn, an 8″ woofer and an 8″ subwoofer are driven by a powerful Class D power amplifier. This makes the party speaker particularly suitable for outdoor parties without a fixed power connection, which is why the right class was also chosen for the amplifier – more on this in the Practical Experiences chapter. Only the class D brings a sound that is of course not comparable with speakers e.g. in clubs or at festivals. It simply lacks some power to compensate for the longer runtime.

The PA-260BK doesn’t have to hide in the final corner, though. Even after the first song is turned on, the party speaker makes all the furniture in the apartment dance with bass at low volume. The sound already sounds very voluminous and warm with the standard equalizer settings – the trebles are a bit weaker, but the bass fills the room completely. This is due to the X-Bass function of the PA-260BK, which can be switched on and off with the remote control or by pressing a button on the speaker.

As for the volume, the more space you have (car, apartment or garden), the louder the PA-260BK is. At the same time, you do not make any sacrifices in sound quality, which convinced me personally very much. In summary, the sound of the PA-260BK can be described as warm, room-filling and present. Of course, this fits perfectly to a successful party.

Karaoke function & microphone quality

To provide even more atmosphere, the two included microphones are a useful addition. The quality of the two microphones is not the best, but it is completely sufficient for a successful karaoke session. Also, the microphones are only compatible with the PA-260BK, which is wasted potential in my eyes. When the microphones are on, you have to get pretty close to the microphone to sing. A singing voice then comes out of the party speaker, which brings with it a typical karaoke sound – that is, the voice follows a reverb.

Practical experience

The party is set and ready to go? Once the PA-260BK is fully charged, it can be pushed like a trolley to its place, for example in the garden. So the wheels are a really handy feature, while the party speaker’s weight also makes it easy to transport. The RBG light makes a good impression when switched on, and the small disco ball is also a feature worth seeing. But what about the runtime?

The PA-260BK total package

Advantages of the class D amplifier – There is hardly any power dissipation, so the efficiency is very high. Due to this high efficiency, the power supply can be dimensioned smaller. This saves space and costs, which is exactly the right thing for a party speaker with an integrated battery. Thus, the PA-260BK can easily be operated for a whole night without a mains connection. In my case, I can confirm the battery life of about 8 hours with the lights on and about 11 hours with the lights off on a full charge.


Now to the most important question: is the PA-260BK worth it for the next party? In my eyes, a resounding yes! The sound is loud enough to take up a lot of space and is quite sufficient for a small house party in my eyes. At the same time, the sound is very pleasant and if you want, you can directly add more bass by pressing a button. There is no need to worry about the operation, as you can easily manage the settings via the remote control and on the PA-260BK itself. The built-in rechargeable battery is particularly good, with a runtime of up to 12 hours (lights off) and up to 6 hours (lights on) stated. I can confirm these specifications from my own experience. The karaoke feature is also included, but it fulfills its purpose to get some laughs with the guests. So in conclusion, I can only give a clear recommendation for the PA-260BK from Lenco.

Lenco PA-260BK

Design & workmanship
Sound quality
Microphone quality
Value for money


The PA-260BK from Lenco is an all-around solid party speaker that can create a good mood at the next party not only because of its good sound reproduction!

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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