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Teufel Boomster Review: The Riot Maker for on the Road

Whether for at home, on the road or the drive-in cinema. The Teufel Boomster can be used everywhere. At barbecue parties or simply to listen to music on the terrace. In my test I tested this Bluetooth speaker for a long time in different situations. Here is the result.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Teufel Boomster
  • 1x Power supply for charging
  • Manual

Technical data

Frequency range 50-20000 Hz
Tweeter 2
Diameter 20.00 mm
midrange driver 2
Diameter 65.00 mm
Bass midrange driver 1
Diameter 90.00 mm
Acoustic Principle 3-way system
Housing type Bass reflex
Housing material ABS, aluminium
housing surface matt black, lacquered
Integrated stand Yes
Aux-IN (3.5 mm) 1x
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX codec
Other USB charging port (500 mA)
DAB+ available
Stores for stations 5
FM – VHF available
telescopic antenna available
Other Specifications
Overall power 38 Watt RMS
Bassboost yes
Amplifier Technology Class D
Configuration 2.1
Standby function yes
Max. Power consumption 40 Watt
Automatic on/off switch Yes
Battery Lithium Ion 4400 mAh
Maximum charging time 3 hours
Housing Depth 14,50 cm
Housing width 37,00 cm
Housing Height 18,00 cm
Weight 3.35 kg

Design and Workmanship

Starting with the overall shape of the box, it is very elegant and noble. The housing, which is made of plastic, makes a high-quality and robust impression. Ordinary Bluetooth boxes are often small, but Teufel has opted for a different design. The carrying handle and the front grille are made of cleanly processed aluminium. Optically, only the front display is objectionable. It fits very well to the overall picture, but I would have liked an LCD display with more information better.

All connections on the back are protected with rubber tabs, but do not provide great protection from water. A few raindrops will certainly stop her, but if it rains harder she will run mercilessly full.


The Teufel Boomster has Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support, NFC as well as FM and DAB+. It is also equipped with an AUX connection, which makes it flexible to use. If the mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth, you can even make a phone call using the built-in hands-free kit. It also has the ability to control the bass level from -6 to +6 dB. The volume and the input are adjusted by means of touch buttons, which react without delay. Connecting to the box via Bluetooth works without any problems and music can be played – immediately, for example via the smartphone.

Only the display makes you dissatisfied, it shows everything you need, but an LCD instead of the 7-segment display would look much nicer. The battery charge status could also be displayed permanently. This can only be briefly shown on the display by briefly pressing the power button.

The charging socket on the back is supposed to be used for charging, but unfortunately it only has a current of 500 mA and could not really charge my mobile phone while it was playing music. At least 1.5 A would be more practical to charge its devices or at least miss a small emergency charge.

The Boomster is of course also very good to listen to normal radio. VHF reception varies depending on the antenna position and transmitter distance, but is very good to a large extent. The DAB+ reception can only be described as excellent. The sound was very clean and clear.


The Teufel Boomster is operated via two touch surfaces on the upper side. On the left side is the power switch, the volume control and the bass level control. On the right there are buttons for the input and frequency selection as well as four further buttons to store selected stations. In general, the functions of the keys are self-explanatory and you don’t need any instructions to use them. To activate a key, a light touch of the key is sufficient.

To switch on the device, press and hold the power button on the left touch surface for approx. 3 seconds until the inscription “Teufel” lights up in the display.

To switch it off, simply repeat this procedure and a “Good Bye” will appear in the display.


In terms of sound, I can only recommend the Bluetooth box to anyone who likes rich sound. The Teufel Boomster sounds great at both low and maximum volume. There was no overdrive or distortion even at full volume. When you listen to soft music, for example when you want to be comfortable with your wife or girlfriend, the Boomster impresses with its beautiful sound and pleasant bass. In terms of volume, it also becomes very loud outdoors. With me I was able to sound a 100m² large four room apartment without problems.

A powerful 3-way system consisting of 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range speakers and a subwoofer provides detailed and powerful hi-fi sound.

Battery Life

With its 4,400 mAh battery, the runtime is up to 10 hours. Through AA batteries it can be extended by another 6 hours. In the long-term test, the battery lasted a full 16 hours without recharging without additional batteries. Logically, the runtime always depends on how loud or soft music is played.

Conclusion of the Teufel Boomster Review

My conclusion on the Teufel Boomster is very positive. Except for one or two small things it is the perfect Bluetooth radio, which should not be missing at any house cleaning or music evening. Super workmanship, powerful sound and a long battery life have definitely convinced me!

I really liked the super sound, the radio reception with either FM or DAB+, the long battery life, the really very simple operation and the handy and elegant design.

I was not so convinced by the Boomster when it came to water resistance, which is not given. He is also a little heavy with his 3.3 kg. As a display you could have used another one with more possibilities.

If you’re looking for a new Bluetooth speaker with extended functionality, I’ll give you a recommendation to buy the Teufel Boomster.

Teufel Boomster

Value for Money

A bit steep in price, but definitely a recommendation.

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