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SachsenRAD F12 e-bike test: The perfect folding bike for public transport

If you are looking for flexibility and comfort when choosing the right bike, you might want to consider a folding bike. These are particularly interesting for commuters who want to use a combination of bike and public transport to get to work. As the two-wheelers can be shrunk down to a convenient size for transportation on trains, trains or buses, you won’t be subjected to the stern gaze of other passengers and the conductor. If you also want your journey by bike to be as relaxed as on public transport, you might want to consider a model with an integrated electric motor. In the SachsenRAD F12 test, I took a closer look at just such a bike.

Technical data

Dimensions assembled: 1358x590x1098mm
folded: 800x320x770mm
Weight 19,2kg
Permissible total weight up to 120kg
Frame material cast magnesium
Colors Titanium silver, lagoon blue, space gray
Tires 16″ x 1,95″
Gear system SingeSpeed with 3 support levels
Brakes mechanical disc brakes front and rear
Motor Brushless rear motor with 36V and 250W
Speed up to 25 km/h
Battery 36V / 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery with a range of up to 50 km
Saddle height adjustable
Kickstand Rear kickstand made of aluminum
Suspension fork Rigid fork
Further features foldable, rear wheel suspension, auxiliary push wheel, magnetic holder, LCD control display, pedelec riding mode, LED front light, mudguard, StVZO approval
Price (RRP) 1.999.00 euros (at the start for 1,699.00 euros)

SachsenRAD F12 test: Scope of delivery and assembly

The compact shape of the packaging already makes it clear that we are in the folding bike segment here. After opening the package, in addition to the folding bike itself, you will find the appropriate charging technology, saddle and seat post, mudguards and the operating instructions.

Sachsenrad f12 test

That’s it for the scope of delivery. But that’s all you need to maneuver the SachsenRAD F12 through your city. There is a similar amount of understatement in the assembly. This is also manageable in its complexity. First you have to lift the bike out of the packaging.

Sachsenrad f12 test

If you want to protect your back, ask a second person to help you. Now you have to remove the fixing cable ties and take off the protective material. You can then enjoy your SachsenRAD F12 in half its glory. After all, it is still folded up. To unfold it, simply open the frame.

Sachsenrad f12 test

Once the two halves of the frame have been joined to form a bar, simply fold the folding bracket over and lock it in place according to the operating instructions. Next up is the stem. Fold it up and secure it with the quick release. Then mount the handlebars in the corresponding clamp. Now it’s the saddle’s turn. This is also mounted using a clamp.

Now all you have to do is fold down the pedals and connect the power cable to the motor. Finally, check that there is enough air in the tires. Now the SachsenRAD F12 is ready for its first ride. All in all, it took me just under a quarter of an hour to set it up. And that’s without the help of a second person. The manufacturer scores points here with very well illustrated and labeled assembly instructions.

SachsenRAD F12 test: design and workmanship

The SachsenRAD F12 is a very sporty folding bike. This is primarily due to its modern, sleek shape, which focuses more on straight lines than curved forms. When assembled, the folding bike measures 1358 x 590 x 1098 mm. If you fold it up for storage or to take with you on public transport, it is pleasingly compact with dimensions of 800 x 320 x 770 mm.

Sachsenrad f12 test

The frame of the F12 is made of cast magnesium. This makes a very robust impression, but also weighs quite a bit. The folding bike weighs an impressive 19.2 kg, which you wouldn’t notice at first glance. But SachsenRAD is obviously aware that this is no lightweight. That’s why the two-wheeler expert quickly placed a small roller on the underside of the frame.

Sachsenrad f12 test

This makes it easy to roll the F12 over the platform or other solid surfaces when folded. Very practical! Our test model comes in the color titanium silver. Alternatively, you can also buy it in the two other colors lagoon blue and space grey. All in all, the folding bike makes a great impression in terms of appearance and workmanship. It was not without reason that it won the IF Design Award.

Sachsenrad f12 test

Everything looks very high quality. The cast magnesium also comes into play here. After all, this ensures that there are no weld seams to be seen. In my opinion, the only thing that detracts from the otherwise rounded look is the thick cable conduit at the front. It’s a shame that SachsenRAD couldn’t find another place for it. But that’s complaining on a high level. After all, it’s not easy to stow the cables in the frame of a folding bike.

SachsenRAD F12 test: Great features

Let’s move on to the technical features. Small but powerful really does fit like a glove here. Despite its compact dimensions, the SachsenRAD F12 comes with equipment that is really impressive. At its heart is a 250 watt brushless rear motor. This accelerates the folding bike up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Sachsenrad f12 test

SachsenRad specifies a maximum range of 50 km. Of course, this is not the world, but for short inner-city journeys this should be enough for most people. In the test, I was unable to achieve the maximum range of 50 km, only 30 km. Under optimal conditions, however, this can also be better. The manufacturer’s claimed range of 50 km was achieved at 20 km/h, with minimal assistance, on flat terrain, on asphalt and with a rider weight of 75 kg.

Sachsenrad f12 test

You can choose between a total of three different levels. This is done via the control unit on the left-hand side of the handlebars. This is also where the LCD control display is located. Here you can read the most important data about the current ride.

Even in direct sunlight. In addition to speed and battery capacity, the current support level is also included. The SachsenRAD F12 is a singlespeed. So you don’t get a gear shift, just one gear. In practice, this didn’t bother me any further due to the three support levels.

You also get a full range of safety features ex works. In addition to a bright front light, there is also a detachable rear light. The matching micro USB cable for charging is also included in the scope of delivery. I was completely impressed by the mechanical disc brakes in the test.

Sachsenrad f12 test
The charging port is protected from the weather by a rubber cover

These acted immediately even during sporty braking maneuvers and brought me reliably to a halt. The 16″ x 1.95″ all-round tires are also impressive. In addition to a mudguard, there is also a reliable kickstand.

SachsenRAD F12 test: Riding and operating comfort

After taking a close look at the technical features, we want to check the folding bike’s suitability for everyday use. With folding bikes, it is of course not only riding comfort that plays a major role, but also ease of use. The F12 has no front suspension, instead relying on a rigid fork. You will hardly feel this on smooth asphalt.

Sachsenrad f12 test

However, it will become noticeable at the latest when you ride over cobblestones or other rough surfaces for the first time. You should also not ride over kerbs at top speed. However, this does not mean that the bike has no suspension at all.

Sachsenrad f12 test

Thanks to the rear suspension, you can sit comfortably on the rather soft saddle at all times while riding. The saddle itself can be adjusted in height. SachsenRAD specifies a permissible total weight of 120 kg for the folding bike. You should bear in mind that this not only applies to your body weight, but possibly also to the luggage you are carrying.

The F12 doesn’t offer you any real transportation options out of the box. This is a bit of a shame, as the SachsenRAD F6 Safari(test) already has a pre-assembled luggage rack.

Sachsenrad f12 test
SachsenRAD has already sent us a picture of the practical optional luggage rack

But SachsenRAD has a solution up its sleeve. There should be an optional luggage basket that you can easily mount on the seat post. You should be able to easily store small items here.

Sachsenrad f12 test

Driving itself is a lot of fun. The motor provides plenty of thrust in everyday use. I was particularly surprised at the highest of the three support levels. If you want to get on the bus, train or tram quickly, the bike can be folded up in no time at all. This is where the patented folding technology comes into play. Thanks to a magnetic holder on the axle, you don’t have to worry about it suddenly unfolding again unintentionally during transportation.

What I didn’t like so much at first glance was the battery design. After all, I initially assumed that it was permanently installed and could not be removed from the frame. But far from it. If you don’t feel like lugging the bike into your home, you can simply remove the 5.2 Ah battery and charge it separately. Your back will thank you.


With the SachsenRAD F12, the Leipzig-based bicycle manufacturer has developed an exciting folding bike for commuters who want to use public transport as well as their two-wheeled companion to get to work. The bike scores points with its stylish look and great build quality. On top of that, you get a lively motor that delivers an impressive 250 watts of power and gets you from A to B at lightning speed and in comfort. A big advantage over many competitors is the lightning-fast conversion. With just a few hand movements, the bike is folded up and ready for transportation.

Sachsenrad f12 test

Thanks to the practical small transport wheel, you don’t even have to carry it. There’s actually hardly anything to complain about here. In the next version, I would just like the folding bike to have a slightly better cable management system. Some users would certainly also be pleased to see a luggage rack fitted ex works. But SachsenRAD provides a suitable solution with the optional basket. Apart from that, the F12 is a really good folding bike for anyone looking for a rideable bike for urban areas and public transport.

SaxonyRAD F12

Design & workmanship
Performance & features
Value for money


The SachsenRAD F12 is the almost perfect e-bike for public transport commuters.

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If you are looking for flexibility and comfort when choosing the right bike, you might want to consider a folding bike. These are particularly interesting for commuters who want to use a combination of bike and public transport to get to work. As the two-wheelers can be shrunk down to a convenient size for transportation on trains, trains or buses, you won’t be subjected to the stern gaze of other passengers and the conductor. If you also want your journey by bike to be as relaxed as on public transport, you might want to consider a model with an integrated … (Weiterlesen...)

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